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     Mssa Group 

     About this company : We would like to present Pol-Me, an unique portal in Europe, which allows contact between the Arab market and the Polish and European market. It allows exchange of commercial information and advertise products or services to a wide audience. Using an excellent knowledge of the rules of business processes operating in Poland and the Arab Countries, and based on experience in establishing contacts between their markets, we offer a way which is both effective and pioneer, to promote Polish companies in the Arabic market and also Arabic companies in Poland. Basic goals of POL-ME portal and the benefits from using it: promoting and presenting commercial offers of Polish companies and enabling them to reach the widest possible range of potential customers in the Arab world promoting Poland as an interesting area for investment and commercial activities possibility for Arabic entrepreneurs to present their products to a wide range of Polish companies presenting links and relationships between various markets an easier access to the Middle East business partners exchange of commercial information between markets assistance in establishing cooperation building and developing wide relationships effective advertising on the Internet services in translations in and from: Polish, Arabic, English and French.

     Contact : Mssa Group 
     Headquarters : Kornicka, Poznań, Wielkopolska, 61-141, Poland
     Phone : 0048663745034, Fax : 0048616394918 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Gold Dubai - new energy drink Gold Dubai - new energy drink

To whom it may concern , our company MSSA GROUP LCC deals with trade in Poland and in Arabic countries. We conduct market analysis taking into consideration specificity of each business sector, we win contractors from Arab countries, we represent Polish companies, we help manufacturers in establishing contacts with the Arab market and in exporting goods in it and we continuously provide information on the current demand in Arabic market. The newest product launched by our company is Gold Dubai Energy Drink energy drink fitting into the modern world, full of expectations and constant quest for the best. Gold Dubai is a brand of energy drinks that is characterized by sophistication and perfection. Entering the path of the trend "health and wellness", the company entered also the world's circles of elegance and wealth, and its mission is to create innovative and modern products that fit perfectly the canons of the world today Currently, the company MSSA GROUP LLC searches for sales representatives on the Arabic market, who will cooperate with the company becoming the representatives of the Gold Dubai brand in Arab countries. For further information concerning the cooperation, please contact us by or telephone: Muhamad Saeed Shekh Al Shabab ter .golddubai : infoour company Tel: 0048 505 503 005
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