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     Shanghai Zhengyu Special Alloy Ltd. 

     About this company : Our company was established in 1992. We have two factories in Zhuozhou and Gaoyou which have produced and supplied the Strontium Metal and Aluminum Master Alloys for 15 years, furthermore, the manufacturing plants were registered to ISO9001:2000 in 2003, so we can supply low price and high quality to customers, and assure delivery date. With the advanced technology, sound reputation and global markets, the company has achieved great success. We just invested a Titanium Mine in Guangxi province. And now we can offer Potassium Fluotitanate(K2TiF6), Potassium Fluoborate(KBF4) and Potassium Fluozirconate(K2ZrF6) through our new factory. We have a lot of long and stable business friends in South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Italy, Canada, German, British, America, Poland, Iran and so on. If you have interest in our products, pls contact me without hesitation.

     Contact : Doris rao 
     Headquarters : 1801 Shanghai Information and Techn, Shanghai, 200092, China
     Phone : 86-21-58799571, Fax : 86-21-61431941 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     ---- Branch 1 ---
     Contact : Doris
     Address : 1801 room, 1555 Kongjiang Road, Shanghai, 200092, China
     Phone : 86-21-58799571, Fax : 86-21-61431941

     Aluminum Titanium Boron Aluminum Titanium Boron

Used as grain refiner when casting AlSi alloy. It's mainly used in grain refining of Al and Aluminum alloy to improve their performance and superficial quality. It's convenient to add and only small quantity is required. It's broadly used in field of aluminum casting, aluminum cable, aluminum foil, and so on.
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