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     Zhejiang Longyue Pipe Industry Co., Ltd 

     About this company : PPR, PE, PEX, PERT pipe and fitting business

     Contact : Lee Korry, Foreign Trade Representative 
     Headquarters : No.318 Jiefang Road Diankou Town, Zhuji, Zhejiang , 311835, China
     Phone : 0086-0575-87630102, Fax : 0086-0575-87658836 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     ---- Branch 1 ---
     Contact : Korry Lee
     Address : No.318 Jiefang Road Diankou Town Zh, Zhuji, Zhejiang, 311835, China
     Phone : 0086-0575-87630102, Fax : 0086-0575-87658836

     Brass fitting Brass fitting

All kinds of fittings and brss fitting used for ppr pipe are available from us
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     PPR Pipe PPR Pipe

Aluminum-plastic PP-R pipe The main using area:

1. Cold, hot water and drinking water supply,ensyred that there is no q uadratic pollution.
2. Underground and wall heating systerm,to melt the snow used in noth of china.
3. Solar-energy heating,cold and hot equipment pipe.
4. Industry transfer oil and freezen liquid.
5. To transfer chemistry liquid.
6. The outside conector pipe of air-condition.
7. For comestible drink.
8. Irrigate pipe used in agriculture.
9. Transfer oxygen used in hospital

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     PPR pipe and fitting PPR pipe and fitting

Easy to installation,super strength rigidity, permanence distortion under high temperature, super strength bruises resistance under low temperature. It's an indeed perfect pipe
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PP-R aluminum-plastic steate state imports the latest composite pipe technicalfrom Germany it would be the first choise for hot water supply, radiator heating, center-aircondition. The pipe add an aluminum alloy on the base of PP-R pipe,using macromolecule cement under a high temperature compound the PP-R pipe and aluminum alloy.This pipe is the perfect union of metal and plastic pipe but has the hygienic,hermentic of plastic pipe, the rigidity of metal pipe, a much higher intensity, much stable mechanical property at the same time also can pervent ultraviolet,the linear expansion ratio is 1/5 of the nomal PP-R pipe which is close to the metal pipe,the pipe possess a much higher stability and safety
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