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     Bofeng Group 

     About this company : Liaoning Bofeng group is specialized in extracting botanical essence and soybean protein with biological engineering technology,taking the feed processing,landscape engineering and export vegetables as its extended industry,the through logistic of grains as its basic industry.

     Contact : oliver yin 
     Headquarters : liuerpu, liaoyang, liaoning, 111212, China
     Phone : +86-419-2653666, Fax : +86-419-2655000 
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     soy saponin soy saponin

It has the function of preventing and reducing hyperlipemia, and has obvious curative effect to treat obesity. Soybean saponin has anti-function to the afterffect which producing when treating rumor with chemotherapy, and has obvious curative effect to prevent and control atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cranial vascular disease. Specifications:40%(Natural) Usage:As medical intermediate, foof additive and nutrient additional agent to be made into drugs and health foods.
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     soy isoflavone soy isoflavone

its most remarkable physiology function is can alleviate a series of symptoms of women menopause which caused by the quantity of secreting estrogen drop suddenly. It also can prevent the osteoporosis, prevent and control breast cancer, colon cancer, cardiovascular and cranial vascular disease. It has the effect of delaying the organism senile at the same time.


Usage:as medical intermediate,food additive,and nutrient additional agent to be made into drugs and health foods.

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     soy protein isolates soy protein isolates

we supply injection type and gelation type.we process with non-fenetically modified soybean.
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     soy protein texture soy protein texture

Bofeng group soy protein texture takes the high quality NON-GOM soybean as the material,with high water absorbability and fiber texture. It can be used in meat products that can reduce cost. We can produce it as customer requirement.
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     soybean meal soybean meal

we supply the low and high soybean meal.
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