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     Hunan Changsha Yuanhang biology product Co., Ltd, 

     About this company : unan Changsha Yuanhang biology product Co., Ltd, invested by Hunan Xiangyang biology product Co., Ltd is a joint-stock company. It was established in 2004 with registered capital of RMB 10,000,000 and a total investment of RMB 30,000,000. We have the autonomous import & export management right specializing mainly in plant extracts, single and formula extracts of traditional Chinese medicines with the annual production capacity of 300 tons. Our company situated in Changsha high-tech district in Hunan, with facility area of 20 mu. The production departments are equipped according to the GMP standard with four product line: distillation, extraction, chromatography and desiccation. We have more than 400 units of manufacturing equipments including the equipment for pre-treatment of raw materials, reverse osmosis water filtration, dynamic extraction equipment, vacuum low temperature concentrating equipment, high performance two phase solvent extraction equipment, chromatography extraction equipment, spray desiccation equipment, and vacuum low temperature desiccation equipment. The annual production capacity of raw material pre-treatment unit is 3500 tons; the annual production capacity of raw materials of the distillation unit is 3000 tons; the annual concentrating capacity of extracting solution of concentrating unit is 60,000 tons; the annual extraction capacity of water phase solution of two phase solvent extraction unit is 3000 tons; the annual chromatography capacity of materials of chromatography unit is 2000 tons; the daily production capacity of desiccation is 600 kg by vacuum, and 800 kg by spray. The research center and the quality control center process of a full set of equipments for quality analysis and examination including high performance liquid chromatograph, high performance thin layer chromatograph, gas chromatograph, ultraviolet analyzing equipment, capillary electrophoresis equipment, and so on. Our company consists of a large number of professional elites. Most of the supervisors, technicians and producers in our company who are rich in experience have been working in the plant extraction area for management, research, examination or production. We also establish a lot of cooperation relationships with several high schools and scientific research institutes, inviting many experts, professors and returning doctors as technological or part-time consulters of research and quality inspection, which endow the company with high research ability and a production quality assurance system. With excellent plant conditions, advanced research and inspect equipments and the top-ranking professional management staff, our products keep advanced and credible all the time. Our company now has the ability to produce 100 kinds of plant extracts, more than 200 kinds of traditional extracts and 200 kinds of formula extracts, which makes us be one of the largest manufactures of natural plant extracts. Developing with the world, we will build up an international excellence brand of "Quality to Precise, Commerce to Sincerity" to explore the market in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and Africa. We will also apply ourselves to the welfare of the mankind for the traditional plant medicine and Chinese medicine.

     Contact : liu leos, sales men 
     Headquarters : quxiao road, investment zone for ta, changsha, hunan, 410200, China
     Phone : +867318052688, Fax : +867318052628 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Instant Green Tea Instant Green Tea YH-IT-

it is organic product,and passes ISO 14000 ,ISO 9001, HACCP. We can product all kinds of tea products.
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     Instant Black Tea Instant Black Tea YH-IT-02

It helps resist cancer , oxidation,radiation, and virus infection and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, senescence, and decayed tooth. it can also be effective to eliminate pathogen . so it id often regarded ad the precious gift from god. The materials for green tea extract are selected from Hunan, Hubei And Chongqing. with advanced equipment and technology , we have a good sale both in domestic and overseas market.
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