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     Jinan Linquan Import and Export Co., Ltd 

     About this company : As a comprehensive trading enterprise, Jinan Linquan Import and Export Co., Ltd successfully integrates R&D with production, distribution, exploitation and foreign trade. Our key products include the slide nozzle for steel making, the matching refractory, aluminum composite panel for decoration, any kinds of lift table and lift platform, engraving machines,brake disc and brake drum. We have more than 1,000 employees, among which there are 118 technicians in different fields, together with total asset of 210 million RMB. Our annual output of various kinds of refractories is 5,000 tons,while the aluminum-plastic panels are 4 million square meters.As a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province and the provincial-level technology development center owner, we can design and produce various kinds of products according to the clients’ requests. Our company implements the modern enterprise management mechanisms and the full quality management, as a result we have passed the international ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification. With sound sales network and excellent after-sale service, our products are sold in 27 provinces, cities and districts. Many products are exported to the United States, Italy, Russia, the new Olongapo, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and many other countries, the annual export volume adds up to 5 million U.S. dollars.

     Contact : Jane Qin, sales manager 
     Headquarters : 7/F, Bldg 1, Shunyi Garden, JingEr, Jinan, Shandong, 250021, China
     Phone : 0086-531-87061162, Fax : 0086-531-87061162 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel 965

Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel
A2, B1 Grade
TUV certification

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     10W Yacht Flexible Solar Panel 10W Yacht Flexible Solar Panel


1, Amorphous silicon thin film solar with triple-junction deposited on the stainless steel substrate.

2, Polymer laminated,Virtually Unbreakable (No Glass).

3, A blocking diode is included to prevent batte Product ry dischange from lowing into the module.

4, Damp-proof and durable.

5, Light weight,anti-inpact,easy to use and carry.

6, Environment Temperature for using:-40°-+85°.

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     144W Flexible Solar Panel 144W Flexible Solar Panel

144W Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Flexible Solar Panel

Performance Characteristes:

Encapsulation:Duvable ETFE high light-transmissive polymer

Adhesive:Ethylene propylene copolymer adhesive sealant with microbial inhibitor

Cell Type:triple junction amorphous silicon solar cells

Qualifications and Safety:Listed by Underwriter's Laboratories for electrical and fire safety

(Class A Max.Slope2/12,Class B Max Slope

3/12,Class C Unlimited Slope fire ratings) for use in system up to 600 VDC.

Output Cables:2.5mm2 cable with weatherproof DC-rated quick-connect terminals 560mm length


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     Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Facades Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Facades


1, Environmental friendly .Aluminum honeycomb panel is totally made by aluminum material ,which will not emit any kind of poisonous gas.

2, Light weight ,hyper strength ,good rigidity ,stable structure, wind pressure resistant..15mm thick panel with 1mm face weight only 6kg per sqm .With the same rigidity ,the aluminum honeycomb panel's weight is only fifth of solid aluminum panel's ,while one tenth of steel panel's .Even if honeycomb panel is large size ,it can  still keep superb flatness.

3, Sound proof ,thermal insulation ,fireproof and shake damping.

4, Striking flatness ,various colors.

5, Good decoration effect ,easy and fast installation.

6, It is available to produce different thickness panels according to customer's request .For example ,maximum 600mm thickness for high-rise building cladding ,minimum 4mm for low building facade or interior decoration .

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     Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

A2 Fire Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel (A2ACP) is an advanced noninflammable wall decoration material , using noncobustible inorganic material as core, and alloying aluminum panel that is protected by the PVDF layers as the surface ,which perfect combination by advanced technology. So it's a new generation wall-decoration material which performance of the Fireproof ACP has passed the tests of National Center for Building Quality Supervision ,reached the national standard GB/T 17748 of and also passed the test of National Fireproof Building Materials Center (NFTC),come up to the standard degree(NO.200910320)OF.

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     No burned composite slide plate No burned composite slide plate

No burned composite slide plate,taking super-bauxite or corundum as raw materials, with special produce technics, has good corrosio resistance and high properties to price ratio and so on,Cooperate with our B and Q series slide gate in ladle use under 50 tons.This kind of slide plate has low cost and good properties.

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     Stuffing sand Stuffing sand

The stuffing sand,being filled in the ladle sliding gate,is applied to have the molten steel automatically drained and tapped out from the slide gate, according to steel kinds and casting ratio, our products have two series,that is,chromite-based and silicon-basedro-mite-based stuffing sand is especially suitable to the refining ladles automatic tapping ratio is more than 95%.With careful materials design and advanced produce technique, the automatec tapping ratio of silicon-based stuffing sand is more than 98%

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     Upper nozzles brick Upper nozzles brick

Upper nozzles take superior bauxite or corundum as raw materials especially strengthen their matrix,shaped by high pressure,then which haveachieved the international advanced level with good anti-erosion,long service life and fine integration

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