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     Beijing Yanuo Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. 

     About this company : As a manufacuturer and exporter of various of adhesive products, Beijing Yanuo was founded by a few veterans in the field of adhesive products in 1999. Their rich experience, pursuing for high quality and sense of social responsibility has been keeping our company stepping forward quickly and steadily. Now Beijing Yanuo enjoys great popularity in OEM seekers from many parts of the world, especially from Europe, North America and South Africa. And as the manufacturing focus is shifting away from China, we have also enacted sales promotions on our semi-finished products, which help us satisfy different needs from our customers.

     Contact : Edward Wang 
     Headquarters : Tongzhou district, Beijing, 101121, China
     Phone : 0086-10-81510005, Fax : 0086-10-81510004 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Double-Sided PE Foam Tape Double-Sided PE Foam Tape

Due to its excellent performance of cohesion with load, our Double-Sided PE foam tape is often used in heavy loading, such as installation of auto interior, nampeplate mounting and construction materials fixing.
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     Masking Tape Masking Tape

With crepe paper backing, masking tape has sound extension and function of environment protection. It is not only widely used in packaging, craft, but also often employed in spray lacquer, enamel paint, and so on.
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     PVC Insulation Tape PVC Insulation Tape

Coated with natural and synthetic rubber based adhesive, PVC insulation tape is widely used in insulating protection of electronic equipment, automobile harness and other household insulation work.
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     PVC Warning Tape PVC Warning Tape

Excellent abrasion-resistance and conformability to irregular surfaces. Aggressive adhesive coating is suitable for indoor and outdoor use on most subjects.
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