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     Kelilong Electron Co.Ltd 

     About this company : Electron Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer of various testing and measuring instruments established in Fujian, China. Our main products include PH meter, conductivity meter, TDS meters, ORP meter; pNa meter, salt meter, electrode, tachometer; thermometer, Thermo-Hygrometer; Refractometer, Water pump. The aim of our company is to enlarge our business by satisfying all of our clients with good quality and most competitive prices.We also accept OEM order form, and we always guide our customers to develop other new products in this field in China.

     Contact : helen chen, director 
     Headquarters : NO.60 Xing Ye Middle Road, Fuan, fujian, 355019, China
     Phone : +86-593-6550588, Fax : +86-593-6551718 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Dual TDS Meter Dual TDS Meter KL-RO22

KL-RO22 Dual TDS Meter

Technical Specification
Model KL-RO22 Measuring Range 0~1999ppm Resolution 1ppm Accuracy 2%Full Scale Automatic Temperature Compensation 0~50℃ Power Supply 41.5V(AG13) Dimensions 60mm55mm23mm Weight 98g

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     Conductivity and temperature meter  Conductivity and temperature meter KL-1386

KL-1386 Conductivity and temperature meter

Technical Specification:
μs/cm Temp(℃ Measuring range 0~1999μs/cm -50℃~70℃ Resolution 1μs/cm 0.1℃ Accuracy 2℅FS 1℃ Display 4-digital LCD Environment Humidity:≤95℅ Automatic Temperature Compensation 0℃~50℃ Power Supply 41.5V(AG13) Dimensions 1703623(mm3) Weight 98g

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