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     The best supply Inc 

     About this company : The Best Supply Inc, provides all kinds of media equipments and display banner stands for your need of different market. Including Roll-up series, banner stand series, pop-up aereis, spot light series, outdoor series and so on. We also provide the printing of different material, paper printing and cloth printing (out-door ink), used all this stands. Maybe you can login our wibesite for more contact information, and download our catalogue.

     Contact : Jingxian Fan, sales representative 
     Headquarters : Room1002, Buidling11, No.800 alley, changshou road, Shanghai, 200060, China
     Phone : 86-21-62174626, Fax : 86-21-62323961 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Pop-up banner stand Pop-up banner stand BST4-6

Item No: BST4-6 Specification: 3*3/3*4 Material:aluminum /silver or blue color. Packing Bag:carton Carton Size (cm):30*25*83 Qty/Ctn(pcs):1pcs/ctn G.W.of product(kg):10 Fabric pop up Easy to set up ,carry and transport.
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     Flying banner stand Flying banner stand BST6-7

Item No: BST6-7
Material: zinc chrome feet

We offer three specification: small(3.2M), middle(4.3M) and large(5M).

Packing Bag: padded bag and 1 inner ctn
Carton Size (cm):122*47*19(L) 47*19*122(M) 47*19*102(S)
Qty/Ctn(pcs): 5PCS/CTN
G.W.of carton(kg): 34.5(L) 30(M) 25(S)

1. It's comes with zinc chrome feet.
2. Use in outdoor or beach please.
3. Three style feet for your choice.
4. Please contact us to learn more information about the graphic size. Thanks for your attention!

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     L-banner stand L-banner stand BST2-8

ZF BEST SUPPLY CO., LTD is one of leading companys specializing in manufacturing of all kinds of display banner stand, all kinds of display spot light and graphic printing solutions in China. Item No: BST2-8 Graphic Size: 90*210CM Material: Aluminum/ Zinc chrom feet Packing Bag: Oxfors cloth bag Carton Size (cm): 92*26*38 Qty/Ctn(pcs): 6pcs/ctn G. W. Of product(kg): 2.23 G. W. Of carton(kg): 14.2 1, it comes with aluminum telescopic pole and zinc chrome feet. 2, it is very convenient to set up. 3, Can be linked to form a seamless wall. 4, it's fashion. We can provide all kinds of graphic printing. Printing material: PVC printing, fabric printing, printing paper., flex banner, mesh fabric, Digital sublimation transfer printing, silk-screen.
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     Light-box banner stand Light-box banner stand BST8-10

Item: BST8-10 1. Clear frame, as fine as crystal, Optical - panel is used for evenillumination. 2. Easy to change picture and install . 3. Can be placed on desk or hung on the wall. 4. Applicable for: hotel, bar, fast-food restaurant, chain-store, wedding photograph, interior decoration, corporate signboard, gift show, showcase, product. 5. Can be provide all kinds of size for your need. 6. Can provide the CE, UL certification.
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     Literature rack banner stand Literature rack banner stand BST7-1

Item No: BST7-1 Description of product: 1.very conveniently to set up and carry. 2.metal painted. black color. Size: A4 Packing Bag:padded bag Carton Size (cm):56*19*44 Qty/Ctn(pcs):2pc/ctn G.W.of product(kg):5.2 G.W.of carton(kg):12
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     Outdoor banner stand Outdoor banner stand BST9-5

Item No: BST9-5 Graphic Size(m): 5 Material: Aluminum /ABS Packing Bag: Padded bag Carton Size (cm): 175*45*57 Qty/Ctn(pcs): 2pcs/ctn G. W. Of product(kg): 16.5 G. W. Of carton(kg): 37 1, The base tank light weight of durable plastic materal, can devide four parts, water. Sand filled base for stability during long time outdoor presentation. 2, Pole Anodized aluminum pipe. Anti-corrosion and glossy silver color. Capable of expansion and contraction. 3, Supporter. Umbrella-rib type supporters are connected to the base tank and firmly hold the pole in place. We can provide all kinds of graphic printing. Printing material: PVC printing, fabric printing, printing paper., flex banner, mesh fabric, Digital sublimation transfer printing, silk-screen.
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     Pole banner stand Pole banner stand BST12-7

The pole system, modern design, can be widely used in commercial department store display, shop- orientation, shopping-posters, clothing and footwear stores display. We have many different styles for your reference to be used different place. More information, please login to contact us. Thanks for your attention!
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     Poster banner stand Poster banner stand BST5-8

Item No: BST5-8 Graphic Size(cm):A3 Material:aluminum Packing Bag:carton Carton Size (cm):42*25*52 Qty/Ctn(pcs):10pc/ctn G.W.of product(kg):0.6 G.W.of carton(kg):8 1,The width of aluminum fram is 2.5cm. 2,Other size are all available.
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     Promotions banner stand Promotions banner stand BST10-6

Item No: BST10-6 Normal size: 3M*3M Material: Steel painted Packing Bag: Carton Carton Size (cm): 23*23*156 Qty/Ctn(pcs): 1pc/ctn G. W. Of product(kg): 18 G. W. Of carton(kg): 22 Aluminum material is available. And 3M*4.5M, 2M*3M are also available.
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     Roll up banner stand Roll up banner stand BST1-20

Iten no: BST1-20
Graphic Size(cm): 85*200
Material: aluminum
Pcking bag: double padded bag
Carton Size(cm): 93*39*27
Qty/Ctn(pcs): 6pcs/ctn
G.W.of product(kg): 3.5
G.W.of carton(kg): 22

It's new product, attractive profile will take you more expected effect.

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     Roll-up banner stand Roll-up banner stand BST1-11

Item:BST1-11 1. Material: aluminum alloy 2. Applicable in tour exhibition and commercial promotion etc. 3. Normal graphic size: W 85 x H 200cm. 4. N W.: 5.7 kg Inner packing : 1pc/ padded bag Outer packing: 4pcs /ctn (97 x 20 x 46cm)/24kg/85*200CM Other size are available.
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     Spot light Spot light ZFR1-6

Description of product: 1, spot lights, used on roll-up, L-banner, exhibition equipments. 2, Can provide the CE, UL certification. 3, Simple connection to systems with a uninersal light fittings. Packing: 20pcs/ctn/61x36x34cm/17kg
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     Wall picture shelf banner stand Wall picture shelf banner stand BST6-9

Iten no: BST6-9 Graphic Size(cm): 80*200 Material: aluminum Pcking bag: Carton Size(cm): 27*27*119 Qty/Ctn(pcs): 4pcs/ctn G.W.of product(kg):2.5 G.W.of carton(kg): 11 1.Normally 2.0m high,trindal pole will let the graphic reach to 2.4m high.
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     X-banner stand X-banner stand BST3-11

Iten no: BST3-11 Graphic Size(cm): 90*200 Material: aluminum Pcking bag: single bag Carton Size(cm): 121*17*60 Qty/Ctn(pcs): 5pcs/ctn G.W.of product(kg):2.8 G.W.of carton(kg): 14.5 1.This is made of aluminum,easy to take,easy to install and can be used a long time.
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