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     Dongguan Hoystar Printing Machinery CO., Ltd 

     About this company : Dongguan Hoystar Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. integrates design, production, and sale together and has a professional team. We specialize in pad printers, screen printers, screen-stretchers, UV machines, exposure machines and other peripherals. Moreover, we can design and produce non-standard machines according to customers' special requirements. Our company adopts micro-computer systems to control machines with electrical integration. It ensures safe use and convenient operation and can substitute imported machines. Our company enjoys a high reputation in domestic and international markets for strong technology, advanced processing machines, perfect inspecting solutions, precise quality management systems and excellent after-sales service. Our products sell well in America, Australia, Norway, England, The United Arab Emirates and Egypt. The range of application of our products is containing kinds of commodity, appliance, auto part, metallic tool, toy, craft and package printing for cigarette, wine and cosmetic.

     Contact : Jenny Fang, sales manager 
     Headquarters : Xianbian 2nd Industrial Area, Chang'an Town Dongguan, Guangdong, 523850, China
     Phone : 86-0769-85377425, Fax : 86-0769-82926182 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Cylindrical screen printing machine Cylindrical screen printing machine GW-2A

Cylindrical screen printing machine


1. All function is controlled by Mico-computer,high qutomatic and easy operation
2. Auto 4-digit counter built-in
3. it can print rounds and conicals products
4. in order to meet kinds of printing requirements, the printing stroke and speed can be adjusted
5. You can adjust work-table by vertical, transever, or level orientation. High printing precision, convenient and fast adjusting.
6. controlling by pnematic printing scrap with pressure adjusted system
7. reliable and steady mico-computer controlled system
8. showing work conditions at any time by clear LCD
9. good quanlity Korea sensor and perfect alarm system
10. convenient foot switch, operated simply, maintained conveniently
11. high quanlity alloy die-cast parts and wearable imported bearing
12. international famous pneumatic elements, such as SMC, FESTO
13. controlling the speed of print and reclaim ink independently
14. it can print the products with soft outside, as the printing seat have the function of huff
15. it has special clamp for round and flat products

Technical parameter:

1. Max.printing speed:1200PCS/Hr

2. Power:220V/110V 50-60MHZ | 200W

3. Air pressure:5-7bar

4. Start-up method:panel | foot switches
5. vertical driving style: pneumatic
6. transeversa driving style:pneumatic(common cylinder)
7. vertical stroke: 100MM
8. transeversa stroke: 250MM
9. max.printing area: 240MM (the length of circumference and cambered surface) * 200MM (width)
10. printing diameter scope: ¢5-¢150MM
If you want to print the whole circle, the max printing diameter is ¢75MM
11. max length of products: 250MM

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     2 color rapid screen printing machine for t shirt neck label 2 color rapid screen printing machine for t shirt neck label GW-200TRS

1.Max.printing area:130*100mm

2.Printing speed: 2000PCS/Hr


4.Machine size:1320*1355*1480mm

5.Weight: 210kgs

6.Workstaion: 8 pieces

7.Drying system: 3 sets

8.Printing colors: 2 color

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     4 color helmet pad printing machine 4 color helmet pad printing machine GW-M4/S-1

Steel plate size:100*200mm

Printng speed:600PCS/HR

Power:220V   50-60MHZ  30W

Air pressure:5-7BAR

Max.printing area:80*130MM

printing station:1PCS

Machine size: 1000*770*1500mm

Weight: 240KG

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     6 Color 6 stations t-shirt manual screen printing machine 6 Color 6 stations t-shirt manual screen printing machine GW-650

Name: 6 Color 6 stations t-shirt manual screen printing machine


This is a six color manual screen printing machine for t-shirts,it is suitable for printing fabric,paper,cloths,t-shirt,very steady,economic,so it is very popular

Technical parameter:

1. printing colors:6colors
2. Maxame size:500*600mm
3. Max.printing area:450*550mm
4. Worktable area:450*550mm
5. Voltage: 220V/50HZ
6. Packaging Size:810×810×1120mm
7. weight:180kg

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     Automatic plastic scale screen printing machines Automatic plastic scale screen printing machines GW-RUL-A

Max.printing area:200*300mm

Max.printing speed:2500PCS/Hr

Worktable size:250*450mm

Maxame size:300*500mm

Left and right stroke:350mm

Up and down stroke:100mm

Disc size: 600mm

Workpiece max.height: 50mm

Power:220V 50-60Hz

Machine size:  2400*1200*1470mm


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     Big size vacuum uv exposure unit Big size vacuum uv exposure unit GW-UV-S2-3A

Name: Big size vacuum uv exposure unit


it is special desktop style UV exposure unit , easy operate & low cost use for pad stencil , for silk screen plate ,for thick & thin steel pad plate, Polymet plate; PS plate. Exposure fast ,save ,UV lampes long life,Automatic exposure and vacuum sorption,which controlled by a high precision timer


1. UV Lamp brand :PHILIP Made In HOLLAND
2. including a vacuum pump inside made in America
3. Glass Table dimension: 600×850mm;
4. Exposure area:500×800mm;
5. Outer Dimension: (L)1000× (W)820×(H)270mm
6 Weight: 60kg
7. Lamp wattage: 10PCS*30W
8. Power:100V or 220V

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     desktop 1 color pad printer machine desktop 1 color pad printer machine GW-SM

1. Steel plate:100*200mm
2.Sealed ink cup diameter:60mm
3ont/back distance:150MM
4.Up/down distance:75MM
5.Max.printing area:60*60MM
6.Printing speed:1500PCS/Hr
7.Package size:650*400*650mm
8.Package weight: 40KG

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     Desktop flat screen printer machine Desktop flat screen printer machine GW-150

this small screen printing machine is direct to print tiny articles need but designer,be like surface,Tsun lid face and music CD face.Unique design all pneumatic operation,machines appearance tiny,easy install and usage

Airframe adopt alloy press cast already portable and firm,add accurate West Germany and Japans pneumatic groupware and factory harden axes pole and axle box,ensure minish maintenance,and be not easy attrition,greatly prolong gadgets longevity.



Technical parameter:

Max.printing area:60*60mm

Max.printing speed:1200PCS/HR


Machine size:L×W×H833mm×510mm×575mm

Air pressure:4-6bar

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     Desktop single color open inkwell pad printer  Desktop single color open inkwell pad printer GW-MINI

Name: Desktop single color open inkwell pad printer


This kind machine adopts no base design,small and high speed,you can install more sets of machine to form multicolor production line in smaller workshop.otherwise,it has ascendant econimic,this can reduce factory’s invest in equipment. it is Suitable for printing the product which is less demanding on printing quality,such as electronic product,plastic shell,hardware product,stationery,small arts and crafts,the small logo on the surface of gifts and so on


1. SCM IC complile action program,kinds of printing model options
2. Auto 4-digit counter built-in,and stat. Printing quantity
3. Airframe adopts coin alloy,and metal coating surface
4. Worktable,plastic head can be adjusted X.Y.Z direction.
5. the pressure of Sucking ink and printing pad can be adjusted independently
6. The distance of scrapping ink is adjustable
7. It has function of leveling ink by sliding automatically on front /back,this can avoid printing ink partial solidification
8. The speed of all the cylinders have an independent regulator intortum
9. Front/back distance is long,and it can print bigger size product
10. It adopts fully Japan SMC and Taiwan MINDMAN pneumatic component
11. Every adjustment station has graduation marked
12. All the machine is running steadily,and high printing precision

Technical paramter:

1. Steel plate size:100*100mm

2. Max.printing area:2000PCS/Hr

3. Power:220V/110V 50-60MHZ

4. Air pressure:5-7bar

5. Max.printing area:80*80mm

6. Printing workstation: 1PC

7. Machine dimension:350*500*600mm

8 weight:45kg

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     High quality uv curing machine with conveyor belt High quality uv curing machine with conveyor belt GW-520

Name: High quality uv curing machine with conveyor belt

Product excellence:

Used in the field of post-printing by UV ink. Exposure through UV light onto the film of UV ink to let it dry. Drying to UV ink printed onto paper, PVC etc soft and thin substrates. Connecting with offset printer to cure UV ink.

Techical parameter:

1.Conveyer width:500mm

2.Total wattage:6KW
3.Wind fan wattage:200W/380V
4nveyer motor wattage:1000W/1P/380V
5nveyEr speed:0~10m/min
6.Speed adjustment:Stepless
7. Outer dimension:2000×800×1500mm
8 weight:180KG
9. Lamp wattage:3KW/380V×2pcs;
10. Max height of production:75mm.


1. Made by high temperature conveyer belt,
2. Famous brand motor drive,stepless speed adjustment.
3. High quality UV lamp to ensure exposure power.
4. Taiwan transformer,startup organ . long life to use
5. With convulsions function to remove quantity of heat in curing case

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     laptop keyboard pad printing machine laptop keyboard pad printing machine GW-LK

Max.printing area: 150*450MM
locating precision <0.05MM
fixuping clamp method: by srew
fixuping printing pad method: by hexagonal screw
Printing speed:800PCS/Hr
Power:220V 50-60MHZ 30W  Air pressure:5-7Bar
Start-up method:panel
Scraper working style: by electronic switch
scraper pressure controller: pressure regulating valve
transversa distance:200MM
vertical distance:75MM
transeversa stroke of keyboard: 20MM
second locating stroke: 40MM
weight: 330KG
Package size: 1150*950*1600mm

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     Tilted-arm flat vacuum screen printing machine Tilted-arm flat vacuum screen printing machine GW-6090X

Name: Tilted-are flat vacuum screen printing machine


1. Tilted-arm structure, The forward/backward action of printing head is drived by electromotion
2. SCM controlled circuit,printing and screen plate up/down adopts independent driver source
3. Frequency conversion motor drives printing knife rest,magic eye controls strock distance,independent adjustment
4. There are average air intakes on high -hardness Worktable,
5. Power vacuum adsorption,make sure accurate color
6. There are three kinds of models,such as manual.semi-automatic and full-antomatic,printing indirect time is conrolled by figure
7. independently designing machine head up/down equipment,it is convenient to replace scraper,ink covering blades and frame and easy to clean screen frame
8. Double guide rod left/right screen arm,and equipt plate distance
adjustale equipment,easily adjust

Collocate introduction

1.machine control adopts Germany Philips PNX SCM controller,control plate with button
2.Circuit adopts Japan OMRON relay,China CHNT AC Electromagnetic Contactor and Taiwan RIKO photocell eye switch
3.Printing adopts Taiwan ABBA linearity slide rail and Chenggang gear decelerate motor,Danmark HOLIP tansducer printing drive
4.Printing scraper and ink covering blades adopts Italy EASUN pneumatic component control
5.Printing worktable adopts special structure and special material.

Technical parameter:

1.Max.printing area:600*900mm 2.Max.printing speed:1000PCS/Hr 3.Power:220V/110V 50-60MHZ | 200W
4.Air pressure:5-7bar
5.Worktable size:700*1100mm
6.Max.sreen frame size: 750*1300MM
7.Max.workpiece height:50mm
8.Number of Color: single color

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