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     PRODISC Technology Inc 

     About this company : Prodisc Technology Inc, as one of three biggest manufacturers in CDR/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW in all over the world!! Also, has maintained our operational policies of innovation, value-added, high speed and excellence, a top manufacturer of advanced optical products since establishment in 1990. There are over 2,200 employees, 238 million USD capitals, 300 million USD revenue, and 11 manufactories in Taiwan and China. Prodisc Technology Inc. work as Global OEM, and we have clients all over the world.

     Contact : Terence yu, sales 
     Headquarters : NO13. Wuchiuan 7th Rd. Wugu Shiang, Taipei, 248, Taiwan, Republic of China
     Phone : +886-2299-2255#2543, Fax : 886222999027 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     PRODISC provide blank CDR / DVDR PRODISC provide blank CDR / DVDR cdr / dvdr / cdrw / dvdrw

Prodisc Taiwan provide

cdr diamond / color
8cm cdr
dvdr 8X / 16X / 20X
8cm dvdr

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     cd/cdr/cdrw/dvd/dvdr/dvdrw cd/cdr/cdrw/dvd/dvdr/dvdrw prodisc

PRODISC OEM cdr/cdrw/dvdr/dvdrw for you
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     LED lamp LED lamp table light

Prodisc takes the lead in linking up LED and key technical, TRIO, to present a trans-industry product, LED lamp, to satisfy your need if you are heavy user in lamp.

With breakthrough of technology, our product equips with unique characters. It is suited for professional users who are long-term in reading or working.

1) 35~45% Power Saving,
2) Long lifetime (more than 60,000 hours)
3) Low voltage
4) Constant Current and Pulse DC. Control
5) No idling time for lighting up
6) No Mercury
7) No UV
8) No Infrared Rays
9) No EMI.

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