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     An ping yilon IMP & EXP CO .,Ltd 

     About this company : We are a company that established in 1997. Wire meshes, nails and fasteners, hand tools, wire mesh machines, wire drawing machines and agriculture machines are the main products of our company. We sell series of wire meshes including: 1. hexagon mesh 2. square mesh 3. barbed wire mesh 4. expanded mesh 5. stainless steel wire mesh 6. black wire mesh 7. corner beads 8. welding mesh 9. brass mesh 10. chain link fencing 11. fiber glass netting 12. barbecu wire mesh The series of nails and fasteners are: 1mon wire nails 2. finising nails 3. roofing nails 4. drywall screw 5. case nails 6. duplex head nails 7. clout nails 8.pallet nails 9. boat nails 10. staple nails 11. concrete nails 12. shoot nails 13. cut nails 14. plastic head nails 15. coil nails 16. plastic strip nails 17. self drilling screw And the tools of 1. nail coiler / coil nail gun 2. staple nail gun 3. shovel The Machinery and Accessories like: 1. Wire mesh machine 2. wire drawing machine 3. angriculture machine With excellent management system, high quality worker teams, advanced equipment, the latest technology, our goods are the best sellers in the Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. And we have a good reputation on the international market. As we own the first-class products, reasonable prices and perfect services, we will have a nice cooperation with any company contract us and get mutual benefit.

     Contact : Kelly Zhang, regional manager 
     Headquarters : 66# wire mesh street, heng shui, he bei, 053600, China
     Phone : 86-0318-5285506-8007, Fax : 86-0318-5285509 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Fiberglass mesh  Fiberglass mesh

We have series of fiberglass mesh of Leno weave and plain weave with colors of white, green, blue, red, yellow, gray, black, etc. used mainly for constructions and industral supplies like Fiberglass self-adhesive tape (fiberglass drywall joint tape), Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh, Glassfiber net for wall reinforcement
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     agriculture machine agriculture machine


CODEChisel 5 Tines
CH01.001Chisel 7 Tines
CH01.002Chisel 9 Tines
CH01.003Chisel 11 Tines

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     Bar Ties Wire Bar Ties Wire

Specification:wire diameter(1.0mm-1.6mm), length (4"-12"), galvanized or PVC coated, also, we can produce according to buyers'demand.
Material: black soft wire, galvanized wire,PVC coated wire.
Purpose: it widely used in construction and daily.

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     barbed wire barbed wire

Material:High quality low carbon steel wire (galvanized, plastic-coated, plastic-sprayed), PVC wire with the color of blue, green, yellow, etc.

weaving and characteristics: Be woven into product; fastness and good appearance
usefulness: Be used as lawn border and the partition of railway and highway.

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     Black iron wire Black iron wire

We have series of wires like Black iron wire, Hot Galvanized Wire, Electroplate, Reround black fire wire, Shining wire, black fire wire and Galvanized Wire
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     black wire cloth  black wire cloth

Material: high quality low carbon steel wire.

Weaving: Plain and twill woven wire cloth. Mild steel woven wire cloth can be processed into filter discs of various sizes and shapes like squares, rectangles and circles.

Use:Black Wire Cloth is mainly used in filtration of rubber, plastic, petroleum and grains industry

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     brass wire mesh brass wire mesh

Materials:brass wire, Phosphor bronze wire and copper wire
Specifications: brass wire mesh from 1-200 mesh, and phosphor bronze wire mesh from 1-500mesh
used in: sieving diversified pellet, powder, porcelain clay and glass, chinaware printing, filtering liquid and gas

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     chain link fence chain link fence

Materials: Gal. Iron, stainless steel wire and PVC coated iron wire mesh

Used: As fences for playground and gardens, super highway, railway, airport, port, residence, etc. chain Link fence is also used in breeding of animals

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     chip board screw chip board screw

Surface treat: plated zinc and white
Head: countersunk (single pair), hexagon, plum blossom, square trough
Material: c1022, ordinary M3.0, M4.0, M4.5, M5.0, M6.0 10MM-254MM

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     Clout nails Clout nails

Specification: dia0.120", 3/4"----3"

Features: Large flat head, Smooth or twisted shank, Diamond point; Finish: electro galvanized (blue zinc, yellow zinc);

Packing: 1 kg/box, 25 boxes/ctn; 50 lb/ctn, 48 ctns/pallet Used for securing roofing felt, lead sheet etc.

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     coil nail gun Ga16 2-1/2 inch coil nail gun Ga16 2-1/2 inch

*Ga.16 (1.6*1.4mm) finish nails from 15mm (5/8") to 64mm (2-1/2")

[equal to Paslode:F16, BeA: SK400, OMER: Brads 14, Paslode: F16, Haubold: SKN16 Bostitch:BT12 ]

Magazine capacity: 100pcs Durable Die casting Alum. housing with strong power but light weight (1.4kgs)

Quick connector included with dust free cover. Larger size cylinder makes more power Rubber comfortable grip. 360 degree adjustable air deflector. Quick release nosepiece for fast clearing of jams. Touch strike security system which is safe for operator. Non-marring nose tip protect the working surface. BMC package included with standard accessories such as hex wrench, oil pot etc.

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     Coil nails Coil nails

Wire coil nails, jumbo wire collated coil nails(4500pcs)

Dia: 0.083" 0.099" 0.113" 0.120" 0.131" 0.148"
length: 1-1/4" to 3-1/2"
shank: smooth, screw, ring
finish: bright, vinyl coated, hot dip galvanized EG(WZ,YZ)standard carbon steel or stainless steel
angle: 16degree 15degree 10degree 0degree
winding: flat, conical
nails: 175-400pcs/coil, 1200-4500 pcs/coil
package: 20-60coils/ctns, 24-48ctns/pallet Used for felt, board, roof, machinery, pneumatic tool, etc.

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     common nails  common nails

Stainless Steel common nails are available with smooth, spiral or ring shanks. Also available are collated nails for framing guns.
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     Concrete nails Concrete nails

Blue concrete nails

Specification: 16-125mm
Features: sunken head, Diamond Point, round shank or lined shank, quenching, hot-dipping galvanized or zinc plated

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     Corner bead Corner bead

This product is PVC profile bonded with fiberglass mesh for corner reinforcement,which is used widely for EIFS and drywall system.

The width for each side of PVC profile is 24mm,the width for each side of fiberglass mesh is 100mm,total length is 2.5m.We can make such product according to your own requirement.

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     Cut masonry nails Cut masonry nails

This product are ideal for attaching wood members to cinder block walls as well as to fresh concrete. The blunt point and tapered shank cause minimal spalling during penetration and offer even greater pull-out resistance than wire masonry nails.3/4'' penetration is recommended for satisfactory holding power. Also recommended for face-nailing hardwood flooring
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     dry wall screw dry wall screw

Used for attaching drywall to wood or metal studs, these screws are available in fine or coarse thread and feature a black phosphate coating.

They are also available with a drill point (for 14 gauge metal studs) or a sharp point (20-26 gauge metal studs). Normally installed with a screw gun

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     Duplex head nails Duplex head nails

Duplex head,smooth shank, Diamond point.

Packing: 50LBS/CTN 25CTN/PLT

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     expanded mesh expanded mesh

Material:made by expanding super quality steel Be extensively used in railway engines, petroleum and chemical industry, shipbuilding, seaport, boiler, building, energy, energy, electric power, and large scale equipments, agriculture, animal cages, automobiles, tractors etc.
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     Gabion Box Gabion Box

Gabion Box is a kind of cage net which is made of mantel wire mesh (hexagonal wire mesh) Different kinds of wire diameter are used according to the hexagonal size.if it is galvanized, the diameter of the wire is 2.0mm-4.0mm.the diameter changes from 3.0mm to 4.5mm if the wire has pvc coating ,more wider wire will be used for weaving the outline edg.
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     Galvanized Iron Wire Galvanized Iron Wire

Variety: thermal galvanized iron wire, electric galvanized iron wire

Use: Mainly telecommunication equipment and materials, medical equipment and device, weaving of wire mesh, steel rope, filtration mesh, high-pressure pipe, construction, arts and crafts, etc.

Thermal galvanized iron wire: 8#-30#
Electric galvanized iron wire: 8#-36#

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     galvanized wire mesh  galvanized wire mesh

Materials: Selected high-quality plain steel wire
Specifications: Good corrosion and rust resistance
Used as: window screening, safety guards on machinery enclosures. It's also used in filtering liquid and gas, sieving grain

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     Guarding mesh Guarding mesh

Material: low-carbon steel wire or/and magnalium wire.
Braiding: braided and welded, with long life, anti-rust and comfortable to eyes.
Use: guarding for window or door, and fence for highway, railway, airport, apartment, port, garden, breeding and farm.

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     hexagonal mesh hexagonal mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh is also known by the name of chicken mesh. itís galvanized before being woven with quality wire into the hexagon net by auto-matic equipment. finally it is hot-galvanized. This product is of anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation is widely used in gas reinforcement of the roof and floor, fencing for poultry farms, birds cages, tennis courts, children playground and so on.
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     High ribbed formwork mesh High ribbed formwork mesh

High Ribbed Formwork is manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets. Because its meshes and U patterns,it has better anti-stress capability and forming flexibility than normal metal lath. This product has excellent engineering quality, construction security and widely used in tunnels bridges, valve basement systems, sewage systems, subways, retaining walls, nuclear power plants, shipyards, water pools and marine engineering works and high rise building projects and non-regular or bending pattern etc. as concrete permanent assembly-free formwork
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     Pallet nails Pallet nails

Specification: 30-150mm Features: flat head or half-round head, Screw and Ring shank, diamond point or no point; Finish: bright or zinc plated; Packing: 1kg/box, 25boxes/ctn; 50lb/ctn, 48ctns/pallet Used for crate, pallet, floor board, etc
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     Razor barbed wire Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed tape is a kind of modern security fencing materials fabricated with razor-sharp steel blade and high-tensile wire. Razor Wire Variety: Concertina Coils Type Straight Type Razor Wire
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     Roofing nails Roofing nails

Roofing nails are short, diamond-pointed steel nails with a wide flat head.The shank may be barbed, and they are often galvanized. A peculiarity of the roofing nails standard is that it is the only type of nail with zero tolerance for undersize heads. Specifications︰1-3/4" X BWG13 2" X BWG12 2" X BWG11 2-1/2" X BWG10 2-1/2" X BWG9 3" X BWG9
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     Safety Fencing Safety Fencing

These products are desighed for higher visibility as well as greater wind. Itís used as safety fencing or warning barrier for construction sites. And are also used as light weight snow fencing. Can be seen in Airports, Excavations, Ski Areas Features: Manufactured from PE U.V. stabilized with the rectangular mesh type.Re-useable. Usually packed in rolls in plastic film bags with labels inside Colors: orange,green,yellow.
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     self drilling screw self drilling screw

Our products include hex, washer, lange, we have bugle philips Pan phillips, Coutersunk phillips, Wafer phillips, Hexwasherhade, Truss phillips, Panframing Phillips, Nylon head self-drilling screw, and so on Dia: M3.5, M3.9, M4.2,M4.8, M5.5, M6.3 length: 3/4"-10"
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     stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire mesh

Materials: generally made of stainless steel Type 304, Type 304L, Type 316 and Type 316L Woven type & characteristics: plain weave, dutch weave and bamboo weave, Stainless steel is wear-resisting, heat-resisting, acid-resisting and corrosion resisting used in: widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental pretection, mine, airspace, paper-making, electronic, metallurgy etc
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     Wire Mesh for Grasslands Wire Mesh for Grasslands

Knotted Wire Mesh Fences are made of hot-dipped zinc coated steel wire, offer high strength and tensile strength, provide safety fencing against fierce striking of cattle, horse or goats.Knotted Wire Mesh Fences make an ideal fencing material for grasslands husbandry.
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     wire mesh machine wire mesh machine

Characteristic:It has the board machine frame, electromagnetism stepless time, the distance of wire is wide, small noise, stabilization and save electricity,the mesh is standard. The machine can be used to produce f0.45-f1.0mm low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire mesh and other kinds of welded wire mesh. wire mesh, welded wire mesh, wire mesh machine
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