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     XiangCheng AutoMobile Adorn Co.Ltd 

     About this company : We are one of the only manufacturers of both wholesale and personalised auto air freshener designs in the China. If you are looking to make your promotion stand out, or to promote your business, air fresheners are a novel and effective method.

     Contact : rambo rambo, Car air fresheners 
     Headquarters : No.88 Renzhai Road,Ouhai district, wenzhou, zhejiang, 325060, China
     Phone : 0086-577-85398808, Fax : 0086-577-85398838 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Reed Diffuser Bottles  Reed Diffuser Bottles

Reed Diffuser Bottles
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     Auto Perfumes Auto Perfumes

Auto Perfume for Car Made in China. This spray perfume can sterilize, refine the polluted air, and purify the remain cigarette smoke.
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     Fragrance Sachets Fragrance Sachets

A sachet on the back of a radiator or on a sunny windowsill will fragrance the whole car! Highest quality. Fresh as a breeze! exquisite fragrance blends,powerful and long-lasting effectiveness. Huge selection of fragrances. Use in car, home or office.
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     Gel Canister Air Fresheners Gel Canister Air Fresheners

Gel Canisters are the perfect way to prevent bad smells. Solid Gel, Deodorizer, Permanently eliminates airborne odors, Lighted scented wWith a layer of activated charcoal to absorb odors such as paint fumes, Pet odors, Cooking odors & More, Acts as an odor magnet.
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     Hanging Air Fresheners Hanging Air Fresheners

Perfume for Car Made in China. This perfume can sterilize, refine the polluted air, and purify the remain cigarette smoke. Perfumes Feature: Fragrance Emitted Makes Drive Comfortable! Its innovative design and chrome cap gives users a deep and favorable impression! Comes in Different Fragrances, Availability!
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     Paper Air Fresheners Paper Air Fresheners

These paper air fresheners are excellent inside a car to keep it smelling fresh, but they can be used in other locations such as offices or the home. "little-trees" air fresheners have become a part of culture over the past half century. our paper air fresheners are silk printing and offset printing! Offset printing feature: more color printing and have a strong third dimension. Silk printing feature: one color printing
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     Plush Air Fresheners Plush Air Fresheners

We have an extensive range of fragrant car air fresheners available. The plush air freshener gives a popular fragrance and can be used in the car, home or office. The plush air freshener is available with your promotional message or custom imprinted logo. Options for custom imprinting are outlined in the Custom Imprint Options. Plush Air Freshener's Feature: 1) The plush toy air freshener with fragrance, suitable to hang them in car, bedroom, office, bathroom and so on 2) Fragrance: Green, forest, lemon vanilla, lilac, jasmine, lemon, lavender, 3) Air freshener solid gel be put in plush inside 4) Various designs for your selection 5) Creates a fresh and clean environment 6) The perfume will be last 6-8weeks
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     PVC Air Fresheners, Gel Air Fresheners  PVC Air Fresheners, Gel Air Fresheners

PVC air fresheners last a long time, and pvc air fresheners provide intense scents that fill a room with freshness and amazing fragrance. Perfumes Feature: The PVC air freshener with fragrance, suitable to hang them in car, bedroom, office, bathroom and so on. Soft and comfortable PVC materil The fragrance will last for four months. Good for gift and promotional item. Two-side printing Long-lasting fragrance, made of high quality perfume. Packed in individual poly bags with an elastic string. Fragrances: Ocean breeze, vanilla, lilac, jasmine, lemon, lavender, orange, blueberry, apple, peach, rose, green tea.
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     Reed Diffusers Reed Diffusers

Our aroma reed diffusers are made in china with the finest fragrance oils on the market. Each reed diffuser comes beautifully packaged with 8 reeds and a wood cap to hold reeds in place. Reed diffusers require no flame or electricity; just place reeds into bottle and the fragrance will fill a room. Our reed diffusers are available in over 400 fragrances.
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     Spray Air Fresheners Spray Air Fresheners

This Spray Air Fresheners are blended with natural fragrance oils to create uniquely inviting fragrances for your home. it gets rid of bad smells like tobacco smoke, cooking, spilt drinks and musty smells from the air in the room to restore them to freshness.
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     vent clip air fresheners vent clip air fresheners

Vent Clip Air fresheners clip right onto the fins of your vents for easy placement. Keep your car smelling fresh with Vent Clip air fresheners. These long-lasting air fresheners feature a unique design that releases the scent while your carís air conditioner or heater is active.
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     Wood Air Fresheners Wood Air Fresheners

wood air fresheners can compliment your vehicle's ensemble, and give off a great, fresh scent at the same time. Our best-selling wooden air freshener with popular scent cards. Fun designs, completely functional, and long lasting. Great for car, home, office, bathroom, laundry room or anywhere you need a fresh, clean scent. Product Feature: High quality scents, and designs Fresh long lasting scent First and only hanging wooden air freshener Available in popular shapes and scents(fragrances)
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