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  • Argentina – The Heart of South American Agricultural Trade

    Outside of South America, Argentina is probably known more as the birthplace of the Tango and the romanticized icon Evita Peron. In terms of the country's impact on global affairs, Argentina is also known by historians as an ally to Germany and Italy during World War II - having harbored a number...
    Posted to Globalization and Economics (Weblog) by admin on Sat, Nov 12 2011
    Filed under: Global Trade, MERCOSUR, Argentina, VISTA
  • ALADI – Promoting the Latin American Common Market

    Where trade agreements such as NAFTA and CARICOM seek to strengthen free trade ties between countries of a shared region - NAFTA for North America and CARICOM for the Caribbean - so the ALADI agreement seeks to meet this goal for much of South American. With its roots in the Treaty of Montevideo in 1980...
    Posted to Global Trade (Weblog) by admin on Mon, Dec 19 2011
    Filed under: Mexico, Paraguay, Cuba, Ecuador, MERCOSUR, UNASUR, Chile, Colombia, South America, Peru, Brazil, ALADI, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, trade agreement, Uruguay
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