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     Guangdong Phoenix Lighting Co., Ltd 

     About this company : Guangdong Phoenix Lighting CO., Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D, production, sale, serves of the stage light and the acoustic. Our factory, equipped with experienced professionals and advanced manufacturing machines, is managed with strict quality guarantee system. With the effort of our staff, we have produced more than ten products series, total more than 300 items. Our products were sold well throughout China, Europe, and America etc.

     Contact : rita tian, sales manager 
     Headquarters : No.38 Yagang South Road,Shijing Town, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510420, China
     Phone : 86-20-26290610, Fax : 86-20-36401569 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     fog machine,fogging machine,1500W Moving Head Smoke Machine fog machine,fogging machine,1500W Moving Head Smoke Machine PHJ021

+ This is a unique moving head smoke machine which suitable for hanging up in the pub doorway and indoor or put it on the stage.
+ The machine has been adopted immediate-stop patent technology and installed 27(3W) LEDs with three different colors, which ensures the smoke machine to spray colorful smoke.
+ This smoke machine is also controlled by DMX-512 or wireless remote controller.
Furthermore, you may regard this machine as a LED moving head light.

+ No burnt flavour.
+ Low noise.
+ No moisture.
+ Adopt unique immediate-stop patent technology.
+ With professional level,the range of the variable-angle covers about 360 degree.No dripping when hangs it up.

Technology parameter:
Power:100V-120V/220V-240V 50/60HZ
Fuse:230V/8A  110V/15A
First heat up time: 8min.
Tank capacity: 1.5L
Package size:49*47*56cm

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     dmx dimmer, light dimmer, 12 Channel Digital Dimming Pack dmx dimmer, light dimmer, 12 Channel Digital Dimming Pack PHD025

+ LCD display,DMX input.
+ Three phase input :10A/ channel ,total 20A /phase, or make some adjustment as customers’ instruction.
+ Microcomputer control.
+ Separate DMX addressing for each channel.
+ Built-in 12 chase programs, chase speed adjustable.
+ Chase programs 1-12,DMX Hold.
+ Analogue can be selectable.
+ Phase correction activates linear dimming (0-100%).
+ Control curve selectable from linear /Switch /Square.
+ Analogue input works without any adjustment.
+ Electronic protection against short circuits.
+ Power failure memory.
+ Metal of 12 channels can be taken out respectively so channels can be checked and repaired respectively.
+ 12 handles for easy moving.

Voltage:AC110-120V 60Hz AC220-240V 50Hz

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     foam machine,foam party machine,party rental,Big Foam Machine foam machine,foam party machine,party rental,Big Foam Machine PHS002

The machine can quickly produce great amount of foam in a moment and create the snow sea effect. People will enjoy themselves while exposed to such splendor.

Applicable to amusement park,disco ballroom and private party.

Voltage: AC100V/220V   60/50Hz
Oil consumption:30 L/min
Foam output: 10-15 m3/min
N.W:39.5 kgs
Dimension: 850*850*1300mm
Packing Size:920*770*1100mm

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     Foam Party Machine, Jet Foam Machine Foam Party Machine, Jet Foam Machine PHS003

+ Jet foam machine is the lastest product.
+ According to different using environment,adopt two-stage fan pushing,can push the foam to further distance.
+ Can spray an arena, dance floor or Ice rink with foam firing up to 20m.also the machine can be applied in music festivals and concerts!

Technology Parameter:
Voltage: AC110V/220V 60/50Hz.
Control:power control.
Foam output:15 cubic meters/min.
Fuel consumption:5 liters/min.

Dimension:130*68*110 cm.
Packing Size:139*67*121cm.

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     head stage,moving heads,100W LED moving head light head stage,moving heads,100W LED moving head light PHA018

+ LED as the light source.
+ 17 DMX512 control channels.
+ Built-in automated.
+ Built-in microphone for sound control. 
+ Stand-alone with master/slave function.
+ Display:LCD Display and four button for menu control.
+ Color Wheel:
7 Colors + blank.
Rainbow color spin at variable speeds.
+ Rotating gobo wheel 1&2:
Rotating gobo wheel:6 gobos (interchangable).
Rotating gobo wheelspin at variable speeds.
Gobo shaking effect.
Gobo-flow effect. 
+ Reset and lamp on/off via DMX signal.
+ Zoom function.
+ Rotating 3-facet Prism effect.
+ Strobe effect 1-10 flashes/sec via shutter.
+ Mechanical dimming 0-100% via shutter.
+ Motorized smooth focus.
+ Pan: 540 degree  Tilt: 270 degree.
Pan/Tilt 16bit.
Pan/Tilt speed adjustable.
Automatic pan/tilt correction.
User-selectable pan/tilt ranges.

Technology Parameter:
Voltage:AC 100-240V/50Hz.
Lamp:100W White LED.
Power consumption:110V 60Hz  160W.
Power consumption:220V 50Hz  155W.
Dimension:40*33*65 cm.
Packing size:47.5*42*72 cm.
N.W:21 kgs.
G.W:24 kgs.

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     laser show, show light, animated laser light, RGY Laser laser show, show light, animated laser light, RGY Laser PHE031

+ Prestet any gobos,words and mixed gobos in memory.
+ With red,green and yellow laser to conbine colorful gobos and words effects.
+ Set 64-256 gobos to form thousands of effects.
+ Emit two or more gobos at the same time.Feature such as weltering,revolving,XY moving,color and speed adjustable inside each gobo.Clients can design the gobos and words as their needs. 
+ Number of program channel inside:20 DMX512 channels. 
+ With international ILDA standard connector,control by Pangolin LD2000 up to the user.
Technical Parameter:
Voltage:AC110/220V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 100W
Operating Temperature Range: 10-40 celsius degree.
Cool System:Fan
Laser color:Red/Green/Yellow
Beam Angle:45 degree.
Protocol: USITT DMX-512/ILDA
Control mode:
PC/ILDA control/DMX512/Music/
Function Setting: DIP
DMX channel: 20CH

Laser power:400mW
N.W: 10.5 kgs
G.W: 12.0 kgs
Size: 440*390*240 mm
Laser power:800mW
N.W: 11.0 kgs
G.W: 12.5 kgs
Size: 440*390*240 mm.

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     led controller,led dmx,dimmer,48 Channel DMX Controller led controller,led dmx,dimmer,48 Channel DMX Controller PHD013

+ 48 control channels.
+ 96 scenes or 96 chaser programs with 999 steps.
+ 3 digit display.
+ MIDI in,out/thru:5 pin multiple socket.
+ Audio input:by built-in microphone or line in.
+ Polarity selector.
+ Auto run.
+ Blackout.
+ Stand DMX512 signal output.
+ Power input:DC12-20V 500mA.
+ DMX out:3 pin XLR.

Voltage:AC110/220V  50/60Hz.
Packing size:83*33*16cm.

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     moving head spot,stage lighting,575W Silent Moving Head Light moving head spot,stage lighting,575W Silent Moving Head Light PHA009

+ 18 DMX512 control channels.
+ Built-in microphone for sound control.
+ Stand-alone with master/slave function.
+ LCD display and jog wheel for menu control.
+ Color Wheel 1:
Color wheel with 9 colors and white
Rainbow effect.
9 colors mixing.
+ Color Wheel 2:
Color wheel with 7colors and CT filter
 Rainbow effect.
7 colors mixing.
+ Gobo wheel 1:
Rotating gobo: 6 gobos(interchangeable) and blank.
Gobo flow effect in both directions.
Gobo shaking effect.
Bi-directional gobo rotation and position.
+ Gobo wheel 2:
Static gobo: 9 gobos and blank.
Gobo flow effect in both directions.
Gobo shaking effect.
+ Move-in-black for pan/tilt, color gobo.
Reset and lamp on/off via DMX signal.
Iris adjustment and macros.
Zoom function.
Prism effect.
Prism rotation and position.
Prism and gobo macros at various speeds.
Motorized smooth focus
Strobe effect 1-10 flashes/sec via shutter.
Mechanical dimming 0-100% via shutter.
+ Pan: 540 degree,  Tilt: 280 degree.
Pan/Tilt 16bit.
Pan/Tilt speed adjustable.

Technology Parameter:
Voltage: 230V/50Hz.
Lamp: OSRAM  HSR 575W/2.
Size:470*446*650 mm.

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     moving head wash, moving heads, LED Moving Head Light moving head wash, moving heads, LED Moving Head Light PHN046

+ Light source:1W/3W*108 (R:36,G:36,B:36).
+ Channel:5/7/10/12CH selectable. 
+ Color:RGB color mixing.
+ Function:
Sound/Auto/DMX512/Master & slave,Error correction,Reset,
Automatic identefy DMX512 signal.
+ Flash:Flash 1-10/s. 
+ Dimmer:Variable electronic dimmer(0-100%). 
+ x-axis:540deg rotation 8/16 bit resolution.
+ Y-axis:270deg rotation 8/16 bit resolution. 
+ Fine-tuning:Pan/Tilt 1.8 degree rotation. 
+ Display:2*16 LCD display and 4 switch button to choose menu.

Voltage:AC110-250V  50/60HZ.
Power consumption:120/360W.

DMX channels:
  CH1 Turnon/off dimmer,
  CH2 Flash
  CH3 Red 0-100%
  CH4 Green 0-100%
  CH5 Blue 0-100%
  CH6 Pre-set color
  CH7 Color speed
  CH8 Pan scan
  CH9 Tilt scan
  CH10 Pan fine
  CH11 Tilt fine
  CH12 Pan,Tilt speed.

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     outdoor led, led wash, 54 RGBW  outdoor led, led wash, 54 RGBW PHN040

+ Operating Temperature Range:-20-50 celsius degree.
+ LED Lamp:54pcs 3W LED (12R+
+ Beam Angle:15 degree,(30 degree,60 degree optional).
+ Constant
Current Drive:700mA.
+ Refresh Rate:400Hz.
+ Colors:16.7 million.
+ Lifetime:>50,000hrs Rated Life.
+ Protocol:USITT DMX-512.
+ Data In/Out:3-pin XLR-sockets.
+ Function Setting:Button+LED.
+ Control Modes:DMX-512/Automatic/
RGB Color ON&OFF/Rainbow Effect/ Master-Slave.
+ DMX512 Channels:9CH.

Sphere of application:
1.DISC/Pub/Bar/ClubArchitectural Lighting/Landscape Lighting,
2.Protection rating:IP65.

Voltage Range:AC 90-260V  50/60Hz.
m (1pc).
Size:62*31*37cm (2pcs).


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     outdoor lighting, architectural lighting, Search Light outdoor lighting, architectural lighting, Search Light PHG004

+ Lamp specification:XHA xenon,Lamp(2-5kW).
+ Color temperature:5600K
Color effect:white, red,blue,green, yellow.
+ Can choose
Angle of hunting:Pan 120°,Tilt 40°
+ Protection rating:IP44.
+ Projection distance:2-3Km.

Voltage: AC120-220V  50-60Hz.
Outline size: 700*800*1130mm

Sphere of application:
1.For searching purpose--Could be controlled by manual.
2.Lighting decoration of plaza,
recreation center, stadium,
skyscraper, stage,and so on.

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     stage light, smoke machine, fogger, stage light, smoke machine, fogger, PHJ005

+ It has both special appearance and special quality! A solid and durable 1500w professional stage smoke maker!
+ Its plug-in controller can set timed spraying freely. For a long-distance control, just spin out the controller and insert 4-core wire to turn it into a controller. And the wire can be as long as 100 meters. Remote kits D-3 provided.
+ never jammed:Its heating system applies the mirror patent technology (mirror piping),which makes its pipe never jammed!
+ temperature preserving:
with the microcomputer electronic temperature control system, it can preserve temperature, after finishing the first heating, it can spray smokes at any time.
+ timing and rationing:
you can set the smoke timing and rationing with its own controller
+ Digital signal: it supports the international-standard DMX-512 signal control.

Voltage: 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Power: 1500W
Current-limited safety device: 250V/7A
Re-heating time: 11 Min
Smoke output:20000Cuft/min
Capacity of oil tank: 2.5L
G.W: 10.0kgs
Packing size:49.5*34.5*26(cm).

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     stage light, splitter,dmx controller, DMX Splitter 4 stage light, splitter,dmx controller, DMX Splitter 4 PHD023

+ One input to four outputs (3-pin and 5-pin).
+ Additional thru output (3-pin and 5-pin) (for linking to other DMX splitter).
+ Electrical isolation between input and output. 

Packing size:515*215*85mm(1pc)
Packing size:530*215*155mm(2pcs) 

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     stage light, strobe, 1500W Exposure Strobe Light stage light, strobe, 1500W Exposure Strobe Light PHF005

+ The new style case, the new electric circuit, makes new generation update 1500W DMX strobe light. easy to operate,it is best choice for Disco, nightclub,KTV and so on.
+ It includes the basic function:Sound control and auto control mode.but also 10 seconds exposure effect which can let the scene atmosphere achieve extremely high.
+ Making carefully,works finely,stable propery and long life.

Voltage:90-260V 50/60HZ.
Lamp power:1500W
DMX Channels:2CH
Control mode:DMX512/Sound/Auto
Packing Size:53*22.5*26.5cm.

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