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     About this company : SMAH INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD is an export company based in Nigeria and registered by Corporate Affairs Commision of Nigeria with No RC678192, Nigerian Export Promotion Council with No. ; NE / 2586 / NG / 07. The company is supported by Nigerian Export Import Bank. Our export business is financed and guided by NEXIMBank and its season professionals in export business. The company deals in the supply of Agricultural Commodities such as Ginger, Garlic, Chillie Pepper (including bird eye) , Black Pepper, Shea Nuts and Shea Nuts Butter that are purely Nigerian origin, to any part of the world. Qualities in terms of commodities and packaging are ensured. We ensure value for money!

     Contact : Mohammed Sani, Director CEO 
     Headquarters : C-01, 2nd Floor, Peace Park Plaza, Jabi, Utako District, Abuja, FCT, 234, Nigeria
     Phone : 234 08076088394, Fax : 234 09 7800490 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Chillie Pepper bird eye Chillie Pepper bird eye CP2

This Chillie Pepper is another varity of chillie pepper, (terms as bird-eye) is 0.8 to 1.5cm long is hot pepperish, red in colour, no stone, no dirt.
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     Chilli Pepper Chilli Pepper smahislCP1

Chillie Pepper is very hot-pepperish, it is between 1 to 2.5cm long. No dirt, stone or infections.
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     Chillie Pepper long type Chillie Pepper long type CP3

Long Chillie Pepper is 4cm to 7cm long, red, hot, no dirt, stones or infections. It is packed in 32 to 35kg per bag.
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     Dried Garlic Dried Garlic smahislGL1

White dehydrated garlic is grade I in Nigerian garlic market
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     Dried Harbiscus Flower Dried Harbiscus Flower HB1

Dried Habiscus Flower has sour taste. it is dried, redish black. 5 to 6cm long
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     Dried Split Ginger Dried Split Ginger GGK1

Dried Split Ginger has no stem, highly pungent, moisture content; 8-10%, no mould, no stones.
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     Shea Nuts Butter Shea Nuts Butter SN2

Shea Nuts Butter is off-white, solid at room temperature (28oC), Derived from Shea Nuts Seeds, free from dirt.
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