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     Huntop Industries Co., Ltd. 

     About this company : Ningbo Huntop Industries Co., Ltd. is an China ISO9001 certified manufacturer of Gardening supplies and Home electric products,90% are for exports.We have established OEM and ODM cooperative relationships with many international famous brands. Poultry farming, Poultry equipment, Poultry farm equipment, Chicken farm equipment, Poultry feed, Pan feeder system, Chain feeding system, Nipple drinking system, Automatic Bell drinker system, Chicken breeding, Breeders, rearing, layers and broilers poultry, Livestock ranch equipments, Layer houses for small farmers. Our main products:Agriculture and garden sprinkler irrigation,drip emitters,Foggers misting,Micro Sprinkler and Diffusers,fog making system,fertilizer and PE pipe and accessories, filter system and dosing pump.Cross-shaped misting sprinkler,dripper stake assemblies.Garden irrigation Sprinkler,trigger hose nozzles,Nozzle spray gun water garden hose,Garden spray gun hose kit,Garden hand water sprinklers,watering wands, garden hose,hose reel,watering cans and sprayers,Portable pressurized water sprayer,Various pressure hand sprayer for garden,Heavy duty wall mounted garden hose support holder,flexible garden buckets tubtrug,kids yard cartoon garden tool sets,garden leaf grass hay rakes,multi cell bedding plant plug trays,gardening care accessories,garden fence,plant mover dolly,garden tool bag,mosquito killer trap Repellent,steam cleaner, etc.GS,CE,ROHS,CB and ETL certificated. Our advantages:Expert team,Reliable products,Competitive cost and pricing,High quality packaging,Customizable production,High efficiency. We look forward to working with you!

     Contact : Yulanda Huntop 
     Headquarters : Zhouhan Industries Zone, Yinzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315191, China
     Phone : 86-574-83035236, Fax : 86-574-88099288 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Plastic Flower Watering Pressure Sprayers H Plastic Flower Watering Pressure Sprayers H HT3162

Desc.: Plastic Flower Watering Pressure Sprayers

Item No.: HT3162

          Material: PE+PP

          Capacity: 1L

Packing: pp bag

Pcs/ctn: 20

Ctn size: 57*45*30cm


Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 6758/14555

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     1/2 inch Garden Hose Set 1/2 inch Garden Hose Set HT1062

Desc.: 1/2" Garden Hose Set 15m

Item No.: HT1062
      Brass hose connectors                   2pcs
      Plastic adjustable sprayer gun             1pc
      Garden hose                            15m
Packing: colour box
Pcs/ctn: 12
Ctn size: 101*27*37cm
NW/GW: 13/14.5kg
Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 3360/6900

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     1/2 inch Garden Hose Set 1/2 inch Garden Hose Set HT1062

Desc.: 1/2" Garden Hose Set 15m

Item No.: HT1062
      Brass hose connectors                   2pcs
      Plastic adjustable sprayer gun             1pc
      Garden hose                            15m
Packing: colour box
Pcs/ctn: 12
Ctn size: 101*27*37cm
NW/GW: 13/14.5kg
Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 3360/6900

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     2-wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart  HT1376 2-wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart HT1376 HT1376

Desc.: 2-wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart 

Item No.: HT1376

            60m(1/2") or 50m(5/8") Garden Hose Reel Cart

            Material: galvanized steel tube with color painted, PP.   

            Size of steel tube: inner Dia.:17MM, outer Dia.:19MM, Dia. of the reel: 34cm

            Bearable water pressure: 8 bar.     

Packing: colour box
Pcs/ctn: 10

Ctn size: 72*45*67cm

NW/GW: 20/21kg

Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 1100/2300

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     3/4 inch Brass Hose Connector 3/4 inch Brass Hose Connector HT1

Desc.: 3/4" Brass Hose Connector

Item No.: HT1

Packing: blister card

Pcs/ctn: 120

Ctn size: 36*35*38cm

NW/GW: 22.2/23.9kg

Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 94400/172800

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     Adjustable Patterns Spray Gun HT1306 Adjustable Patterns Spray Gun HT1306 HT1306

Desc.: 3-Adjustable Patterns Spray Gun

Item No.: HT1306
    Size: 5-1/2"
    Material: Metal Head, Electroplated Zinc-alloy body with rubber on grip and PA Handle
Packing: tie on card
Pcs/ctn: 36
Ctn size: 51*26*52cm
NW/GW: 15/16kg
Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 13500/27100

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     Compressed Air Pressure Sprayer HT3196 Compressed Air Pressure Sprayer HT3196 HT3196

Desc.: Compressed Air Pressure Sprayer

Item No.: HT3196
                Material: PE+PP
                Capacity: 2L
                Continuous spraying after quick priming
                Industrial quality         
                Metal plunger rod
Packing: pp bag
Pcs/ctn: 20
Ctn size: 64*42.5*35cm
Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 5473/11780

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     Flexible Garden Bucket  HT4301 Flexible Garden Bucket HT4301 HT4301

Desc.:Flexible Garden Bucket  

Item No.: HT4301 

     Volume: 12L   

     Size: 20.5*31*21cm

     Material: Raw PE     

Packing: stick label

Pcs/ctn: 24

Ctn size: 32*32*50cm

NW/GW: 9.3/10.3kg

Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 48/26712


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     Garden Hand Pressure sprayers HT3178 Garden Hand Pressure sprayers HT3178 HT3178

Desc.: Garden Hand Pressure sprayers

 Item No.: HT3178

          Material: PE+PP(fiber glass)

          Capacity: 8L

          Chemical resistant seals for extended use with harsh chemicals

          Multi-directional nozzle allows spraying from all positions

Packing: pp bag

Pcs/ctn: 6

Ctn size: 56.5*38*57cm


Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 1597/3439

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     Pan Feeding System,broiler pan feeding equipment supplier China Pan Feeding System,broiler pan feeding equipment supplier China HF1001

Pan Feeding System,broiler pan feeding equipment supplier China

China pan Broiler poultry Feeding System, poultry chicken broiler feeding equipment supplier.


Automatic chain pan broiler chicken feeding system supplied by huntop

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     Plastic Garden Basket HT5051-1 Plastic Garden Basket HT5051-1 HT5051-1

Desc.: Plastic Garden Basket
Item No.: HT5051-1
          Size: 312mm(Dia)*70mm(H)
          Material: PP
          Weight: 87g
Packing: stick label
Pcs/ctn: 24
Ctn size: 32.5*32.5*24.5cm
NW/GW: 2.0/2.5kg
Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 24113/48226 

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     Plastic Garden Green House HT5055 Plastic Garden Green House HT5055 HT5055

Desc.: Plastic Garden Green House

Item No.: HT5055

          Size: 383*244*180mm

Packing: colour box

Pcs/ctn: 12

Ctn size: 76.5*40.5*58cm

NW/GW: 11/12kg

Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 1763/3490

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     Plastic Garden Plant Twist Tie with Cutter H Plastic Garden Plant Twist Tie with Cutter H HT5048

Desc.: Plastic Garden Plant Twist Tie with Cutter

Item No.: HT5048

          Size: 2.1mm*20m*2pc Length can be customized:15m, 30m, 50m, etc.

Packing: tie on card

Pcs/ctn: 50

Ctn size: 43.5*29.5*63.5cm

NW/GW: 15/16kg

Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 31907/63900

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     Plastic Kids Gardening Hand Tool Kits HT2025 Plastic Kids Gardening Hand Tool Kits HT2025 HT2025

Desc.: Plastic Kids Gardening Hand Tool Kits

Item No.: HT2025

          Size: 10" & 12"

          Material: PA

Packing: display box

Pcs/ctn: 16

Ctn size: 67*50*35cm

NW/GW: 5.5/8kg

Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 3500/7095

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     Plastic Trigger Nozzle Set HT1324 Plastic Trigger Nozzle Set HT1324 HT1324

Desc.: 3pcs Plastic Trigger Nozzle Set

Item No.: HT1324


           Plastic Trigger Nozzle, Adjustable Spray Gun, 1/2"Hose Connector

Packing: tie on card

Pcs/ctn: 72

Ctn size: 60*43*80cm

NW/GW: 24/26kg

Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 13300/27600

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     Poultry Chicken Fowl Nipple Drinker Poultry Chicken Fowl Nipple Drinker 1022

Poultry Chicken Fowl Nipple Drinker

Item No.: HF1022

Desc.: Poultry chicken nipple drinker

Quality nipple drinker is suitable for broler, layer, breeder, duck, chicken, etc

View more poultry chicken nipple drinkers, poultry nipple drinking systems supplied by China Huntop.

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     Powerful Jet Stream Sprayer HT1028 Powerful Jet Stream Sprayer HT1028 HT1028

Item No.: HT1028

Desc.: Powerful Jet Stream Sprayer

           Easily adjusts from gentle fan to powerful jet stream and prevents over- tightening damage; Precision-machined; Incredibly smooth operation; Guaranteed for life.

Packing: Double blister card

Pcs/ctn: 48

Ctn size: 49.5*40*41cm

NW/GW: 5/6kg

Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 16512/33000

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     Snap in Pig Feeding Pan / Piglet feeder Trough Stainless Steel Snap in Pig Feeding Pan / Piglet feeder Trough Stainless Steel 3154

Snap in Pig Feeding Pan / Piglet feeder Trough Stainless Steel

Item No.: HF3154
Desc.: Snap in Stainless steel pig feeding pan, stainless steel piglet feeder trough
Quality feeding equipment for piglets in creep areas

 livestock feeding equipment manufactured by China Huntop.

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     Ziny-alloy hose connectors HT1228 Ziny-alloy hose connectors HT1228 HT1228

Desc.: "y" zinc-alloy Hose Coupling with Shut-off

Item No.: HT1228

Packing: tie on card

Pcs/ctn: 100

Ctn size: 39*39*40cm

NW/GW: 13/14kg

Pcs 20'/40'FCL: 42760/85000

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