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May 2008 - Posts

  • Supply Chain Go Green

    The clean-tech industry is booming, as more and more companies are seeking green software to cut their energy bills. One software is designed for trucks to drive fewer miles, save gallons of fuel, and reduce tons of carbon emissions.  The other software is designed to make air-conditioning chillers use power at times of day when power is cheapest, save kilowatt-hours of electricity, and reduce tons of carbon emissions.  All these measures have one goal: to mitigate the impact of global warming.


    An eco-friendly supply chain can help fight global warming by reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Deforestation accounts for estimated 20% of the world’s global warming bill. The World Wildlife Fund, an environmental advocacy group, says the paper mills at Riau, Indonesia, cut off 11% of Riau’s natural forest from year 2005 to 2006. Planting trees can never catch up the speed of cutting them. 


    Electronic trading can save millions of trees, forests, alleviating the speed of global warming.  EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), known for its skyrocketing implementation and maintenance costs, is long-time only used by large companies.  XML (Extensible Markup Language) however eliminates those barriers and provides an easy entry for small- and medium-sized companies.  For instance, you can now type the data of an invoice once and use them on different systems, instead of typing the same data over and over again.  Your purchase order for under-stock items can now be delivered to your supplies’ hands in seconds right at your fingertips. 


    XML offers scalability, flexibility, and Reusability.  It can be used to integrate with your existing systems, databases, or ERP system.  As XML is created in electronic format, you can also change the structure and content of your business document easily, without consuming a sheet of paper.   As XML is stored in electronic format, you can search for an existing document, view it, or create another business document based on it quickly.  It is very convenient and can help companies like yours save on paper usage, conserving the resource.  Save the Earth, start trading electronically.