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     Shanghai Nautilus 

     About this company : Shanghai Nautilus General Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in HVAC fans, air treatment and air ventilation equipment. Your trust in our competence is Infinair's objective. We will try our best to practice the commitment Infinair promises to our customers and employees. Please help us improve ourselves. Our main products are as following: 1. Roof top centrifugal exhaust fans --- aluminum construction; explosive air exhaust for direct-drive; 2. Inline square centrifugal fans --- high pressure duct fans; 3. Centrifugal utility fans --- fully welded casing, suitable for contaminated air exhaust; 4. Roof top supply centrifugal fans --- upward air inlet: rain water free; 5. Centrifugal forward curved direct-drive high pressure blowers --- high efficiency wheel; 6. Centrifugal backward curved direct-drive high pressure blowers; 7. Roof top axial exhaust fans --- streamline profile design: wind-resistant; 8. Side wall axial exhaust fans --- side wall mounted, easy to install; 9. Side wall axial supply fans; 10. Roof top axial supply fans; 11. Low noise centrifugal cabinet fans --- smoke removal and high temperature resistant fans; 12. Mixed-flow exhaust fans --- multiple installation available, high efficiency, low noise, large volume; 13. Mixed-flow supply fans; 14. Mixed-flow smoke removal fans; 15. Direct fire gas heating air handling unit --- safe and cost-saving; 16. Indirect gas fired space heating air handling units. Our products are widely used for: 1mon building, metro, railway station, museum; 2mercial building, hotel, office, villa, theater; 3. Domestic building; 4. Fertilizer plant, petrol, chemical, pharmacy, factory; 5. Steel, glass, paper, drink, wine, food and other workshops; 6. Electronics, semi-conductor fields; 7. Auto-making factory, garage, airport; 8. Green house, laboratory. Should any of these products be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

     Contact : Lisa Luo, sales 
     Headquarters : Yuanshen Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai, 200135, China
     Phone : 0086 21 58858309, Fax : 0086 21 6855 7701 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     industrial exhaust Fan industrial exhaust Fan BCSD

Application: large volume, low pressure ventilation, high temperature, explosion proof process Volume range: 30000 ~ 220000 m3/h Static pressure range: 800 ~2500Pa Wheel series: “Venus” low pressure series D Product feature: “Venus” series big size wheel, high intensity design, long term stable running Different wheel strength class: apply to heavy-duty working condition Variety choices available for high temperature and wearing proof Wheel balancing level G4.0 (AMCA 204-1996)
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     Inline Centrifugal  air exhaust or supply Fan Inline Centrifugal air exhaust or supply Fan ISQ

Name: ISQ inline square centrifugal fan Application: duct supply/exhaust, filter supply/exhaust, low noise cabinet, explosion resistant exhaust Volume range: 600 ~ 49000 m3/h Static pressure range: 100 ~ 1600Pa Product feature: AMCA certified sound and air performance Square plug fan structure, small size, light, easily installed Wheel balancing level G2.5 Precise hyperbola Venturi inlet: resistance reduced, low noise Optimal low noise medium pressure inline fan
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     Rooftop centrifugal exhaust fan Rooftop centrifugal exhaust fan RTC

Application: Rooftop exhaust, explosion-proof exhaust, smoke removal Volume range: 600 ~ 50000 m3/h Static pressure range: 100 ~1000Pa Installation type: Rooftop curb mounted) Product feature: AMCA certified sound and air performance; “Wind-surferII” type backward inclined centrifugal wheel, high efficiency, low noise Wheel balancing level G2.5 Elegant appearance matched with the modern architectural design All Aluminum construction, light and high intensity National fire fighting certificate
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