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     Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd. 

     About this company : We are Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd., situated in the central of Thailand Bangkok. We are exporter, distributors, manufacturer and trader of food additives and food ingredients.

     Contact : Mr.Sommai Sukpasri, MD. 
     Headquarters : 272/2 Soi Ladprao 122 (Mahadthai 1), Bangkok, Wangthonglang, 10310, Thailand
     Phone : 662 5422641, Fax : 662-5422644 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Modified starch Modified starch

We are manufacturer and exporter 3 grads of modified starch as the following: Tenfony Modified 01 made of cassava that is making the gelatinization, viscosity, good binding, and viscosity stable in the low temperature. 1.Used it in the noodle products and makes it to cooked quickly. 2.Used it in frozen products due to reduce the drip loss of the water from the products. 3.Being a viscosity agent, consistency agent in bakery products, sauces, soup powder and puddings. 4.Being a covering agent in dried fruits due to making the glassing agent and taking the stability of the aroma. Tenfony modified starch 02 is made of cassava that is stable of high temperature, acidity, and shred force from the stirring machine. 1.Used it in a high acidity food such as sauces. 2.Suitable for a high temperature food such as canned food. 3.Suitable for a high speed homogenized food or extruded food namely snack foods. Tenfony Modified Starch 03 made of cassava that is stable for cooking, cooling and frozen product. 1.Being the elastic in food product such as frozen sweet products. 2.Suitable for meat products (protect the drip loss of water from the product). 3.Suitable for pasteurized food, salad dressing, sauces. 4.Suitable for coat in the fried food (makes the goods binding in the starch and food). Packing 25 kg. of each.
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     Arabica coffee bean Arabica coffee bean

Thailand is the third largest coffee grower in Southeast Asia, behind Indonesia and Vietnam. Arabica is grown in high mountains of Northern Thailand at 2,000 feet high. Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd., is manufacturing and supplying in both - 100% of Arabica coffee bean, packing 1 kg.and 10kg bag - 100% of Arabica roasted grind coffee, packing 1 kg.and 10kg bag Our items give you international taste but still remain Thai way. They are full of chocolatery flavour and flowery smell. A pleasure of memorable & unforgettable moment can be shared with someone special. Finishing off your meal among friends with Aroma Gourmet Arabica. We treat the growers with respect and fairness, we comply with the laws of Thailand, and we biodegrade the coffee smoke so that the environment dose not suffer. This 100% Thai product helps to rerce the image quality of product coming from Thailand!
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     Biodegradable and disposable food packaging Biodegradable and disposable food packaging

We are Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd., situated in the central of Thailand - Bangkok. We are mainly exporting biodegradable food packaging which are made of cassava starch and some plant fibre. Our products named KU Green. Because of biodegradable and disposable food packaging, KU Green products are friendly to the environment. And have various shapes such as cup, bowl, plate, lunch box, glass, coffee cup, glass and so on. Currently, our goods are widely used in England, France and Spain. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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     Coconut Cream Powder Coconut Cream Powder

The revolutionary spray-drying method beings to you the rich taste of coconut without all the additional fuss. A quicker and more convenient alternative. Our coconut cream powder is the dry powder processed from the extract of coconut kernel. The coconut milk extract from the great coconut is filtered, pasteurized and spray dried. The moisture is evaporated from the fine liquid particle, leaving only the rich, fine and smooth white powder. Packing : 20 kg./bag
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     Frutose Syrup Frutose Syrup

We are supplying high fructose syrup by both 42% and 55%. It is a water white colour that is readily blendable with other foods. Because of high sweetness, fermentability and humectancy, our product are widely well-known here in Thailand and exported to many countries. This item enhances the flavour of food, especially fruits. Should you would like further rmation, please feel free to contact us.
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     Non dairy creamer Non dairy creamer

We are Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd., manufacturing and exporting non dairy creamer, which is made of hydrogenated palm kernel oil. Because of milky aroma, slightly sweet and good taste, it is suitable for being an ingredient in coffee, tea, biscuits, bakery and mix it likes milk powder. Our quality is similar to Nestle' Coffee Mate. And currently, our product is widely used in Thailand and exported to many countries. Packing : 20 kg./bag Minimum order: 13 Mt. Lead time : within 21 days after receiving L/C. Payment term : L/C at sight
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