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     About this company : Fulin Plastic Industry Joint Stock Company is a 100% capital invested by Taiwanese - We are proud to be the largest manufacturer and exporter of PVC Transparent Sheet, PVC Sponge Leather, PVC leather… VIETNAM. With 2 main factories: The main factory located in Hai phong City, 100km away from Viet Nam Capital The branch factory is in Dongnai province, nearby Hochiminh city, Vietnam We have been supplying our products to the local market and overseas market in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey, South Africa, Guatemala, Ecuador..etc. We have many products ranging from PVC Sponge Leather, PVC Leather, PVC Transparent Sheet, with variety of applications. We are pleased to serve our best quality products to customers worldwide with high competitive prices. We are actively seeking distributors abroad. Buyers, Importers from any countries are welcome. Main Products: PVC Solid Leather 1. Specifications: 0.18mm-1.6mm x 54 Inch 2. Using for making: Raincoat, Lining, Bags, Shoes, Belt, Ball, Furniture, motorcycle saddle, PVC Sponge Leather The leather we produce have huge strength and long lasting properties. These outstanding properties make our product best quality. It comes handy in furniture, automobile upholstery, hoods, coverings for auto rickshaws & jeeps, luggage and many similar products 1. Specifications:0.55mm-3.5mm x 54 Inch 2. Using for making: Lining, Bags, Shoes, Sandals, Belt, Furniture, PVC Soft Leather 1. Specifications:0.55mm-3.5mm x 54 Inch 2. Using for making: Lining, Bags, Shoes, Sandals, Belt, Furniture, garments…. PVC Transparent sheet 1. Specifications:0.06mm-0.50mm x 54 - 72 Inch 2. Using for making: Raincoat, Table Cloth, Stationary, Bags… PVC Tarpaulin, PVC Printed Tarpaulin 1. Specifications: 0.35mm, Width: up to 72 inch 2. Using for making: Canvas…. If you have any requirement please feel free to contact us at any time,

     Contact : Kien Pham, Sales 
     Headquarters : Pham Van Dong Street, Hai Phong, Duong Kinh Dist, 35000, Vietnam
     Phone : 840977128318, Fax : 84313860500 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     PVC solid leather PVC solid leather 003

PVC solid leather
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     PU casting leather PU casting leather 004

PU casting leather
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     PVC clear/Super clear sheet PVC clear/Super clear sheet 008

PVC clear/Super clear sheet

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     PVC sponge leather PVC sponge leather 001

PVC sponge leather
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     PVC sticker film PVC sticker film 005

PVC sticker film
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     PVC Tarpaulin/Printed Tarpaulin PVC Tarpaulin/Printed Tarpaulin 009

PVC Tarpaulin/Printed Tarpaulin
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     PVC transparent sheet PVC transparent sheet 007

PVC transparent sheet
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     PVC vacumm leather PVC vacumm leather 002

PVC vacumm leather
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     PVC wooden sheet PVC wooden sheet 006

PVC wooden sheet
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