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     Xiamen H20 Beam Factory 

     About this company : We are one of the leading group of manufacturers of engineering wood products in South China. We mainly export plywood, Laminated Veneer Lumber, film faced plywood, formwork H20 Timber Beam (Wood Girder), 3 ply plywood, HDF, MDF (medium density fibreboard), particle board, Softwood Scaffold Panel(Pine LVL scaffolding Plank), Shuttering Plywood, Three Ply Shuttering Panels(triply), melamine board, Pine Plywood, HMR MDF,blockboard, OSB board,etc. Our products meet E1/E2 Standard. We are one of the most professional supplier for H20 beams, especially, we are expert on LVL flange H20 Beam, our H20 Beam product passed many tested by authority and our customers, and we exported our formwork beams to more than 30 countries, including Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. We also developped H15 Beams and H16 Beam to meet our customers demands. Also, for H16 beams, we are the first supplier can produce in large scale at present in China. As to 3 Layers shuttering panels, we are also one of the largest suppliers in China, for 3 ply shuttering panel, we have 8 factories at present. We also developped Shuttering Plywood as substitute of 3 ply shuttering panels. For more, please contact us freely. We offer free samples. Note that we only reply fax or inquiry. We have quotation lists in hand and looking forward to your enquiry. Best Regards, Steve Woods (Vice President)

     Contact : Steve woods, Manager 
     Headquarters : C, 31st floor, Bilida Building, No.22 Luling Road, Xiamen, Fujian, 361009, China
     Phone : 86-13799280177, Fax : 86-592-5594747 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Film Faced Plywood Film Faced Plywood

Face:black film or brown film (Dynea or StoraEnso)

Core: Poplar / Pine / Birch / Combi

Glue: WBP glue (Top quality phenolic resin)

size: 1220mmx2440mm, 1250mmx2500mm

Thickness: 12mm/15mm/18mm/21mm

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     H20 Timber Beam H20 Timber Beam

For construction use. Carry film faced plywood.

Made of high-grade solid sawn lumber and plywood.
Around 5.6-6.6 kgs per running meter.
Treated by Water Proof Glue. (WBP)
Prefabricated wood H20 beams are manufactured in a range of sizes. Long lengths use fingerjoining to splice flanges and butt jointing or toothed, tongue and groove or scarf configurations to splice the webs. The actual length is limited only by transportation restrictions.
Resistant to rough handling and extreme use with longer service life.
Weight per running meter: 5.2-5.8 kg
Mechanical specification: Bending moment  max.5 Kn/m
Cutting action  max 10.0KN
Bending  max1/500
Live load  max 1.5 KN/m2
Length in cm
180 - 245 - 290 - 330 - 360 - 390 - 450 - 490 - 590

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     Three Ply Shuttering Panel Three Ply Shuttering Panel

For construction use, the function of the 3 ply shuttering panel is the same as film faced plywood, in various countries, constructions adopt alternative film faced plywood, shuttering plywood, or 3 ply shuttering panels.

Three Ply Shuttering Panels are made of 3-plywood with a thickness of 9 mm each ply.
The 1st and the 3rd ply grain are arranged at right angles to the second ply.
Glueing is made with high temperatures and pressure.
The moisture content is less than 13%.

Both sides of the panels have a melanimic protection in light yellow colour and alkaline proof and to avoid humidity.
Size:  970 x 500 mm
      1000 x 500 mm
      1500 x 500 mm
      1970 x 500 mm
      2000 x 250 mm
      2000 x 300 mm
      2000 x 500 mm
      2000 x 1000 mm
      2500 x 500 mm
      3000 x 500 mm
      4000 x 500 mm
      6000 x 500 mm
Thickness: 21mm (3 x 7mm),27mm (3 x 9mm).
Glue: WBP (MUF) / E1.
Density: 425Kgs/M3.
Material: Fir/Abisia.
Sanding: Double faced sanded and Coated.

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