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     Yuyao Zhunshi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.  

     About this company : Yuyao Zhunshi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Our Company specializes in developing and manufacturing in OEM and After-market for engine parts: ignition system, such as distributors assy, distributor caps, rotor arms, ignition modules, contact point sets and condensers, sensors for Honda, Nissan, Land Rover, Kia, Lada, Paykan, Peugeot, Fiat, Volga, VW, Suzuki, etc. We are ISO9001:2000 approved.

     Contact : sarah wong, sales 
     Headquarters : Ditang Street, Yuyao, Ningbo, 315491, China
     Phone : 86-574-62243927, Fax : 86-574-62245177 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Contact Point Set Contact Point Set 2101 Lada

Contact Point Set 2101 Lada
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     Distributor Cap Distributor Cap

Distributor Cap
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     Electronics Contact Point Set Electronics Contact Point Set Contact Point Set

Electronics Contact Point Set
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     Fiat Ignition Distributor Fiat Ignition Distributor Lucas35412320

Fiat Ignition Distributor Lucas 35412320
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     Honda Ignition Distributor Honda Ignition Distributor TD31U,41U,52U

Honda Ignition Distributor TD31U, 41U, 52U
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     Ignition Module Ignition Module

Ignition Module
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     Kia pride Distributor Kia pride Distributor KK15018200A

Kia pride Distributor KK 15018200A
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     Lada Ignition Distributor Lada Ignition Distributor 2101,2103

Lada Ignition Distributor 2101, 2103
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     Lucas Ignition Distributor Lucas Ignition Distributor 40,41427,41555,41610,41429

Lucas Ignition Distributor 40, 41427, 41555, 41610, 41429
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     Lucas V8 Engine Ignition Distributor Lucas V8 Engine Ignition Distributor V8 Engine

Lucas V8 Engine Ignition Distributor
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     Nissan Ignition Distributor Nissan Ignition Distributor 22100-J1710, 22100-C6000/8000

22100-J1710, 22100-C6000/8000, 22100-E3000, 22100-P5110, 22100-V2600, 22100-02W00, 22100-A3502
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     Peugeot Ignition Distributor Peugeot Ignition Distributor 504, 404

Peugeot Ignition Distributor 504, 404
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     Rotor Arm Rotor Arm

Rotor Arm
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     sensor sensor

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     Vacuum Unit Vacuum Unit

Vacuum Unit
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     Volga Ignition Distributor Volga Ignition Distributor

Volga Ignition Distributor
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     VW Ignition Distributor VW Ignition Distributor VW 043905205

VW Ignition Distributor VW 043905205
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