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     Beijing Master Automobile Technology Co.,LTD 

     About this company : Master (Beijing) Automobile Technology Co., LTD is a high technology enterprise, specialized in research, producing and selling the products about auto ECU diagnosis technology. We specialize in developing auto diagnostic tools with both software development and hardware manufacturing; we also provide technical supports and services to all customers in automotive aftermarket. Our products are used by a broad range of customers in various vehicles, including engine test, oscilloscope, OBD scanner etc.

     Contact : Susan Lee 
     Headquarters : 2702 Room, 8# Building Beauty Orien, Beijing, 100021, China
     Phone : +86-010-87329887, Fax : +86-010-87329887 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     GNA 600 GNA 600 19

The GNA600 is a VCI device that allows you to update control modules on all Honda and Acura vehicles that have programmable chips, including vehicles using the CAN (control area network) communications protocol on the DLC (data link connector) except for 1996?999 Acura SLXs and 1996/2002 Honda Passports. For these vehicles, refer to the Smart Cable for details.
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     AD-1 AD-1 02

AD-1 is the latest developed integrated auto diagnostic scanner applied advanced internet technology, operation based on PC. It is easy to download and upgrade the software via internet! Easy and friendly to use!
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     AD-100 Auto Scanner AD-100 Auto Scanner 15

AD-100 is the new generation OBD& CAN Scanner, handheld with large LCD, easy to use! Updating available Now!
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     BMW GT-1 BMW GT-1 05

Self-contained diagnosis computer for the workshop, reception and final inspection. For reading out fault code memories of vehicle systems with self-diagnosis capabilities, for encoding/ programming control units directly on the vehicle. The new Group Tester One satisfies the more demanding customer requirements with regard to speed, integration in customer requirements with regard to speed, integration in existing networks and relia-bility. The Group Tester One can be used in connection with all BMW model series. It replaces the MoDiC III diagnosis tester introduced in 1998 (service data and new diagnosis data have been available for this tester since July 20-02). Besides its introduction in the passenger vehicle dealership network by 2005 the basic Group Tester One unit will also replace the MoDiTeC diagnosis tester used at BM Motorrad.
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BMW Engineering tester can do exactly same as GT1 and more. It works on all BMW cars, including MINI and Rolls and Royce vehicles as well, which use BMW system.This system is only used by BMW engineers in each countries headquarters. It is not used in dealers because it is more powerful than GT1,and it is a little more difficult to use, because it does not have help menu, etc. It can do more functions to all ECU’s then GT1. If you don’t understand the system you can do more damage.That's why it is used only in Engineering. You can still do you basis function, read, clear fault codes,data and actuators tests as well.
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OPS is mainly used for diagnosis and programming BMW vehicles after E65 series. OPS unit with DIS software is used for diagnosis, which is carried out via OBD-II socket. Config OPS Multiplexer. OBD-II diagnostic cable. Most diagnostic cable. LAN Cable. SSS PC(Optional). IBM T23/T30 (Optional). DIS 80G HD (Optional). Wireless Card (Optional). Toolbox(Optional).
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The "SSSR3" is the new version of the "Software Service Station SSS" and "SSSR2" which has been introduced in the authorized workshops of BMW AG worldwide since early 2003. The "SSSR3" is virtually identical to the "SSS" and "SSSR2" in terms of visual appearance and component configuration. It is an addition to the "DISplus" and "Group Tester One (GT1)" diagnostic systems. Together with the "Optical (test) and Programming System O(P)PS" it provides an efficient and versatile platform for the programming, individualization and encoding of BMW vehicles.
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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., has developed the "CONSULT-III,"(*1) a handheld diagnostic tester for various in-vehicle electronic systems, with the aim of realizing swift and accurate diagnosis and repairs at Nissan dealerships worldwide. The diagnostic tester will be introduced at Nissan dealerships in Japan and other global markets. The roll-out of the new system will coincide with the introduction of the Skyline sedan in Japan this month, and global markets where the Infiniti G35 will be sold, followed progressively by all other remaining markets as new generation products are introduced.
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     HIM HIM 09

HIM(Honda & Acura Diagnostic System)is the latest diagnostic equipment for Honda vehicles. Diagnostic functions available for vehicles of HONDA/ACURA from year 1992 to2007. Main Function Read out trouble code, Erase trouble code. Data Stream. Drawing data stream curve. System settings. Control Unit programming. Self-test interior status of IC. Record and Re-display. Bidirectional Control function-Read out responded data under Drive actuation components.
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In accordance with releasing new products that introduce CAN communications systems, MMC has developed the MUT-III as a next generation diagnosis tester for servicing these new and future vehicles. Features: Color Display. Fast vehicle scan. Laptop is battery powered or powered via vehicle cigar lighter/power outlet. Data Display utilizes either graphical or digital display. Can perform drive recorder on most Mitsubishi vehicles.
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PIWIS is the latest special diagnostic equipment of the Porsche Company which is adopted in the Porsche worshop. It can read codes, clear codes, read ECU info, read data stream for all type of Porsche vehicles. It also could test, program & guard against theft according to its data flow. It could lead to malfunction self-inspect and full car circuit diagram for the car which was made after 2005. It also has the function of measuring leads as multimeter. It's the essential equipment for Porsche vehicle technician.
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     Porsche Cable Porsche Cable 22

Our product communicates with your car just like the factory tool does, and can access all of the systems in the car. OBD2 was created for emissions related problems and only covers a limited subset of your car's engine.
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     PPS PPS 12

Peugeot Planet 2000 is diagnostics software and hardware used in autorized Peugeot workshops. The software runs on Windows XP. Peugeot Planet 2000 interface is connected to computer via USB cable. Hardware An IBM Thinkpad X31 laptop computer with Windows XP Pro operating system, Norton anti-virus software (with 3-year Internet update), an integrated Wi-Fi card for wireless communication via Internet and a Bluetooth card. The equipment is covered by a 3-year on-site warranty. .. Software Standard operating system: Windows XP Pro. Automatic centralized diagnostic software: Peugeot Planet Diag. Parameterization and electronic configuration software: Peugeot Planet 2000. Interactive wiring diagram software on the INFOTEC internet site. Diagnostic information in the diagnostic section of the INFOTEC Internet site. Including the following communications software…
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     Renault Can Clip Renault Can Clip 04

Clip's main menu allows you to:
see all the information relating to the vehicle look at the function you want to use:

- computer test
- automatic test of all computers
- reprogramming
- airbag test
- scantool (OBD tests)
- Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
- physical measurements
- antipollution
- multimeter

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     Renault Original Tool Renault Original Tool 21

It's very simple to diagnose a vehicle using Renault Can Clip Diagnostic Interface: just select the vehicle make, enter the V.I.N. and press ENTE.
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     Star 2000 DASWISEPC Star 2000 DASWISEPC 03

MB STAR realizes all the functions of official factory BENZ Star2000 from OBD factory: Reading out and erasing trouble code; reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator; coding and programming. It applies the latest high-tech central gateway system of car model 221/211 and 203 with software version updated to July of 2006(Many other's just can update to May of 2006), can enter all the Benz cars, such as autobus truck, saloon car, sports car, smart car and so on.
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     Tech 2 Tech 2 10

The Tech 2 Flash is the same tester GM Technicians use to diagnose GM vehicles. The Vetronix Tech 2 comes with Authentic GM software and provides support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru 2007! Features Authentic GM software in the Tech 2 Flash means the most comprehensive diagnostic software available for late model GM vehicles. Support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992 thru current year. Removable hardware modules provide insurance against scan tool obsolescence. Large, easy-to-read backlit screen. RS232 & RS485 ports provide the avenue to connect future devices to your Tech 2 Flash. Ability to capture stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, and Failure Record for later review. Ability to view the status of vehicle diagnostic tests as they run. Raised tactile keys, clearly labeled, mean no mistaken keypunches Authentic GM software in the Tech 2 Flash means the most comprehensive diagnostic software available for late model GM vehicles.
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     Toyota Intelligent Tester II Toyota Intelligent Tester II 01

The Intelligent Tester II is designed to fully utilize the enhanced vehicle On-Board Diagnosis function such as improvement of data refresh rate (CAN protocol), enhancement of Freeze Frame Data and Active Test function and so on. As an aid in diagnosing electrical and electronic control system, it is capable of monitoring and testing Electronic Control Units (ECUs) for power train, chassis and body systems and their associated sensors and actuators. Easy and fast USB connection will realize tight integration with Personal Computer (PC) based applications and systems. The Intelligent Tester II has an ability of future extension via generic memory card slot and change of the optional unit. The wireless communication with PCs will be possible by using wireless card in the future.
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     VAG 1652 VAG 1652 18

VAG1652 is update for VAG 1552,( GB,6#CARD) ,it is researched and produced by the OEM of VAG1552 includes all features of VAG1552,Easy –taken, reliable quality ,easy operation and quickly reaction ,more, The SANDI-Tool has update all the functions to the newest version which make the tools diagnostic functions completed. The SCANDITOOL compliant with the OBD standard connector, support the CAN protocol.
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     VAS 5052A VAS 5052A 08

VAS 5052 was designed especially for mobile use or to be used as a second or third tester. The tool works with cars belonging to VW Group (SEAT-AUDI-VW-SKODA). Design And Features: PC-based unit with integrated diagnosis assembly group. Modes of operation: Self-diagnosis, OBD and Guided functions.

Operation via external worktop mains unit (110V/230V alternating current), vehicle onboard supply network via diagnosis lead or rechargeable battery installed. TFT color liquid crystal display (touch screen) for control of all functions at the touch of a finger. Interrogating fault memory of all control units, update programming of all control units or resetting service interval display.

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     VCM VCM 11

The Ford Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) will be the only equipment that provides complete diagnostic coverage of current and future Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles in North America. IDS VCM Accessories Vehicle Communication Module (VCM). 16-Pin DLC Short Cable. 16-Pin DLC Long Cable. IDS 4m PC Ethernet-USB Host Cable. DVD(Ford/Mazda). DVD(Land Rover/Jugar).
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     VIDA VIDA 06

VIDA is the latest original diagnosis system for VOLVO. Functions:
1. Maintenance information and steps
2. Products index inquiry
3. Followed up the trouble and give diagnostic steps
4municate with Vehicles

The functions during diagnosing:
1. User guiding for trouble diagnosing and erase error code
2. Read out data stream from every control module
3. Drive actuation components
4. Read out parameters of Programming Control unit
5. Diagnosing and Programming
6. To Confirm troubles recovered via VIDA Delivery application.

Standard Accessories:
1. Main Unit Windows XP or Windows 2000
2. VIDA or VADIS software
3. OCT 2000 Multiplexer
4. RS232 line
5. 16-PIN Cable

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