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     Sunshine Yachts CO.,Ltd 

     About this company : Weihai Sunshine Yachts Co., Ltd. is a professional water recreation and outdoor sports goods production company. Our main products are PVC inflatable boats, hypalon military inflatable boats, RIB boats, and a variety of small boats; various inflatable tents, military tents, electromagnetic shielding tents; Inflatable PVC water entertainment products; marine engines, motorboat and so on. We have engaged in the yacht industry for many years. Our excellent design team can provide customers with a variety of customized models yachts, private boats and jet boats (water fishery inspection boats, assault boats, etc.)pany has strong technical level, ample supply so that we can ensure providing excellent product and service.

     Contact : Julia Yin, Sales Manager 
     Headquarters : No.1 Bei Ka Er Te Road, Bei Ka Er Te, Industry Zone, Economic Zone, Weihai, Shandong, 264200, China
     Phone : 86 18693927005, Fax : 86 631 5975990 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     SA inflatable boat SA inflatable boat SA

Inflatable PVC
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     Inflatable boat SH Inflatable boat SH SH

 SD-230 inflatable PVC hypalon boat
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     Sunshine Inflatable boat Sunshine Inflatable boat SD

Inflatable boat SD Series

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