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     Wotech Industrial Co.,Ltd 

     About this company : We are delicated to the manufacturing and exporting business for worldwide mechanical Casting / Forging / Tooling / Machining / Rubber / Mechanical parts and Components / Machinery assembly for ODM / OEM engineering Market. Engineering Services: We provide entire spectrum of solutions as Reverse Engineering, conceptual design and structural analysis, Rapid Prototyping, Tool Design, Feasibility study, tool manufacturing, part production with PPAP, 3D model engineering analysis, C lathe tooling and machining, process founded accessory to PPAP, independent in warehouse QC, and a traceable product data management to fulfill your entire AQL requirement. R&D, APQP, QA, QC, OEM engineering and Professional Services. Our Vision- To be a value supplier for customized engineered Products and Equipments. Our Mission- To establish a global platform for cost effective solutions in manufacturing OEM market. Competitive advantages: one-stop shopping for "Drawing to Part". We provide complete turnkey solutions in the mechanical industry from conceptual design to part production; we are a one-stop-shop for "Art to part". It covers solutions ranging from molding, tooling, mechanical parts, assembly, design, manufacturing, logistics, etc. By defining itself as a service company rather than a manufacturing concern, WOTECHNO defines company products as Efficiency, Quality, Engineering Services, Flexibility and Monetary Cost Saving. WOTECHNO devotes to customer's long term success and takes pride in our hardworking culture. Through this one-stop model, WOTECHNO is recognized by more and more experienced partners in the world. Hereby is a short list which we can do for you:(ISO 9001-2000, TS16949 certified procedure control) From China, Low Cost and In-Time! JUST-IN-TIME delivery Quality Parts right to your Technical Specification! Optimized process and material guarantee the consistency of quality and economics from the pre-scheming. Abundant experience has accumulated in processes such as sand casting, investment casting, forging, welding, stamping,machining on material covering iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, steel alloy, aluminum alloy and rubber etc. 3D model engineering analysis, C lathe tooling and machining, process founded accessory to PPAP, independent in warehouse QC, and a traceable product data management to fulfill your entire AQL requirement. R&D, APQP, QA, QC, OEM engineering and Professional Services. Directly or indirectly decrease production cost which makes it possible to improve the performance of your assembly. Shortened R&D circle for your new design product development. Improved reputation. Work with WOTECH,you can get: - Casting, Forging, Machining, Tooling and, Rubber Specialist - Stable and Progressively Improved Quality - On-time Delivery, Perfect ODM & OEM Solutions - Innovation, Flexibility, and a Big 'S' for Service - Trustworthiness, Safety and Reliability for Partners

     Contact : Grace G, sales manager 
     Headquarters : Jinling Garden B2-1303,Xianxialing Road no.12, Shenzhen Road No.170, Qingdao, Shandong, 266061, China
     Phone : 86-532-88996981, Fax : 86-532-88966781 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Powder metallurgy Powder metallurgy HRT

Iron-based sinter parts, copper-based sinter parts.
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     Al / Cu / Zinc parts Al / Cu / Zinc parts HRT

Process involves sand casting, shell molding, and low pressure die casting. Material optional from GB / ASTM / ANSI / BS / DIN / NF standards. Customized products include receptor for lab, and ground floor for municipal industry. ISO9001:2000 certified.

1) Molding Process: Lost wax precision casting, Shell casting, Permanent mold Gravity die casting, Die castings(High pressure/Low pressure) Extrusion/Squeeze casting ( for profiled bar)….
2) Material: GB ZL101A / ASTM A356 / ISO AL-Si7Mg / GB ZL112Y / ASTM 380/ ISO AL-Si8Cu3Fe /
3) Industry involved: Automotive industry
4) Part Unit Weight range: from 100g up to 13kgs.
5) Representative Product: Support fittings / Pump / Engine parts…
6) Manufacturer certification: ISO9001 (2000) / TS16949

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     Forging Forging HRT

Materials are available in carbon steel and alloy steel. Modular forging/ close die is our main process. Customized products handling include non-standard forging draw bar weighted 31kgs, and Dia.300 bolted joints of space grid structures.

1. Open Die Forging
1) Suitable for: Small bath or Big size part.
2) Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel
3) Industry involved: Fluid power industry/ Automotive industry
4) Part overall dimension limit: not exceed Dia.4000 (mm)
5) Representative product: Flanges/Gears
5) Manufacturer Certification: ISO9001 (2000)

2. Close die forging
1) Suitable for: big bath & medium size
2) Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel
3) Industry involved: Automotive industry /Engineering/
4) Part overall dimension limit: max 4000tons Hot die forging press: up to 2500tons Electronic hydraulic hammer: up to 5tons
5) Representative product: Auto connecting rods/ Steering engines/ Gears/ Driving shafts/ Vehicle axles
6) Manufacturer Certification: ISO9001 (2000)/TS16949

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     Heat treat furnace, die casting machine, forging press Heat treat furnace, die casting machine, forging press HRT

Original ans second hand Heat treat furnace,die casting machine, forging press machinery.
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     Heat treatment furnace with protective gas Heat treatment furnace with protective gas HRT-15-15

We can supply you the following types of furnaces: Network with furnace Roller furnace Box-type heaters Isothermal Furnace Quenching furnace Carburizing Furnace Gas stove Now stoves Annealing furnace aluminium solution furnace continuous furnaces enhermic gas generator high-temperature sintering furnaces mesh belt furnace seales quench/atmosphere furnace tempering furnaces vaccum furnaces Nitriding furnace
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     Industrial Supply Industrial Supply HRT

Industrial Supply, Standard parts supply.
Clamping, tube fitting,pipe fitting, valves, scaffolding acessory, rigging, construction hardwares.

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     Machining Machining HRT

NC or CNC lathes are equipped by well designed machining fixture for better efficiency, while strictly controlled raw casting quality saves a lot of time and ensures your target on both quality and service. Materials are available in gray and ductile iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

1. Machining:
1) Relevant Machining methods: typical Lathe/CNC/Machining Center
2) Industry involved: Locomotive
3) Representative Product: Tube fittings/Flange
4) Manufacturer certification: ISO9001 (2000) /TS16949

2. Welding:
1) Welding process: Spot(Point)Welding/ Carbon-dioxide (CO2) arc welding/ Argon arc welding/ Hidden arc welding
2) Material may involved: steel sheet/ seamless steel tube/ steel sheet with steel castings…
3) Industry involved: Locomotive, Power transmission industry, marine container transportation, Construction
4) Representative Product: semi-mounted container corner casting system、Arcing ring…
5) Manufacturer Certification: ISO9001 (2000)

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     OEM casting OEM casting HRT

1. Sand casting
(1) Green sand casting
(2) Resin sand casting
(3) Shell moulding

2. Investment casting
(1) Chinese investment
(2) Japanese loss wax

Frequently used materials include carbon steel(GS45, GS52, GS60), alloy steel(16Mn, 25Mn, 34CrMo, 42CrMo4) and stainless steel (CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M). Product limitation up to 80 kg and external dimension up to 700 mm. JIT delivery benefits a lot from CNC machined tooling also from automation on process like wax injection, tooling cooling, and shell making.

1) molding process: Chinese Loss wax investment casting/Japanese Loss Wax investment casting
2) Material: ----EN 10293 GE200/DIN1681 GS38 ---- EN 10293 GE240/DIN1681 GS45 ---- EN 10293 GE300/DIN1681 GS52
3) Molding: Hand made/wax(suspension) line
4) Possible Heat Treatment: Normalizing/Quenching Tempering/Solution/Passivation
5) Industry involved: Agricultural& Engineering& Automotive industry
6) Part Unit Weight range: Chinese loss wax from 0.01-100kgs, Japanese loss wax from 0.001-80kgs.
7) Wall thickness requirements: Chinese loss wax min 1.5mm, wide/length max, 800mm, Japanese loss wax min.0.5mm, outside dia max. 1000*620*380
8) Representative Product: Lager Platte left, right/ Corner casting/ Gears/ Pipe fittings
9) Manufacturer certification: ISO9001 (2000) / TS16949
(3) Fast Forming/Rapid Prototyping/RP investment casting Technique normally used on the condition of very narrow lead time for samples or project under Prototyping step, Since there is no need for moulding, then from general cost side, also economical

3. Centrifugal casting Material available in stainless steel, Hi-Ni alloy and Hi-Cr alloy. Inspection includes UT/X-ray/PT/Eddy/dynamic balancing and Spectrometer for chemical composition. Boring and grinding machining services are optional upon request, the roughness for inner hole of N7 grade. Customized products include CF8M stainless steel pipe with OD700/L4500mm, and ethylene cracking furnace tube.

1) molding process: Centrifugal casting
2) Material: stainless steel/ heat resistant alloy steel/
3) Industry involved: Fluid power industry /Petro-chemical industry(Reforming furnace/ Cracking furnace /Fired heating system)
4) Part size range: Outside diameter max 1,000 mm Length max 7,000 mm Weight max 2.5tons/pc now Wall thickness min 6mm/max 50mm
5) Representative Product: pipe
6) Manufacturer certification: ISO9001 (2000)

4. Die casting

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     stamping stamping HRT

ISO 9000 certified service and TS16949 certified manufacturer for metal stampings and assemblies. Serving and automotive, universal engineering markets.

1. Cold Extrusion
2. Bending
3. Stretching
4. Shearing

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     Tooling Tooling HRT

1) molding process: Hand made/typical machine tool/Machining center
2) Material: wooden/ Aluminum/ Copper/ Steel
3) Industry involved: Sand-casting/ Investment casting/ Rubber
4) Relevant Surface treatment: Chrome-plated/Z inc-Nickel plated
7) Representative Product: Sand-casting tooling/ Investment casting tooling/ Rubber Tooling
8) Manufacturer certification: ISO9001 (2000)

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