MarginUp Web Service APIs (beta) 

Welcome to MarginUp® Supply Chain Portal - Let Trade Flow Electronically!

MarginUp has adopted a world-wide, cross-industry standard to enable your company exchange business documents with your trading partners electronically.  By taking advantage of the MarginUp® Supply Chain Management (SCM) platform, you and your company can start to trade more efficiently as the large-scale companies, without the hefty implementation costs.

MarginUp® Web Services are built with XML and Microsoft® .Net Framework, working as an electronic conduit to facilitate the data interchanges among your company, your trading partners, freight forwarders, and cargo carriers, without the overheads of the traditional EDI.

Before you invest in supply chain solution, we encourage you have your computer programmer(s) or the local IT developers implemented the MarginUp® Supply Chain Management solutions for you. The ROI is quick and tremendous!  Free, Register today!




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