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     About this company : TIANJIN ECOBIO BIOTECH CO., LTD. is a holding subsidiary company of BAIAO GROUP. The company dedicates to manufacturing, researching and marketing ecotype food additives, and it becomes one of the most developing food additives manufacturers in the field of foodstuff in China. The products including Nisin, ,ε- polylysine as natural biologic preservative which are widely used in the stage of manufacturing and holding food. "Taking care of humanís health" is regarded as our mission. Login MarginUp for more details.

     Contact : Grant Li 
     Headquarters : The NO.12 BRIDGE,WAIHUANXIAN ROAD, TIANJIN, XIQING DISTRICT, 300381, China
     Phone : (862)283-923823, Fax : (862)283-923803 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly


1 Used in yoghourt, add 5-10mg/kg can restrain the epiphyte high-effectively, it could prolong the shelf life for more than 4 weeks. 2 Used in cheese, there are three methods to prevent the mould. a) Dip the piece of the cheese b) Spray on the surface of the cheese If choose Dipping and Spaying method, the recommended usage is 5.0g/L suspended solution.
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