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     Snowhite projection screen Co.LTD 

     About this company : Snowhite Projection Screen Company is established in 2002, and locates in Shenzhen, a earliest leading reform and opening city. It is a hi-tech company, specializing in the research, manufacture and sale projection screens and other projection products. The trade marks BAIXUE and SNOWHITE are two famous brands in screen industry in China. The company has good reputation in screen industry, getting coincident praises from dealers and users. After several years development, Snowhite projection screens has a large market in Mainland of China. At present, Snowhite company cooperate with world famous projection enterprises such as American Da-lite, Danish SVS, keeping the step of the development of the world projection technology, offering clients perfect eyes enjoyment. Main products are JEWEL series and DIAMOND series projection screens, including manual screen, tripod screen, electric screen, table portable screen, floor portable screen, fast-fold screen, wall screen and rear screen, speculum and support etc. DIAMOND series uses high quality fabric made in China, JEWEL series uses fabric imported from America. The products are used in government, school, army, post and telecommunications corporation, public security bureau, firm etc. Snowhite Company has exported various projection screens to Middle East, Europe etc.

     Contact : Anny Anny, foreign trade operator 
     Headquarters : No.4 industry area Fenghuang, Fuyon, Shenzhen, Guangdong , 518103, China
     Phone : 13927496259, Fax : 27345740 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Fast-fold Screen Fast-fold Screen

◆ Front or rear screen at your choice.

◆ Frame can be folded, it is convenient to display out door.

◆ Durable and stable frame.

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     Electric Screen Electric Screen Electric

1)Imported tubular motor runs quietly, and equipped thermal protection system in order to last using time of motor

2)Fabric imported from US, high gain, which can let you enjoy clear and vivid picture on the screen.

3)Wireless remote controller is optional, and changes the traditional way, which makes operation is easy.

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     Electric Tensioned Screen Electric Tensioned Screen Electric Screen

1. It is used SNOWHITE special flexible screen fabric, the surface of it is characterized mini-type and fine diamond veins, texture exquisite, texture lubricity and smoothness, then it not only can cancel light wave vein and make the screen very flat, but also can perfect reductive color much more saturated; Meanwhile, the vision is extensive, wherever the audience seat, they also can see the same clear and luculent pictures. Pure color on the basic surface of the screen, it shows light and shade administrative levels and exuberance and exquisite. The contrast is trenchancy and not glare, the quality feeling is very downright and the popular feeling is fineness. As long as you have this tensioned screen even you are at home, you also can enjoy the top visual taste of the professional cinema with specialty film. 2. Elastic force backguy tightens system from breaking down, the levelling degree may follow curtain face is adjusted arbitrarily, can remove the general screen voluntarily that the disaster eliminates very much "erects cockles", makes a curtain as neat as mirror. 3. The built-in tubular motor, top grade luxury, travel noise are minimal, the screen obeys stable, peacefull when going up and down, smoothly, square aluminum housing, which supply high quality, and you can choose white video fabric and gray video spectra and rear projection fabric 4. 4: 3 and 16: 9 format can be chosed, any size can produce it according to your demands, can choose a RF or IR remote to control the screen or use the manual controller to control the screen.
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     Fast-fold Screen Fast-fold Screen

◆ Front or rear screen at your choice.

◆ Frame can be folded, it is convenient to display out door.

◆ Durable and stable frame.

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     Fixed Screen Fixed Screen

◆ Imported classic soft video spectra from USA.Lowreflecting rete,hight contrast is the newest vidio screen.

◆ Micro and dense optical structure,which make picture clear and natural.

◆ Aluminum frame with leather, change fabric easily. different colors are available.

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     Floor Screen Floor Screen

1)Packed in case, convenient to carry, and meets the demands of business and home theatre.

2)Air pressure type spring,and scissors type structure,you can adjust it at any position.

3)Supporting structure at behind, wonderful design.

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     Manual Screen  Manual Screen Manual

1)The screen surface can stay discretional position because of advanced autolocking system. it is easy to operate.

2)Fabric imported from U.S, high gain, which can let you enjoy clear and vivid picture on the screen.

3)Streamline aluminum alloy cover has two colors-silvery and white-at your choice.

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     Metallic screen Metallic screen

◆ Streamline aluminum alloy case, indurative and durable, can be used in manual or electric way.

◆ The surface of the screen is more valuable metal coating, high gain , offers clear and vivid projected picture.

◆ Fog resistant, oxidation resistant and flame retardant. The screen surface can be washed.

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     Speculum and Support Speculum and Support

◆ The surface of the speculum is covered with the medium film..

◆ More than 94% incidence light can be reflected.

◆ Surface of speculum reflects pictures clearly,and reduces the loss of light.The support can be disassembled,and the height can be adjusted.

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     Table Screen Table Screen

1)Made of heavy gauge steel and anodized aluminum. Packed in case. Convenient to carry for businessman.

2)High gain, suitable for digital and microst-ructure display.

3)Unique structure, stands stably.

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     Tripod Screen Tripod Screen Tripod

1)Unique keystone eliminator system, keeps the screen flat.

2)Lighteeight yet durably constructed, the tripod is designed specifically for audiovisual use. The tripod's legs are of sturdy gabled steel.

3)case can be adjusted easily to any level on tripod upright.

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