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     Jia Shan SaiWei Electronics Co.,Ltd 

     About this company : We mainly supply the low power led bulbs , high power led bulbs, the led round bulbs, G4 led lights, led cellular lights and led Candle-shaped lights.

     Contact : vicky zheng, sales 
     Headquarters : yongfu road 56, jiaxing, zhejiang, 314100, China
     Phone : 86057384488009, Fax : 86057384489009 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     ---- Branch 1 ---
     Contact : vicky
     Address : yongfu Road 56, jiaxing, zhejiang, 314100, China
     Phone : 015325290803, Fax : 86057384488009

     Candle-shaped lights Candle-shaped lights ZR46

Other model: Z4270, Z105
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     high power led bulb high power led bulb MR16-1

Other model: MR16-1, GU10-1, JDRE27-1, E27-2, MR16-3, GU10-3, JDRE27-3, E27-3, PAR30-5, PAR30-7, PAR38-7, PAR38-12
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     led ball bulb led ball bulb Q50

Others model: SW-Q50, SW-Q60, SW-Q80, SW-Q100

color: white, warm white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, multi-color

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     led cellular lamp led cellular lamp F48E27

other model: SW-F35E, SW-F42E, SW-F48E27, SW-F52E27, SW-F75E27
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     led street light led street light KW90

other modal: SA-H5080/S660, KW90、KW90A, 7WX-JJ
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     led tube led tube 18W

other model: 8W. 12W. 22W. 26W. 36W
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     low power led bulb low power led bulb JDRE14

other model: SE-MR16, SW-HRE27, SW-GU10, SW-JDRE27, SW-JDRE14, SW-PAR20, SW-PAR30, SW-PAR38
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