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     Qingdao Guosen Machinery Co.,Ltd. 

     About this company : Qingdao Guosen Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing .With more than 50 years experiences of design and production. Through the ISO-9000 ,ISO-9001. the company produces excellent products that are distributed to more than twenty provinces and ten of countries and India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, Africa, a dozen countries and regions etc. The company Main products are Hot-press machine, Cold-press Hot-press machine, Cold-press machine and Wood-based Panel Machinery. OSB/ Particleboard (PB) production line. MDF/ HDF production line. Plywood / Laminated flooring/ Bending wood / Blockboard complete set of machines . Throughfeed press.Bamboo flooring/ Bamboo board/ Bamboo mat press etcplete set of Equipment. pallet production line.. Strand weave Bamboo flooring press (Strand laminated wood press/ Intensify Bamboo assemble material press / Strand board press Machine)is my company patented products.    The company offers users excellent equipment by right of advanced processing technique and perfect quality control. With taking quality as the basic and taking service as tenet of development, the company sincerely welcomes all clients to visit and negotiate business.

     Contact : MU GUOJUN, Mgr. 
     Headquarters : No:171 Gaoping Road Pingdu, Qingdao Shanong, 266700, China
     Phone : 0086-532-88338235, Fax : 0086-532-88319302 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Construction moulding board production line Construction moulding board production line BY114*8/80

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd. The main production, but also the production of hot-pressing machine.Template construction of the main production line equipment, machine equipment, including hot saw bamboo, bamboo profile, open machine, open a small machine, Grinding Machine, Bamboo veneer hard-surfaced screens, automatic curtain preparation of the hard drive , The establishment soft curtain, with double-layer network dryer, dipping pool and electric hoist, vertical dipping machine, hot press, material handling, vertical and horizontal sawing machine, plastic equipment system, packaged steam boilers.
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     Bamboo flooring press Machinery Bamboo flooring press Machinery SDR270*140-75/12

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd.The Bamboo cutting floor board Press kits processing Machinery and Equipment production line is three to HP, sub-monolayer and multilayer, devoted to the suppression of bamboo flooring, bamboo cutting board can also be used to suppress blockboard (omit jigsaw machine) Panel mechanical equipment. Using high single compressor tank filled,closing fast.Electrical system uses PLC PLC control, operation flexible, reliable operation.
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     Bamboo veneer production line machine Bamboo veneer production line machine BY134*8/150-240

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd. is Bamboo plywood machine factory(Bamboo board press Production machinery factory, Bamboo veneer press equipment factory, Bambu bordo press Equipment factory, Bambu contraplacado press machinery factory). the Press machines production line. Specialized production Bamboo Plywood the Panel mechanical equipment, material handling machine belt. Panel can be used in a variety of manufacturing, apply a wide area, the electrical automation, simple operation, reliable, temperature-time automatic control, ensure product quality, hydraulic circuit using Manifold combination of compact structure, the system moves accurate and reliable; steam pipe dual-access, guaranteed hot-pressing plate temperature uniformity.
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     Blockboard production machine Blockboard production machine 5000-20000 m³/a

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd。The equipment detail list of blockboard product line cross cut saw,double surface foreplane, double surface foreplane, more round saw,piece together machine, glue machine, pre-press, hot press , cutting sides saw, sanding machine , veneer dryer, veneer cuting machine,drying house,cross seam machine,cross seam machine Whole Set of Equipment of blockboard with 5000-20000 Stere Annual Capacity blockboard is a kind of eligible artificial plate made from log, little diameter wood which sawed and cut from horizontal and vertical and processed by series of procedures including polish by dual-plate woodworking planer, saw into specific plate bar by multi-blade round saw, connect it into real wood floor by joint machine, dual-sticky single plate,pre-pressing, hot pressing and sawing from horizontal and vertical. Cabinetwork plate has wide application range, can be used in furniture, packing, table plate for sartorius and so on.
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     HF Bending wood press Machinery HF Bending wood press Machinery SWY-100/50

Qingdao Guosen Machinery Co.,Ltd.crooked bending Curved forming wood Press:The products are mainly used in the production of all kinds of bending wood veneer laminated wood-based panel products, machinery and equipment.Bending wood production sofas,tables and chairs, with curly wood furniture, musical instruments surfaces,such as wood soles.Using high-frequency heating products can be a complete suppression of stereotypes. A: First of a drag,a drag two, a three trailers,a trailer4.If a four trailers, four shared a hydraulic press system,a high frequency counters, four separate press control. Press: one-way, three to, and provide more information. High degree of automation, flexible and reliable series of moves.
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     Hot Press for wooden door Hot Press for wooden door 2000KN

Stick to surface press serial model suitable for furniture,wood-based plate stick surface,trailboard stick to surface, joiner board,etc. producer Its main use: 1, Use for conglutination furniture board one of hot pressing,etc. 2, Press and stick various ornament materials,surface of various wood-based plates 3, It is dry and whole and flat that used in single-boards,whole and flat,setting of the colored ornamental wood chip,etc. Doses of surface type,for instance: The honeycomb cardboard sticks to the hot press of surface, the wooden door sticks to the surface,the trailboard sticks to the surface,the furniture sticks to the surface and waits Press shut type like: Plywood, joiner's board, shaving board, PLASTIC LAMINATED, insulating board, asbestos board,wood-based plate, etc. Counted and can be divided into according to the demand floor: Shan layer, double layers.Five layer, seven layer.. The nominal pressure varies from small to large too The systematic characteristic of hot pressing: Intensify fast, the heat conduction is even, hot dissipation energy is low
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     hot-press machine,cold-press machine hydraulic press hot-press machine,cold-press machine hydraulic press 1000-28000KN

Qingdao Guosen Machinery., the production of wood-based panel of professional machinery and equipment manufacturers hydraulic hot press factory.Through the ISO-9000 international certification unit. Main products are hot-press machine,cold-press machine and Artificial board sets of machinery and Equipment.The main compound for the board, Laminated flooring production, plywood, particleboard, OSB, Blockboard, rapid film-facing production, Fibreboard mdf hdf, bamboo flooring, heavy floor bamboo (Strand weave Bamboo flooring), Strand laminated wood, Glued laminated timber, Bamboo veneer, Pallet, laminate, Bend wood as well as various types of industrial cardboard, Fireproof board, Rubber Vulcanizing, Insulating board, and so on.
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     Laminated flooring production Laminated flooring production 1500000㎡/a

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltdpound floor board bamboo(actual)sets processing wood composite panels production line Machinery Press by gluing machine.Plywood machine.Reciprocating conveyor.Pre-press.Pressing machine and transmission equipment, and other components. Used to create a surface for the valuable wood or bamboo boards,to ordinary wood and the balance to the inner layer of the three-tier institutions in the high-end furniture or floor boards. both maintain the original surface gorgeous. durable characteristics,and can be avoided due to ambient temperatureanges in humidity caused by deformation. Technic:cutting tree—dip in water—husk—saw it to board—saw the sides—plane the surface—balance wet—glue on the core board—fit together—cool press—hot press—saw sides—cut end—sanding surfaces—smear paint—pack—put in storage
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     mdf Fibreboard production mdf Fibreboard production 10000-80000m³/a

MDF Production Line (Multi-Opening Hot Press) With its merits of smooth surface, uniform core layer and superior performance of machine, medium density fiberboard(MDF) is widely used as an ideal substitute for natural timer. Qingdao Guosen Machinery., Ltd. MDF production lines with annual capacity ranging from15000 to 80000 m3 based on customers'individual requirements. It takes more than 60% domestic market share and export its MDF machinery and equipment to Southease Asia,South Asia, East Asia and America
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     OSB production line Machinery OSB production line Machinery 10000-50000 m³/a

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd .The Company provided 10000-50,000 m³/a production capacity of the oriented strandboard OSB production line equipment, wood shavings from the production line preparation section; drying, sorting section; transfer adhesive for plastic, sizing section; molding, hot section; Section composition of the finished product. A high degree of automation technology and reasonable layout, production and stable operation of the production line.
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     short cycle hot press machine short cycle hot press machine 2000KN

This short cycle hot press machine equipment can supply ornamental paper of furniture board, melamine veneer. It adopts electric hydraulic system. It loads and unloads automatically with loading trucks and unloading trucks. Production description simply: The product line is made up of lifts of furniture-laying board. Place the board into brush cleaning machine, then enters transmittal belt after cleaning and be sent to loading truck. Two workers put the board of the transmittal belt orderly, now melamine paper with inverse upward has been spread on the equipment. Another with face upward is put on the board. Now we can let all of them enter into hot press. The loading truck backtracks after the board in the loading truck and the melamine paper placed well enter into the hot press, then hot press processes. The hot press opens after hot press processes. The veneer board is taken out of hot press by us, then put it on the transmittal belt. The transmittal belt sends it to sawing area
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     Strand laminated wood press equipment Machinery Strand laminated wood press equipment Machinery 24000KN

Strand laminated wood production equipment company is a patent product. Hot press and cold press two manner. Production line equipment: equipment for the company hot and cold press machine and another saw, layered machine, the film opened in small, wire-breaking machines, Grinding Machine, boilers and steam pipes, carbonization boiler,tunnel dry house,dip glue pool and crane,electric hoist dipping pool, 1800KN of cold press (2400KN Hot Press), to suppress lock (only cold), dry kiln in a row, saw first-pronged, the first level, Planing machine, multi-piece band saw, sanding, planing on all sides, slotting machines, air compressors, paint production line support. It is a long sheet of small plant material, such as Mulberry, such as bamboo. In particular, is a long sheet of small bamboo-type material, made of high-pressure side material (cold products) or high-density sheet (hot product), instead of for high-end wood floors, high-density panel uses Glulam furniture. Strand laminated wood is a small wooden timber for the processing of raw materials from wood-based panel of one of the restructuring of the wood fiber network is a unit constitutes a beam processing unit constitutes a little cutting, greatly increased utilization of wood, wood is widely used in the reorganization on the floor , Furniture, and other production lines. As a new environmentally-friendly materials, wood re-great prospects for development
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     Strand weave Bamboo wood press Machinery production Strand weave Bamboo wood press Machinery production 18000KN

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd.The Strand weave bamboo wood production equipment company is a patent product. Hot press and cold press two manner. Production line equipment: equipment for the company hot and cold press machine and another Bamboo cutting machine,,bamboo splitting machin,delamination machine, flake machine,press to thread, cut grind,steam boiler and pipe ,cook boiler and crane,carbonization boiler,tunnel dry house,dip glue pool and crane,recombine press,recombine mould,continuum dry house, saw end machine, saw end machine, plane side machine,more piece belt saw,sand grind smooth machine,four side plane, groove machine,air compressor, surface varnish line. The Strand weave bamboo flooring production equipment mainly will be a long flake small plant material, such as Mulberry, bamboo, and other various small wood. Especially the type of flake small wood materials, high pressure made the material for high-grade substitute made of wood flooring, furniture Glulam board uses. Intensify Bamboo assemble material is based on the restructuring of the wood manufacturing process principles to bamboo as the raw material processed from man-made board one of the bamboo, bamboo re-constitute the unit is a bundle of bamboo mesh, processing units constitute a little cutting, Greatly enhanced the utilization of bamboo, bamboo is widely used in the reorganization of bamboo flooring, bamboo furniture, bamboo and other production lines. As a new environmentally-friendly materials, bamboo reorganization great prospects for development.
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     Throughfeed press machine Throughfeed press machine BY614×8/120

Throughfeed press machine is used for sticking vinyl overlay PVC film melamine dipped paper,single wooden sheet on artificial board such as wooden door ,flakeboard ,veneer, fibreboard,three-ply board by hot press.There are vertical surface-sticking and horizontal surface-sticking.Please offer such parameters as press total pressure,hot plate (workbench)layer quantity,breadth,space and charging mode when you make an order.We are able to design and manufacture according to customers’ requirements. Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd. rapid film-facing production line is used for sticking PVC film melamine dipped paper, single wooden sheet on artificial board such as flakeboard , veneer, fibreboard, three-ply board by hot press. There are vertical surface-sticking and horizontal surface-sticking. Please offer such parameters as press total pressure, hot plate (workbench)layer quantity, breadth, space and charging mode when you make an order. We are able to design and manufacture according to customers’ requirements. Automatic board puller--Hydraulic pressure lift table--Two-side cleaning machine--Board transporting machine--Two-layer paper storing shelf--Dish transporting machine--In and out board machine--Paper veneered hot press machine--Paper veneered hot press machine--Movable air-flow forming machine
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     Veneer plywood production machine Veneer plywood production machine 5000-50000 m³/a

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd.The Company may be based on customer requirements,with an annual output of the production of 5000-50000 m3 of production line equipment, design and reasonable. Veneer plywood production line Equipment: spindle lathe,dryer,Veneer Bevel surface grinder ,veneer joint press,glue-coating machine,pre-press machine,hot press,longitudinal and transversal saw,up-down woketable,sanding machine,plate turnover,Electrical Transferring Machine. veneer Plywood machinery production line,according format divided into 4'*4',4'*6',3'*7',4'*8'four.5,7,10,12,15,20,30 according to a sub-layers,such as multiple layer.12-Following is the manual handling,for more than a 15-storey plate mechanical handling,with the former subject to board surcharging.Another of the pre-press company matching supply.
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