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Spain as Exporter: Old World Power Meets New World Authority

One time in the world's history, Spain ruled with significance and authority. Her royalty married other monarchs to seal alliances, and explorers sailed across oceans to claim new lands for her crown. Centuries ago it boasted the most awed naval fleet in the world, yet these days Spain exerts power through a fortunate position along the Iberian Peninsula and strong trade ties with neighboring European countries.


Spain's victory in the 2010 World Cup is but one achievement this country holds. As the eighth largest economy in the world-the fifth in the European Union-Spain enjoys a public debt that is relatively lower than other countries and a growing economy bolstered by tourism and real estate. With its strong banking system and abundance of natural resources, this Iberian gem is a proven, valuable trade partner through Europe, with Germany and France as the country's top partners.


Top Exports of Spain


Consumers in the United States may be surprised to know of the wealth of products and materials available from Spain. Because the US only imports on average four percent of the country's total export, however, it may not appear as prominent. In truth, Spain has much to offer to the world. Some of their top exports include:


Motor vehicles - SEAT, the largest auto manufacturer in the country, is part of the Volkswagen Group. The majority of SEAT models are shipped within Spain and throughout Europe, Africa, and Central and South America.


Pharmaceutical products - The country's decentralized health system may account for the quality in health care products. Almirall, the Esteve Group, and Wyeth (now part of Pfizer Group) are among top companies exporting medicines.


Fashion/Apparel -With nearly 3000 textile companies in the country, Spain is a force in the European fashion and footwear industry. Camper Shoes, for one, enjoys a celebrity following around the world.


Wine - Fifteen percent of the world's vineyards are located in Iberia, putting Spain third in European wine production behind France and Italy. Popular vintages include Tempranillo, Grenache, and Monstrell.


Foodstuffs - Spain is a large exporter of olives, vinegar, pork products, and traditional Spanish pastries. Chupa Chups, the globally known brand of novelty candy, is also based in this country.


With a vibrant history and influence that is felt throughout the world, Spain continues to dominate in other ways. As the economy grows to surpass bordering nations, one might find this country will explore new territory in trade once again.


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