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     Jiacai Polymer Products Co., Ltd 

     About this company : Jiacai Polymer Products Co., Ltd, which established in 1998, Research, produce and sell various polymer foam and products. With advanced facilities, Solid scientific research and technology, our company has passed ISO9001-2000 International quality management system authentication, SGS environment protecting authentication, and all products comply with EU ROHS authentication. Main products 1、Special foam, polyester sea weed sponge, polyester filter foam, silica gel foam, high hardness foam, auto engine headliner foam, melamine foam, active carbon filter foam, conductive foam, fire resistant foam (UL authentication), make-up foam etc. 2、Consumables foam products, various ink cartridge, typewriter ribbon, selenium drum foam products, different powder delivering rod and charging rod for selenium drum. 3、PU mould toy. toys, living products, gifts, sport products, self congeal leather, hard foam etc. 4、 Various polyether foam and products memory foam, high bounce foam etc. 5 living products / beddings memory pillow / mattress, heart shaped pillow, lumpy pillow, bone shaped pillow, foam pillow, neck protecting pillow, car used neck pillow. latex pillow, soft latex pillow, waisr pillow, embroidered pillow, baby safe pillow  

     Contact : Jerry Liu, salesman 
     Headquarters : 3rd industrial zone shang village, gongming town bao'an district, shenzhen, Guangdong, 518106, China
     Phone : 86-755-27155038 , Fax : 86-755-27155028 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     earphone microphone foam earphone microphone foam

earphone / microphone used foam
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     bath mat bath mat

warm and comfortable, used for washing cleaning bathing, without unwholesome material
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     foam ceramic filter foam ceramic filter

FILTER have obvious advantages : 1. High Thermal Stability, High Chemical Stability ,Avoid the chemical reaction with the filtered molten metal. 2. High Mechanical Strength, Large Specific Surface , Efficient in purifying the metal flow. 3. Lower the filtering head loss, easy-operating, save energy. Smooth the metal flow avoid the spray, spatter and backset ,improve the exterior quality of the cast, prevent the pore disfigurement, reduce the inferior rate. 4. Various size, shape and aperture suitable for kinds of foundry technique. FILTER are including 001 Series (Al2O3),002 Series(SiC), 003 Series: ZrO2),004 Series (magnesia) Size: 10-600mm, Thickness: 10-50mm,PPI: 8-60ppi. CERAMIC FOAM FILTER are widely used in non-ferrous metal smelt, Foundry Industrial of Copper, Aluminium Alloy, Cast Iron, Cast Steel and high temperature fume separator, catalyzer carrier, special filling. New application for sound insulation and aquatic animal products have been exploited. 001 Series Ceramic Foam Filter Used For Aluminum Foundries or water purification 002 Series Ceramic Foam Filter Used For Ferrous Foundries or water purification 003 Series Ceramic Foam Filter Used For Steel Foundries or water purification 004 Series Ceramic Foam Filter Used For magnesium Foundries or water purification Trial order or OEM will be appreciate!!
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     transfer roller transfer roller

printer used tansfer roller, and we could supply ink ribbon, conductive roller, selenium drum foam, compressed foam for ink cartridge, ink cartridge head foam, noise absorbing foam, pricelabel printer ink ribbon
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