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     Ap Lanka (Pvt) Ltd 

     About this company : AP Lanka is Manufacturer of Electrical Enclosures and 19" Racks, Modular Panel System. TIMIK Electrical Enclosures are; 1. Box Enclosures 2. Distribution Boards Light Duty DB Heavy Duty DB 3. Terminal Boxes 4. Stainless Steel Boxes 5. Stainless Steel Terminal Boxes. 6. Modular Panel System TIMIK 19" Rack systems are; 1. Wall Mounting 19" Racks 2. Free standing 19" Racks Our highly skilled, motivated workforce in ultra modern factory with latest machines & expert Engineers with years experience delivers the world class Enclosures to our customers. Our Company backed by Canadian technology develop TIMIK products to be the best product in the market using best technologies available in the world.

     Contact : Deepal Edirisinghe, General Manager 
     Headquarters : No. 163 / 26, Nawala Road, colombo 05, Western, 00500, Sri Lanka
     Phone : 0112505090, Fax : 0112368268 
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     Distribution Board-Light Duty Distribution Board-Light Duty

Surface & Flush mounting Distribution Boards (DBs) for all types of Electrical Installations. Epoxy Polyester Powder coated to smooth finish in white (RAL 9010) Neutral & Earth links are supplied. Door supplied with finger press lock Single Row 1x15 ways Two Row 2x15 ways Three Row 3x15 ways Four Row 4x15 ways
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     19 19

TIMIK 19" Open Racks are available in 31U, 36U, 40U & 45U. Ideal Solution for Telecommunication Installations.Mounting Angles are designed to fix equipment on both sides.Provisions to fix cable ties to hold and manage cables & many other features to facilitate professional installation.
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     Box Enclosure Box Enclosure

TIMIK-Technologically innovated Enclosures made to international standards. TIMIK Enclosures are manufactured to protection class of IP65, and dust & water proof,Therefore TIMIK Enclosures protect the valuable switchgear & equipment inside panel boards from dust & water. This ensures longer life time of the equipment, in addition to optimum & troble free operation of your electrical switchboard.
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     Distribution Board-Heavy Duty Distribution Board-Heavy Duty

Surface & Flush mounting Distribution Boards (DBs) for all types of Electrical Installations. Epoxy Polyester Powder coated to textured Light Grey (RAL 7032) Ingress Protection 65 (IP 65) as per IEC 529 Heavy Duty Distribution Boards Consists of Cabin, Gland plate/s with Neoprene gasket/s, Mounting Rails, DIN rails, Front Plates & Steel door. DIN rail unit can be removed from the cabin to facilitate faster wiring. Collar frames of Flush Mounting Distribution Board are removable for easy transportation and stocking. Terminal section is covered by a separate front plate. Neoprene gasket on door to prevent dust & water. (To maintain the IP rating) IP 65 protection Concealed Hinge, door opens 120 degrees Provision to fix door left or right hand side Earth stud on door & cabin for earthing Recessed back plate. Mounting plate for MCCB can be adjustable in depth to accommodate different brands of MCCBs Front plate is supplied as one plate. Modular separate front plates are available on request. Neutral & Earth links are supplied. Recessed gland plate Back Embossed with a rib for extra strength Gland plate is fixed with Copper studs. No screws are penetrated outside, (To maintain the IP rating) Openings are covered with plastic plugs.(To maintain the IP rating) Distribution Board are supplied with steel front door, Glass front Door is available on request Door lock is IEC lock with common key. Other lock options are available on request. Single Row 1x15 ways Single Row 1x18 ways Two Row 2x15 ways Two Row 2x18 ways Three Row 3x15 ways Three Row 3x18 ways Four Row 4x15 ways Four Row 4x18 ways MCCB+Three Row MCCB+3x15 ways MCCB+Three Row MCCB+3x18 ways
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     Modular Panel System Modular Panel System

TIMIK Modular Panel system is based on the concept of "Standard Module" for the construction of Electrical panel systems. TIMIK modular concept is based on "220mm Module" and these modules can be extended into X, Y & Z or Width, Height & Depth directions in multiplication of standard module of 220mm. With this versatile modular concept, it is possible to construct Electrical panel systems of any design,any configuration, or any size, using the range of standard modular parts. The versatility of the modular system makes it easier to design and faster to assemble, Electrical panel systems with endless possibilities. TIMIK Modular Panel systems can be modified or extended, as per design changes during the panel assembly,during panel building or, even after comissioning; due to standard modular parts and its bolted construction. TIMIK Modular Panels come with type tested busbar systems.Type tested busbars ensure reliable supply of power and safety of Buildings,Plant and Machinery and largely the safety of the people.
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     TIMIK 19 TIMIK 19" Rack system

TIMIK 19" Rack system is technologically innovated, high quality 19" Rack system. TIMIK 19" Racks are made of standard modular parts.The assemble of standard modular parts as per customer requirement will make the 19" Rack to suit the customer application. Innovative Modular design & application flexibility makes, TIMIK the choice of 19" Rack users for their 19" Rack solutions around the world. Free Standing 19" Racks are available from 31U to 44U heights in 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm depths and in 600mm & 800mm widths. Free Standing 19" Racks are made of modular parts and can be supplied as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) from or completely assembled form.This modular parts system makes it easier to design, assemble, transport, handle and can be changed before or after commissioning of the 19" Rack system. Modular interchangeble top & bottom plates are available as, Blank plates, Fan plates, Louver plates, Cable entry plates, or as Quick cable entry plates. Mounting rails made of Alu - Zinc , unpainted and adjustable front / back as required. Doors can be hinged at left / right hand side. Front door is available as a glass door, steel door or a mesh door. Side covers are openable for easy access. Back door as steel door or mesh door. Standard rack comes with adjustable feet which can be adjustable from inside. Castors are optional.
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