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  • The Russian Federation – an Emerging Trade Leader

    Young adults will have no recollection of the former Soviet Union and her tense relationship with the United States and allies beyond historical data. This is a country with a rich history spanning millennia - once part of the third largest empire in the world, Russia endured everything from Mongolian...
    Posted to Supply Chain Management (Weblog) by admin on Thu, May 26 2011
    Filed under: Global Trade, BRICS, Russia
  • The Global Gold Mining Industry

    While a large percentage of gold mined around the world is used to make items of great value – notably jewelry, collectible currency, and similar possession – you may be surprised to know this precious metal is also valued in the construction of various household objects like televisions and computers...
    Posted to Global Trade (Weblog) by admin on Thu, Nov 1 2012
    Filed under: United States, Australia, Russia, global economy, China, global industry, gold mining, South Africa, gold production, gold, mining industry
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