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  • The AANZFTA Treaty – Development of Trade and Relations Throughout Southeast Asia

    For a number of island nations, the perceived notion of isolation implies that trade with other nations can prove challenging. In Southeast Asia, for example, resident nations have come to rely upon each other for goods, therefore it stands to reason that a trade agreement can benefit all involved. Nearly...
    Posted to Global Trade (Weblog) by admin on Fri, Mar 2 2012
    Filed under: New Zealand, ASEAN, AANZFTA
  • ASEAN and Economic Progress in Southeast Asia

    Similar to the structure and practice of the European Union, the organization known as ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) has worked for decades to encourage cultural and economic development among the lesser nations in this region, as well as forge fair free trade agreements with neighboring...
    Posted to Global Trade (Weblog) by admin on Wed, Mar 14 2012
    Filed under: ASEAN, FTA, free trade agreement
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