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     HONG YI CO., LTD. 

     About this company : Worked on Grinder Pumps during early1960's,the beginning of the low pressure Sewer Grinder market, at that time there were only 2 major companies manufacturing grinder pumps during this time period. One company utilized progressive cavity design; the second company utilized conventional centrifugal designs.

     Contact : Miss Lin, Sales Manager 
     Headquarters : No.20-133 Ko-His Liao, Shuishang Hs, Chia-Yi Hsien, 608, Taiwan, Republic of China
     Phone : 886-5-2843529, Fax : 886-5-2843530 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Sump Effluent Sewage pumps   Sump Effluent Sewage pumps DC12-12

This pump unit is a totally enclosed, submersible .,Pumping unit. It is powered by a 0.3 hp. 12 volt
DC, 20 Ampere motor. Battery clamps on the power cord for ease of connection to any 12 volt vehicle battery.
The ON OFF switch is located inline on the power Cord.
Check the position of the ON-OFF switch make certain the switch is in the OFF position befor connecting to the battery, using this connection procedure arcing is eliminated. Connect the RED battery clamp to the POSITIVE battery terminal. Connect the BLACK
Clamp to the NEGATIVE or ground to a rigid metallic Surface on the engine. The connection should be 12 to 19 inches from the battery.
Since the pump has a lower discharge pressure it is .,Recommended that anoncolapsiable hose be used for Maximum pumping capacity.
Use the attached nylon line. Do not use the power cord .,For handling the unit.
Lower the unit into the liquid to be pumped(NOTE: THIS UNIT IS NOT TO USED TO PUMP
FLAMABLE LIQUIDS).Then turn on the switch.
Pump can be run for a few minutes(less than 5) Without liquid. Do Not run completely dry for any extended period(less than 5 Min.).This will prevent.
The unit draws 20-25 amperes and can be operated for Approximately 1 Hr. on a fully charged 60 Amp-Hour Battery and still be able to start the vehicle under normal conditions. CAUTION should be used when running times exceeds 25 30 minutes without the engine running to recharge the battery. Also be mindful of COLD temperatures which lowers battery efficiency. Review Battery size(AMP-Hour rating) and the use of other Accessories, lights , radios. etc while operating pump Without engine operating.
Overload protection is provided with an INLINE 25 AMP FUSE. Location is approximately 6 Inches below the RED(POSITIVE) battery .,Clamp Unit uses Std. Automotive 25 amp Fuses.

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