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  • Colombia: South America‚Äôs Rising Global Trade Influencer

    The Republic of Colombia, a coastal nation in the northwest region of South America, has endured a colorful history marked by the legacy of early civilizations and Spanish influence, and marred by violent conflicts between drug cartels in the late twentieth century. In recent years, however, Colombia...
    Posted to Supply Chain Management (Weblog) by admin on Sat, Oct 29 2011
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  • The Impact of the Wood Industry on Global Trade

    Veneers, plywood, timber. Look around your home and office and you will find much of what surrounds you is made of wood. From the desk that takes up your workspace to the framework supporting your walls, the wood products used provide an important element to your existence. Around the world, many economies...
    Posted to Global Trade (Weblog) by admin on Fri, Jun 1 2012
    Filed under: Global Trade, global economy, timber industry, wood industry
  • The Global Aluminum Industry

    It makes sense that aluminum is one of the most common elements in our planet, as aluminum is prevalent in nearly everything we use. We drink from aluminum cans, and use foil to protect and cook foods. We used the finished product for containers, transportation, and medical uses. Every day, people around...
    Posted to Global Trade (Weblog) by admin on Thu, Nov 15 2012
    Filed under: United States, Canada, Global Trade, Australia, Russia, global economy, China, aluminum industry
  • The Global Platinum Industry

    Like other mined metals, platinum serves as a multipurpose commodity used by various industries throughout the world. Some may value platinum-made jewelry over even 14-carat gold, and when it comes to assembling electronic products platinum is a highly sought-after conductor. This metal has also proven...
    Posted to Global Trade (Weblog) by admin on Sat, Dec 1 2012
    Filed under: Global Trade, global economy, platinum, platinum mining
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