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     SVM Exports India 

     About this company : SVM EXPORTS, a company engaging in the cultivation of Castor Plants, Jatrophacurcas plants &medicinal plants and undertaking marketing and exporting of Castor seeds, Jatrophacurcas seeds, Jatrophacurcas oil & Jatrophacurcas oilcake medicinal herbs and natural drugs. SVM EXPORTS is located in Eral South India. Eral town is a busy industrial area well connected to Tuticorin port. We are actively involved in cultivation of Castor Plants, Jatrophacurcas Plants & medicinal plants via through contract farming. Our company has high quality technical people with good knowledge and experience in agriculture. We also promote the use of organics in our system.

     Contact : S.Muthu raj, Proprietor 
     Headquarters : 97G,3/5 Teachers colony west, 3rd street, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, 628008, India
     Phone : 0461-2310745, Fax : 0461-2310745 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Jatrophacurcs seeds Jatrophacurcs seeds 0155

1. Elite : Newly harversted seed for germination fresh and dry.
2. Purity: 100% (No Broken seeds)
3. Germination: 80%
4. Oil Content: 32-35%
5. Moisture content: 7-8%
6. Raised from the seeds of identified superior germination types.
7. Free from pests and diseases

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