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     Aquamarines International 

     About this company : 45 years experience in exporting ornamental fish to all corners of the world. A massive two-hundred-thousand (200000) gallon / 4000 tank stocking facility running under simply the best filtering system in Sri Lanka and one of the best in Asia. Ofi member for the past 20 years. Winners of Presidential Export Awards and Entrepreneur of the year for 4 years, presented by 4 differents presidents of Sri Lanka. Breeders of top quality seahorse (hippocampus reidi) Red, Orange, Yellow, Black with 1 yearguarantee. The only breeder of this in the world of this specimen in these colours, all this information can be seen in pictures at our AWARD WINNING listings. Login MarginUp to find more details. Strictly againts fish poisoning!! Try US!

     Contact : Yohan Pathirana, Managing Director 
     Headquarters : 60/1, Sri Gnanendra Rd, Ratmalana, Colombo, 12090, Sri Lanka
     Phone : +94112635825, Fax : +94112611145 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Star fish Star fish

Starfish that are endemic to Sri Lanka. All natural colours along with a wide range of fish and inverts, Try Us!
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     Anemone Anemone

One of the very few organisations in the world that cna supply natural coloured anemones in Blue / Green / Red / Yellow. Try us!
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     Coloured Seahorse Coloured Seahorse

Worlds only source where you can get Coloured Giant Seahorse (Hippocampus reidi) in Red, Orange, Yellow, Black and White + one year guarantee!! (CITES) They are suitable for any biginner as they are 100% tank bred and raised unlike other captive breds found in the market that are cage raised in the wild, hence noguarantee and a vast percentage die in captivity. TRY US!
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     Rare Fish  Rare Fish

Rare fish found in Sri Lanka collected by our divers base of 500 who are in seach of the most rare fish. exporters of ornamental fish since 1963. Simply the biggest and the best in Sri Lanka. Strictly NO FISH POISIONING... Try us!!
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     Red Sea Fish Red Sea Fish

One of the very few exporters of Red Sea fish. WE ship from Sri Lankas. Working on a collecting station, which is under progress.
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