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     Zhangqiu Hongda Cooking Machinery Factory 

     About this company : Shandong Zhangqiu Hongda Machinery Factory is a kitchen machiney enterprises integrating the scientific resarch,manufacture and sales.The four series of leading products are kitchen machinery, pickling machine,vegetables processing machine and baking machine with more than 80 types. Hongda Cooking Machine Factory Located in zhangqiu,the eastern suburbs of Jinan where is close to Jinan-Qingdao highway ,faces Jinan International Airport is a good place for investment owing to the advantageous location and convenient traffic.Having developed more than ten years, Hongda factory occupies a total area of more than 10 thousand square meters, over 100 R&D personnel, more than 200 sets of producing equipment. Meiying brand cooker has realized thespecializaton, standardization and large scale productions products sold well to nationwide and some have been sold abroad. All of the employees will be unwearing and keep moving to contribute to the future of cooker in china. The director of our factory Mr. Yin Bingzheng and all of the stuff welcome your visiting and counsel.

     Contact : traci lee, director 
     Headquarters : diaozhen, jinan, shandong, 250204, China
     Phone : 83509867, Fax : 83511163 
     Email : Log on to trade instantly

     ---- Branch 1 ---
     Contact : Traci
     Address : Diaozhen, Zhangqiu, jinan, shandong, 250204, China
     Phone : 86-0531-83509867, Fax : 86-0531-83511163

     milk mixer milk mixer RT

Brief introduction:
1) This milk mixer, blender, beater is a new stytle blender of our company. It can mix milk, powder, granule, etc.
2) Adopting the frenquency converter for speed control technology, you can adjust the revolving speed at will in a rang of 1~1020 r/hr .
3) The puddler in the barrel moves like a plannet so it can mix the materials even can work reliably and safety.
4) The accessories that get to the food are made of stainless steel or adopting special process.
5) It can comply with the National Hygiene Standard.

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     Dough Divider, Steamed Bread Making Machine Dough Divider, Steamed Bread Making Machine MP

1.MP45/2 dough divider,steamed bread making machine,steamed buns machine,bunmaking machine resigned according to many advantages of the same kind of equipment with high transmission efficiency,rational construction,and convenient adjustment. 2.The measurement organization adopts the clutch of MP45/2 dough divider,steamed bread making machine which is safe,reliable and easy to repair and adjust. 3pecially,the shapement of steamed bread features with good taste,shapping well,smooth outer face and enhanced the whiteness. Number Name Unit Technical parameter 1) Dimensions mm 653*602*1011 2) Weight of machine Kg 160 3) Productivity effect Kg/h 280 4) Standard of ~ Per/Kg Round 11-13 5) Electric motor KW Y90L-4/1.5KW
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     dough kneader dough kneader HWT

1. Spiral dough kneading machine , dough kneaer,dough maker, has been desinged to mix pasta dough, ravioli dough, pizza dough, muffin (pide) dough, “lahmacun” (a turkish piza made with meat) dough, patty dough, “baklava” (a turkish sweet pastry filled with nuts) dough and the dough as these, desinged to mix all yeasted and bread dough.

2. Has two apparatus to use mixing; • Spiral • Blade

1) The body of the machine is made of steel plate, and painted by electrostatical dye.
2) The bowl, the spiral, the blade and the saving cover are made of stainless steel.
3) All the surfaces which contacts to the dough are made of SS
4) Available the models from 125kg/h flour capacity to 1600kg/h flour capacity.
5) Ask the models according to the flour capacity;

Model Capacity(m3) Productivity Power(kw) Dimension HWT15 0.080 200 1.5 905*8058805 HWT25 0.089 250 1.5 1005*8058875 HWT50 0.134 400 3 1085*855*955 HWY75 0.201 675 2.2/0.75 1135*725*1155 HWY100 0.236 900 2.2/0.75 1200*720*1250 HWY150 0.366 1350 4/0.75 1405*755*1405 HWY200 0.420 1600 5/0.75 1700*800*1500

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     dough sheeter dough sheeter MS

Dough sheeter, bakery machine, suitable for the confectioner's workshop. Allows obtaining dough of uniform thickness. Pedal reversing control adjustable conveyor belts and the rollers can be adjusted from 1 to 40 mm thickness. Some of the specifications include:

1) It has simple adjustment features for rollers
2) It works the products more rationally, giving better results and saving time
3) Manufactured with pedal reversing control adjustable conveyor belts
4) When the operations are complete the working tables rise reducing the space to a minimum.
5) A quick and easy way to set thickness stop

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     dumpling moulding machine dumpling moulding machine JLJ

1. The Dumpling Moulding Machine/Dumpling Maker/samosa making machine, fried dumpling making machine, is suitable for making dumplings with meat, vegetables and other kinds of mixing stuffing in quick-freeze food factories, hotels, restaurants, dining halls , fast food shop and other food processing units.

2. The thickness of dough and the quatity of stuffing can be adjusted at will. And the shape of dumplings are handsome.

3. The Dumpling Maker can also make wonton, spring roll and other food by changing the mould.

4. Technical parameter Capacity: 7200pcs/h Machine weight: 160kg

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     garlic and ginger peeler garlic and ginger peeler GD

1. TJS500 ginger&garlic peeler, stripping machine is designed for the ginger and garlic stripping which can strip the skin clearly and separate the garlic with little breakage and high efficiengy

2. The ginger&garlic stripping machine is made by stainless stell.

3. Fine apperance and safe opperation. modle TJS500 Production capacity (kg/h) 300-500 Stripping degree % 90-95 Water using per day T 3-5 Exterior size (mm) 1150×750×1250 Power kw 380v 2.2kw Motor model YS1325D-8

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     potato peeler potato peeler TP

1. This potato peeler, potato stripper, removes the skin from potatoes, washed potatoes are poured into the drum of the potato peeler from the top, the inner of the drum is coated with abrasive carborundum, as the base of the drum rotates the potatoes strike against the abrasive inner wall which removes the skin, this processing requires minor flow of water through a pipe to remove the skin from the walls, the peeled potatoes are removed from the side of the drum through a gate

2. The potato peeler, potato stripper, is suitable for restaurant, hotel, colledge, and food factory to skin the potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables.

3. High rising rate, low dilapidation rate, high efficiency and easy operation. Technical parameter: Name TP350 TP500 Capacity (kg/h) 300 400 Motor power (kw) 0.75-4 0.75-4 External size (mm) 700*500*800 970*620*860 Machine weight (kg) 75 90

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     powder mixer powder mixer BLJ

This sprial mixer, flour mixer, powder mixer, blender is suitable for mixing wet and dry powders. All contact parts of the machine is made of stainless steel and mild steel. This machine is easy to operate and provide increased production without much expense and manpower. This machine also has a unique shaft appeal with low waste disposal. Some of the other features and advantages include:

1) High Mixing intensity ensures maximum aeration of the flour
2) The gluten is worked and stretched to a even degree
3) High quality of mixing: Suits for all bread - making methods
4) Solid robust construction
5) High quality with smaller or large loads
6) Great power reserves Items parameter BLJ15 BLJ25 Capability of output 150kg/h 250kg/h Matched power Y90L-4 Y100L2-4 1.5kw 380v 3kw 380v Rated frequency 50Hz Water proof class IPX1 The diameter of materials pushing disk 400mm 480mm The revolving speed of drive axes 260r/min 285r/min V-belt A1295-2 A1473-2

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     red pepper slicer red pepper slicer GJS

1. The red pepper shredder, red pepper slicer, red pepper slicer, cutter, blanket machine, is used to cut dry red peppers into threads.
2. The cutter can also be used to cut vegetable into sheeter by changing relevant cutters.

Technical parameter:
Capacity: 130kg/h External dimension: 542*450*870mm Motor power: 1.5kw Rated voltage: 380v Rated rotate speed: 1400 n/min Machine weight: 85kg Remark: the thread knife can be made to requirment

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     vegetable cuber vegetable cuber SHD

1. The vegetable cuber, cutter is used for cutting root and stem vegetables as well as fruits into 5*5*5mm or 10*10*10mm cubes or according to special specification.
2. By adopting compound cutters, it can shape only once with regular shapes and smooth sections.
3. Mading from aluminium alloy and stainless steel, it is antiseptic , beautiful, up to the sanitary standard.
4. The machine sells well also because of advanced design, easy operation, energy saving and high efficiency.

Technical parameter Capacity: 800-1000kg/h External dimension: 710*660*1085mm Motor power: 0.75kw Machine weight: 100kg

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     vegetable cutter vegetable cutter YQC

1. We perfectly designed our range of vegetable cutters, that can effectively and efficiently slice, chop, dice, shred, grate, make julienne, potato chips and various other food products. It has a large cylindrical feeder and a pusher plate handle. These can be wall mounted or kept on counter top.

2. Features:
1) Can offer more than seventy kinds of perfect cutting at an economical cost
2) Made out of non - corrosive materials
3) Available in singularly as well as in combination offering hygiene & safety.
4) Gives about more than seventy kinds of perfect cutting
5) A very high output at an economical cost
6) There is a choice of plates to suit all cutting requirements
7) The output of the machine varies according to the blades, grids and texture of the vegetables
8) Can cut 100kgs to 1500kgs subject to the variety of the vegetable

3. Specifications Slicing: From 1mm. to 14 mm thickness Dicing: From 8 mm to 20 mm with 1 mm to 14 mm thickness Chips: French Fry's - 6 mm x 6 mm x 8mm x 8 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm with 6 mm to 10 mm thickness Type YQC660 YQC1000 Efficiency (kg/h) 150-660 200-1000 Motor power(kw) 1.5-4 1.5-4 Externalsize(mm) 905*465*745 1305*515*1055 Weight of the machine(kg) 120 220 Slicing speed of upright knife(per/min) 151/281/531 151/281 Rotate speed of driving plate(r/min) 445 445

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     Vegetable Slicer Vegetable Slicer SH

1. Vegetable slicer is a self pressing type model; the vegetables are fed from the top of the machine. Vegetable slicer comes with two basic cutters, slices and threads and sheets

2. The vegetable slicer, blanket machine, vegetable cutter is small and convenient .This kind of slicer is popular with small processing factory.

3. The material:SS304 Technical parameter Capacity: 30kg/h Voltage: 220v/380v Power: 0.5kw Machine weight: 45kg

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     vegetable stuffing cutter vegetable stuffing cutter CP

1. By adopting the theory of relative movement,the vegetables and knives move relatively this way, the vegetables are cut into stuffing. It adopts worm –gear case drive.

2. The vegetable stuffing cutter, vegetable chopper, vegetable filling cutter, vegetable minced, is used to process all kinds of vegetables into stuffing

3. It is the best equipment to produce the stuffing of steame stuffed bun and boiled dumping in food factory and to process vegetable feedstuff in stock keeping

4. The machine has the characteristics of long lifetime,low noise,curve knives and tart blade. Technical parameter: Capacity: 180kg/h Motor type: Y90L-4/1.5kw Machine weight : 130 kg V-belt type: A737-2,A1143-2 Rotate speed of slicing knife: 150r/min Basin rotate speed: 31r/min

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     vegetable washer vegetable washer ST

1. Bubble vegetable and fruit washer,vegetable and fruit washing machine, designed to agree with special materials which are irregular in shapes. It can be used to wash and soak the garlics, fruites and vegetables ect.

2. Operating principals and construction features. The Bubble vegetable and fruit washer is made by stainless stell except the frame of the electric motor and other standard elements which is comfirmed to hygienic standard of corrosion protection and wormproof. The transmission part can shift without grades. The bubble-making part can keep the materials turning continually. when adding right amount of medicine, the pesticide residues on the surface of materials can be removed. The floating object washed to the drainpipe and drained away by discharging system and the deposits discharged by bottom outlet opening. It can reach to an ideal effect though this entire process.

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