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     Shandong Shengya Machinery Company Limited 

     About this company : Our company is founded in 1995, the original of Shandong Tancheng Shengya Cement Product Factory, and it changed its name to Shandong Shengya Machinery Company Limited at the end of 2006. We have been working for the concrete block building machine design, production, sales. For many years we have to perfect the quality, in 2006 our company’s product by the state as a “The State Inspection-Free Product”, (Only three in the block-forming machine industry in China), and was named "Shandong Province brand products", ”Famous Trademark of Shandong Province”, “The units of Consumer’s satisfaction in Shandong Province”. Our company always adhere to high-quality, efficient, exploration, innovation guiding ideology, also we adhere to the people-centered, quality-rate, based on the domestic market to the international market and development management concepts, we established 50 offices which are responsible for the sales and service work, the products are selled all provinces and cities, and autonomous regions, and export countries and regions.

     Contact : Sun Airi 
     Headquarters : Shengli Development Zone, Tancheng, Linyi, Shandong, 276131, China
     Phone : 086-0539-6732999, Fax : 086-0539-6730999 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     ---- Branch 1 ---
     Contact : Shelley
     Address : Shengli Development Zone, Tancheng , Linyi, Shandong, 276100, China
     Phone : 086-0539-6732999, Fax : 086-0539-6730999

     Mixer  Mixer JQ350

Technical Data:

Power: 5.5KW
Motor Model: Y100L2-4
Principal axis revolution: 19r/min.
Motor revolution: 1430r/min.
Whip time: 5m.
Production efficiency: 3m2 /h

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     Fullly Automatic Hydraulic Figure Block Machine Fullly Automatic Hydraulic Figure Block Machine SY-750Ⅱ

Fullly Automatic Hydraulic Figure Block Machine produce the bricks as follows:

collision prevention curb of the size that are not larger than 50×450×200mm, impound curb,, all kinds of pavement blocks, slope protection brick, etc.

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     Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine QTJ4-25

QTJ4-25 Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine has absorbs the advantages of different machines home and abroad , the new of machine was produced after research and development, considering the conditions of use and maintenance in the middle and small sizes factories that use cement block shaping machines. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Transfer mechanism adopts mechanical drive, and use mechanical power reasonably and effectively, it can finish several technology actions without breaking. Transfer mechanism wears well and is convenient for corrective maintenance.

2. When the machine is forming concrete brick, it librates up and down. There is vibration table with vertical orientation under the mould box, and vibrator vibrates with compression over the crossbeam, thus when it produces concrete brick or pavement block, satisfactory shaping effect can be achieved, it fits for producing concrete brick or pavement block of high strength.

3. The machine is of multi-purpose, it can produce walling unit, pavement block and figure walling unit, etc. Of many shapes and sizes, when consumer produce concrete brick or pavement with colorful layer, you can pull out the feeding arrangement, and set up a charging deck to adopt artificial feeding, which can not only save the cost of colorful layer, but also produce different kinds of concrete brick or pavement with colorful layer and so on.

4. The machine can use common plate as shaping baseboard.

5. The machine operates automatically, has high manufacturing efficiency, and needs low intensity of labor.

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     Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine QTJ4-18

Purpose and characteristics
1. Setting storage bucker and input hopper separately and inputting material with rations.

As for traditional shaping machine, the storage and input of concrete mixed material are carried out by the same hopper that is near to vibratory source, which makes it easier to be affected by the after vibration, and also makes some concrete liquefy ahead of time, thus the time of input will be longer and it is harder to input the material, moreover, the strength error of products are very big. As for QTJ4-18 Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine, the storage bucker and input hopper are set separately, and storage bucker (about 500L) is far away from vibratory source, and carries out the measure of vibration-isolating. The machine uses closed-ended belt to convey the material with rations to input hopper, and use the quantitative switches to controls the upper line of inputting hopper (the amount of material is adjustable).

2pulsive input device As the rib of concrete perforated brick is very thin (usually 13-16 mm), adopting traditional way would make it hard to input material to the mould box equably. QTJ4-18 Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine adopts compulsive input system (there are several rows of mixing forks in the cloth box), when the cloth box is conveyed up to the mould box, mixing fork will move to input material compulsively, which guarantees the speed of inputting and also makes the inputting equably.

3. Excellent vibration system:

The main vibration system of the QTJ4-18 Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine is composed of vibration machine and vibration box, its frequency and amplitude are adjustable (frequency modulation can be replaced pulley). Besides, there is a specific vertical orientation vibrator on the head pressure. When the shaping machine works, the ingot stripping oil cylinder is kept on the vibration table to make the table and shaping machine vibrate together. And the vibration system can be coupled with variable frequency AM and pressure head of vibration, it not only ensures the mixture of different properties molding, but also allows the specification of different products in a relatively short time fully dense, high efficiency, low power consumption.

4. Intelligent control Being affected by the moisture and the change of stone of material, the concrete material after mixing is different. On the premise of quality guarantee, we set the parameter for best shaping and most conservative, when the data is higher than the upper limit, the machine can decrease material, when lower than the floor level, it can increase material. The machine also has the functions of real-time dynamic displaying the machine movement, failure-checking, failure-output and failure-input displaying, etc.

5. Effective worktable As the design adopts the new technique of vibration, the efficiency vibration of the shaping area can reach to 0.5m2 (850×550mm), which lays the firm foundation for scale production of concrete perforated brick.

6. Multi-function It is of multi-purpose, replacing the mould can produce different size of walling unit, pavement block, square brick, planted brick, figure brick, the veneer of brick, the heat insulation layer of room surface brick and so on. Having one machine can satisfy the needs of all kinds of concrete bricks.

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     Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine QT6-15

Main Technical Data:

一、Product Quantity of Different Moulds: 390×190×190×6pieces/mould (standard concrete brick) 240×115×90×15 pieces/mould (concrete brick with 8 holes) 240×115×53×30pieces/mould (standard brick) 二、Carrier Size: 850×680×40 (wood) 三、Shaping Cycle: 12~18s (depends on the size and character of concrete brick) 四、Vibration parameter: Vibration frequency (adjustable) 80Hz (max.) Vibration Force (adjustable) 88Hz (max.) 五、The total Power: 36.8KW 六、Overall Size: 6370×2000×2510mm

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     Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine QTJ4-30

QTJ4-30 Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine adopts mechanical drive, and manual manipulation to put the mixed material into the mould box and use concrete vibrating to shape the block. Products made by it have good looking, clear edges and corners, weight error is ±3%, impact strength is as high as 10.5(MPa)and the error is 10%, geometry size <±1.5 mm. The machine has abroad uses, it can not only produce concrete block, but also produce all kinds of load bearing and nonbearing blocks with industrial residue like coal slack, fly ash, sintered aggregate, waste gypsum, etc.
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     Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine: Fully Automatic Cement Block Shaping Machine: QTJ4-40

The series of Block Shaping Machines, which meet the state standards of GBT8533-1998, are excellent in performance, high in efficiency, and lower in energy consumption. Since putting into the market, good economic profits and social benefits have been achieved. They are ideal equipment for high quality cement blocks. The products made by them can be piled up (3-5layers immediately after they are shaped.) Characteristics: Nine characteristics compared with clay brick:

1. Not using the clay as raw material to destroy any field.

2. Making use of three industrial wastes to change wastes into valuables.

3. Not using fire to bake blocks and not building kiln to save the energy sources and fields.

4. No chimney to protect the environment and avoid pollution.

5. Production process is simple, they can be made everywhere.

6. Low investment and achieving much faster results, customers can profit in half a year after investing.

7. The block can be produced all around the year.

8. Good looking, construction convenient, low-floor real jigsaw puzzle, and the high buildings do filler and cheap.

9. Technical criteria is better than those of red brick and green brick.

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