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     Baoji Qixin Titanium Co., Ltd 

     About this company : Baoji Qixin Titanium Co., Ltd. is located in Chinese titanium city - Baoji, and is specialized in titanium material and equipment manufacturing\design and sales. Our company is mainly in the production and processing\international and domestic trade of titanium\nickel and other rare metals material, sets non-ferrous materials sales\product equipment manufacturing and new product development as a whole. Main products: Our company forms the core of titanium electrode (anode Iridium tin titanium, titanium anodes ruthenium, iridium titanium anode ruthenium, iridium titanium tantalum anode, and so on)design and production, at the same time and has the non-ferrous metal product lines cover such as titanium plate, titanium rods, titanium tube, titanium standard parts, nickel, titanium composite materials and so on. Products are widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, oil, textile, medicine, light industry, environmental protection, sports, mining, marine, and other fields. Our company relies on the strong industry resources of "Chinese titanium City", strong non-ferrous metals research\development and manufacturing strength, has a complete industrial chain titanium manufacturers. At the most important, our company has the new marketing and service concepts, adhere to the service concept customer-focused. The company has been formed the centres for scientific research, production, processing and marketing in Baoji City, and with Guangzhou as the sales and service agencies, provides professional, comprehensive service for the customers.

     Contact : Rachel LIU 
     Headquarters : 50th Gaoxin Road,Gaoxin District, Baoji, Shaanxi, 721013, China
     Phone : +86 917 3307 518, Fax : +86 917 3307 535 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Titanium Electrodes for Swimming Pool Chlorinator Titanium Electrodes for Swimming Pool Chlorinator

Titanium Electrodes for Swimming Pool Chlorinator

Titanium Electrodes


Shape of Substrate


Substrate Material

Titanium GR1,according to the ASTM


164150mm is popular,or as clients' demand

Coating Details

1)Ruthenium and Iridium mixed dioxid coating

2)Contents of the noble material 8 g/m2-25 g/m2

Application Environment

1)Density of Current < 2000 Am/M2

2)Contents of hydrochloric acid<20%

3)Cotents of the fluorion<500 mg/L

4)Temperature < 60C

5)PH value 1-12


5000~12000 hours

Product Features

1)Stability dimension

2)Lower electricity consumption.

3)High catalytic

4)Effectively production efficiency

5)Strong corrosion resistance,long working life

Production time

15-20 daysuse the longer production time,pls place order in advance.

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