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     Domesko Company Limited 

     About this company : Manufacturer and exporter of low and high voltage circuit breakers

     Contact : Angus Leung 
     Headquarters : 3206, North Tower, World Trade Conter Complex, Canton, Guangdong , 5100950, China
     Phone : 86 20 87300985, Fax : 86 20 87620598 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     ---- Branch 1 ---
     Contact : Mr.Angus
     Address : 3206, North Tower, World Trade Cent, 371 Huanshi Road East, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510095, China
     Phone : 86 20 87300985, Fax : 86 20 87620598

     Mini circuit breaker Mini circuit breaker S250

This protective-conductor mini circuit breaker has features of new structure,excellent performance,easy installation,high breaking capacity is mainly used for overload and short circuit protection of AC 50Hz or 60Hz,rated voltage of single pole up to 240V,rated current up to 60A and in distribution of illumination of industry,commerce and buildings . Specifications Rated current (A) Pole number (P) Rated voltage (V) Rated Frequency (Hz) Breaking capacity (A)A 2,4,6,10,16, 20,25,32,40, 50,63 1P 240V 50/60 Hz 6000A 2P,3P 415V
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     AC contactor AC contactor CJX2-F(LC1-F)

Application CJX2-F series AC contactor is applicable in the circuits up to the rated voltage 1000V AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated current 780A, for long distance breaking circuit and frequently starting or control the motor. It also can be used for the control of distribuition circuits of rated current from 200A to 1600A. Specifications Model CJX2-F115 CJX2-F150 CJX2-F185 CJX2-F265 CJX2-F400 CJX2-F500 CJX2-F630 CJX2-F780 Number of poles 3 or 4 3 or 4 3 or 4 3 or 4 2,3 or 4 2,3 or 4 2,3 or 4 3 or 4 Rated operational current in AC-3(1) up to A 115 150 185 265 400 500 630 780 Maximum operational current in AC-3(2) A 200 250 275 350 500 700 1000 1600 Rated operational voltage V 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
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     Moulded case circuit breaker Moulded case circuit breaker NS MCCB

APPLICATIONS: NS moulded case circuit breaker is one of the most advanced type breakers in the world, which adopts international advanced design and manufacture technology. They are suitable for short circuit and overload protection for circuit of AC 690V 50/60Hz, rated current from 12.5A to 630A. It takes protect effect when mouse cage motors non-frequent start, breaking off working and protecting overload, short circuit and lacking voltage. TRIPPING CHARACTERISTICS OF MCCB: Rated current of release (A) Thermodynamic release (ambient temp +40℃) Operational current of magnetic release (A) 1.05In (cold state) inoperative time(h) 1.30In (heat state) inoperative time (h) In≤63 ≥1 <1 10-50Iną20% 63<In≤100 ≥2 <2 10Iną20% 100<In≤630 ≥2 <2 5-10Iną20% Rated current of release (A) Thermodynamic release (ambient temp +40℃) Operational current of magnetic release (A) 1.0In (cold state) operative time(h) 1.20In (heat state) operative time (h) 1.50In (heat state) operative time (h) 1.01In (heat state) operative time (h) 12.5≤In≤400 ≥2 <2 4≤min 2S<TP≤10 12Iną20% SPECIFICATION: Type Rated current (A) Poles Rated insulating voltage (V) Rated operating voltage (V) Arcing over distance (mm) Utimate short circuit breaker capacity Servies short circuit breaker capacity Operating performance (times) NS-100D 12.5,16,20, 25,32,40,50, 63,80,100 3,4 950 690 0 18 18 1500,8500 NS-100N 25 25 NS-100H 70 70 NS-100L 150 150 NS-160D 16,20,25,32, 40,50,63,80, 100,125,160 25 25 1500,7000 NS-160N 36 36 NS-160H 70 70 NS-160L 150 150 NS-250D 160,180, 200,225,250 25 25 1000,7000 NS-250N 36 36 NS-50H 70 70 NS-250L 150 150 NS-400D 200,225,250, 300,315,400 35 35 1000,4000 NS-400N 45 45 NS-400H 70 70 NS-400L 150 150 NS-630D 315,250,400, 500,600,630 35 35 10004000 NS-630N 45 45 NS-630H 70 70 NS-630L 150 150
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     SMW1DW45Series Intelligent All-Purpose Type Circuit Breaker  SMW1DW45Series Intelligent All-Purpose Type Circuit Breaker DW45

SMW1(DW45)Series Intelligent All-Purpose Type Circuit Breaker Application Scope The rated power of SMW1(DW45) Series Intelligent All-Purpose Type Circuit Breaker(referred to as circuit breaker hereinafter)is kind of breaker with AC 50Hz,400V,or 690V,and its rated current is 400-6300A is mainly used in power distribution network to allocate electric power and protect the line and supply equipment against overload,under voltage,short circuit,single phase grounding fault,etc.The core part of the circuit breaker adopts intelligent type dropout device,which bears accurate alternative protection performance and can avoid unnecessary power failure,thus improve the reliability of power supply. Structure Character The product has two types of structure,namely,fixed type,which is mainly composed of contactor part,intelligent drop-out device,manual operation mechanism,electric operation mechanism,electric operation mechanism and drawer base. The circuit breaker is placed in three-D pattern and is characterized by its tight structure and small volume.The contactor part is sealed in the insulation bottom plate,and contactors of every phase are separated with insulation board,hence several little chambers;while the intelligent dropout device,the manual-operation mechanism,and the electric operation mechanism are arranged before it in good order and form independent unit respectively case one of the units is damaged,it can be dismounted wholly to fix a new one.Among which: 1ntactor part:AS one-step contactor is adopted,operating strength of the contactor is reduced because of the omitting of arc contactor transfer process,and the breaking process of short-circuit current is therefore accelerated order to reduce the electric repelling force among contactors and improve the electric stability of the contactor part,the contactor part adopts multi-way parallel connection.Welding connects the contactor,soft joint and bus bar,seeing that it can reduce contact resistance and decrease power consumption. 2.Arc extinguish chamber:the wall of arc extinguish chamber is made of compressed insulation material,and arc extinguish fence is mounted in the chamber to enable the electric arc blow upward into the chamber. 3.Base:contactor and arc extinguish system are both placed between the upper and lower base,which are made of compressed insulation materials with high intensity and excellent electric performance.Every phase is designed into independent small chamber,and the contactor is mounted on the insulation support,thus short circuit among phases is not likely to happen,and the gas generated when breaking the short-circuit current won't eject downward.The design can ensure reliable breaking when wire is lowery input. 4.Operation mechanism:Operation mechanism is made of two types,manual operation type and dynamo-driven type,which are both fixed on the insulation base and are at are at front side of the circuit breaker.The operation mechanism adopts free drop-out mechanism that changes four-pole into five-pole.To meet the requirement of auto control,the mechanism is designed into the type of presorted energy the operation of the circuit breaker,the mechanism is always in the state and position of presorted energy,and once closing order is received,the circuit breaker can close instantly.Release the mechanism is always in the state and position of presorted energy,and once closing order is received,the circuit breaker can close instantly. Release of the pressorted energy can be performed with manual-releasing button or releasing electromagnet, and remote control may also be adopted. 5. Functions of intelligent type drop-out device are as follows:(1)protection against overload long time-relay counter time limit, short time-relay counter time limit, and instant operation, etc; it can be set by users according to practical requirement; (2)Protection against grounding fault; (3)overload alarm; (4)testing; (5)load monitor; (6)display; (7)auto checkout; (8)MCR function; (9)thermo-analogue; (10)contactor wear indication; (11)fault record; (12)intelligent dropout device has L type(economic type), M type(ordinary type),and H type(with communication port type).
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     Wind Generator Wind Generator 500W Wind Generator

Model No.: DA2.7-500 Rated power: 500 W Rated voltage: 24 V Rotor diameter: 2.5 M Start-up wind speed: 2 M/S Rated wind speed: 8 M/S Security wind speed: ≤35 M/S Rated Rotating speed: 400 R/M Blade material: Glass fibre Shell material: Aluminum alloy Guy cable tower Height(m) 6 Diameter(mm) 89 Free standing tower Height(m) 8 Storage battery 12V 200AH 2PCS
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     Wind Turbine Generator Wind Turbine Generator 1000W Small Wind Turbine Generator

DA1000 Wind Generator has blades of strengthened fiber-glass design, and it can start working at low wind speed. The generator will run with extremely low operating noise and the tail furling and over wind-speed guarding automatically. The directly driven generator is with high Nd-Fe-B magnetic material. Rated Power: 1000W Max Power: 1600W Rotor diameter: 2.7M Start-up wind speed: 2.5 M/S Rated wind speed: 12 M/S Rated voltage: 48V Net weight: 34 KGS (excluding tail and blades). DA1000 Wind Generator can supply about 210KWH per month under the condition of average wind speed is 12M/S per day and valid wind hours is 210 hours per month.
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