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     Wafangdian GWG Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. 

     About this company : We GWG BEARINGS are a specialized manufacturer of ball and roller bearings in Wafangdian, China. We mainly make medium and large rolling bearings, capability range from medium bearings with inner diameter of 120mm to large bearings with outer diameter of 3000mm. In addition to our GWG brand, we also provide OEM service and supply non-standard products for special applications. Our main products are inclusive: Deep groove ball bearings, Four point contact ball bearings, Angular contact ball bearings, Cylindrical roller bearings, Spherical roller bearings, Taper roller bearings, Thrust ball bearings, Angular contact thrust ball bearing, Cylindrical roller thrust bearings, Spherical roller thrust bearings, Taper roller thrust bearings.

     Contact : lavender Zhao 
     Headquarters : A1317 No.20 Gangwan Street, Dalian, Liaoning, 116000, China
     Phone : 86-411-82768572-1, Fax : 86-411-82768573 
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     Taper roller bearings Taper roller bearings

These bearings have tapered rollers which are guided by the thicker side of the cup. The design of the sliding surfaces of the cup and inner ring and the rolling elements when extended converge towards the same single point on the bearing axle. Single-row bearings can carry radial load and axial load in one direction. Double-row and four-row taper roller bearings can bear the radial load and axial load in double directions.
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     Angular contact ball bearings Angular contact ball bearings

When the single-row angular contact ball bearing is carrying the radial load, they will be a component of force in the axial direction. Therefore it is suggested that two of there bearings be applied in back-to-back or face-to-face arrangements. Single row bearings can carry radial load and axial load in one direction. Double-row angular contact ball bearings have two designs of one outer ring and two inner rings and one outer ring and one inner ring. For the design with one outer ring and two inner rings, the axial clearance is easy to control during machining.
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     Cylindrical roller bearings Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical rollers have linear contact with the raceway, and the bearings can carry heavier radial load. Applications are found in situations characterized by heavy load and shock load and also high rotation speed. The N type and NU type bearings can be movable along the shaft. They can adapt to the position changes between the shaft and housing caused by the thermal expansion or the mounting error and are most suitable for free end shafts. NJ and NF types can accept certain axial load in one direction, and NH and NUP types can accept certain axial load in two directions. Inner ring and outer ring can be separable, and be they are convenient to mount and dismount. FC, FCD and FCDP types can carry comparatively heavy radial load and are mainly applied for mill rolls.
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     Cylindrical roller thrust bearings Cylindrical roller thrust bearings

These bearings consist for rings with raceways (shaft washer and housing washer) and cylindrical rollers and the cage assembly. The contour surface of the cylindrical rollers makes the even distribution of the pressure between the rollers and rolling surfaces. They can carry axial load in single direction. The greater the load carrying capacity, the bigger the rigidity in the axial direction.
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     Deep groove ball bearings Deep groove ball bearings

They are the most typical rolling bearings with extensive applications. The raceways in both of the rings are in arc groove form, which can carry radial and axial load in double directions. They can be applied in situations where high-rotating speed and low noise and low vibration are required.
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     Four point contact ball bearings Four point contact ball bearings

They can carry radial load and axial load in double directions. One four-point contact ball bearings can replace the two angular contact ball bearings. They are used to bear the pure axial load or the combined load with greater axial load.
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     Spherical roller bearings Spherical roller bearings

Spherical rollers are put between the spherical raceway on the outer ring and the two grooves on the inner ring for there bearings. Since the center of the arc raceway on the outer ring is the same as the center of the whole bearing arrangement, there bearings are self-aligned and automatically adjust the bending of the shaft and housing and the eccentricity. The bearings can carry radial load and axial load in double directions. The especial radial load carrying capability makes there bearings suitable for heavy load and shock load carrying.
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     Spherical roller thrust bearings Spherical roller thrust bearings

The rollers of these bearings are of spherical shape, and the spherical raceway surface of the housing washer in self-aligned. These bearings are featured y the extremely big axial load carrying capacity and meanwhile they can also carry certain radial load.
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