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     Beijing Lingqiang Xingye Technology Co., Ltd. 

     About this company : Beijing Lingqiang Xingye Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in smart card, RFID products and solutions. Over the years, Lingqiang has focused its core business on data security products, data security solutions and related data security accessories as well as value-added services. Its main products include card products, electronic licensing products, secure mobile storage products, software products and value-added services as well as products. In the field of smart card, Lingqiang target its business primarily at the communications, financial, multimedia broadcasting and government applications. The Lingqiang production base covers an area of 17,000 square meters. With the access control system, Lingqiang has adopted tight security control measures, relatively closed and independent product development and producing environment. At the same time, it has brought in advanced production equipments and standardized production processes to implement the production automatic management system. On the other hand, in accordance with the MASTER / VISA regulatory requirements, it introduced advanced foreign production processes and management to reach a capacity of producing over 110 million smart cards annually. Lingqiang has established and pursued a perfect system of materials procurement and quality control to ensure the high-volume, low-cost and high-quality production as well as quick responses to customers’ requests. The service of OTA platform operates all the time to solve customers’ problems and meet with their requirements promptly. Also, there is a value-added re-management team, who are professors of the technology and management to maintain business operations at any time to upgrade the system with a full range of services.

     Contact : Megan lee, saler 
     Headquarters : Suit 12-501 ,Puhui Nanli, Beijing, Haidian District, 100036, China
     Phone : 86 010 68222070, Fax : 86 010 68222010 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     ---- Branch 1 ---
     Contact : candy
     Address : Suit12-501,Puhui Nanli,Haidian, Beijing, 100036, China
     Phone : 86 010 68222070, Fax : 86 010 68222010

     SIM card SIM card

Lingqiang SIM card is applicable to GSM network. In addition to the primary voice and data services, it offers STK menu and supports various value-added applications, which can be updated by OTA download. Standards Applide ISO 7816 GSM 11.11 GSM 11.12 GSM 11.14 GSM 03.48 OTA1/2/3 Specification (specified by China Mobile) Other Specifications by carriers
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     All-purpose IC card readers  All-purpose IC card readers

Lingqiang all-purpose IC card readers include LQ511, LQ520, LQ120 and other series which are widely applied to business, post, tax, bank, insurance, medicare, social insurance, toll, etc. Lingqiang card readers support Sco UNIX, Linux, Windows and OS platform APIs. The card readers maintain their own security design while providing security services for advanced applications. Lingqiang card readers are manufactured, tested, examined according to ISO9001. Each card reader is guaranteed to endure at least 200 hours of rigorous endurance and pressure test. Lingqiang all-purpose IC card readers successfully passed the certification of Microsoft Company. Characteristics Able to write and read on all kinds of CPU cards conforming to ISO7816 specification (T=0/T=1 protocol) Supportive of AT24serial I2Ccard Supportive of AT88SC serial cards complying with 7816-3 Supportive of SLE4442/SLE4428
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     CDMA test sim card CDMA test sim card

We are a manufacturer in China.Our company sales various test sim cards(GSM,CDMA,WCDMA,3Getc). For any inquire,we will give reply during 24 hours.

Add:Suit12-501,Puhui Nanli,Yuyuantan South Road,Haidian District,Beijing,P.Rina 100036
Tel: (+86) 010 – 68222070
Fax: (+86) 010 – 68222010
Mobile:+86 13811988029

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     E-wand u E-wand u

eWand U is a novel secure storage product of Lingqiang by using advanced encryption technology and specific application software, combing with data storage, certificate authentication and individual application. eWand U can provide complete network security function and support highly secure large file storage. It adopts homemade security chip specific for smart card as control chip, combines with specific operating system independently developed by Lingqiang. It supports RSA key pair generation in chip, data signature and authentication, data encryption and decryption, algorithm downloading, and applies to highly secure electronic identity authentication and data transfer. Large-capacity storage media inside can realize encrypted data storage to ensure high security of file. Advantage of eWand U is driver free. It is based on standard BOT protocol and applies to Windows 2000 or above operating system. After user gets eWand U, he needn't install driver, which completely removes the problem of installation failure. After it is connected to computer, system can automatically identify removable disk, and also identify a CD-ROM which is an inside eWand U product to store various tool. Supported by specific software, eWand U will be divided into two areas, encrypted storage area and common area. Size of two sub-areas can be adjusted. Encrypted sub-area is protected by password. After password verification passes, it just can be used. Encryption and decryption of file and data are transparent for user.
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     GSM test sim card GSM test sim card

The GSM test sim card is used to test GSM mobile-phones.

Our company provides various test sim card like GSM test sim card,CDMA test sim card,various 3G test sim card(WCDMA,TDCDMA ,CDMA2000) etc. For a little order,we only provide GSM test sim card,CDMA test sim card and WCDMA test sim card. Tel:86 10 68222070

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     WCDMA test sim card WCDMA test sim card

Beijing Lingqiang Technology Co. is a manufacture specializing in test SIM card in China.

Beijing Lingqiang Technology Co. Our mobile-phone test card has two types of classification, one is application range, and another is capacity. The application range includes GSM, CDMA, 3G(WCDMA), etc. The capacity of chips contains8K, 16K, 32K, 64K, 128K, etc. If you have any need,please contact me .I'll reply to you at the first time. Tel:86-10-68222070

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