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March 2011 - Posts

  • Brazil – A Technology Power in Paradise

    Brazil often evokes images of a tropical paradise, a colorful and adventurous community made legendary in song and on film. The annual Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, believe to surpass the American Mardi Gras celebrations, explodes with light and dancing and merriment, while the beaches remain crowded for most of the year as locals and visitors soak up the South American sun. One might think a nation closely associated with leisure and a party-like atmosphere relies on little more than tourism to keep the economy strong, but in truth Brazil holds one of the largest economies in the world and is viewed by many trade partners as an important ally.


    São Paulo


    Brazil is part of the emerging BRIC group of nations (which also includes Russia, India, and China) believed to serve the globe with advanced distribution and manufacturing influence. The country presently operates as a free market economy and, as the largest country land-wise on the continent, holds the majority of South America's natural resources. The Amazon Rainforest, the largest such tropical area in the world, gives Brazil incredible biodiversity and contributes to Brazil's economic fortune.


    Major exports, outside of what plants and remedies are produced within the Rainforest, represent Brazil's economic diversity and excellence in modern industry:


    Aircraft - Brazil ranks third among the world's largest aircraft manufacturers.


    Automobiles - Brazil ranks fifth in the world in automobile production, housing factories for nearly every top auto brand in business today.


    Ethanol - As the top exporter of ethanol fuel, Brazil contributes to green supply chains through relationships with countries seeking alternatives to gasoline.


    Iron Ore - Brazil's mines yield, along with other top producer Australia, nearly three-quarters of the world's iron ore supply.


    Coffee - Close to three metric tons of coffee comes out of Brazil annually, making this country the leader in production. This industry alone keeps nearly four million people in the country employed.


    China and United States rank among countries that import the bulk of Brazilian products, and are also the top exporters into Brazil. The most needed imports into the country include machinery for manufacturing purposes, crude oil, various electronics and automotive parts.


    An active workforce coupled with good roads and technologically savvy population has brought Brazil to the forefront of the overall South American economy. Include the impressive growth of the country stock market, and one can definitely bank on Brazil as a force in global economy over the next decade.


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