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     Shijiazhuang Leayoo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. 

     About this company : We are a exporter dealing with dyes and pigments, such as direct dyes, basic dyes, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, yellow pigments, blue pigments, orange pigments, inorganic pigments, pearl pigments etc. Please contact us if you want to cooperate with us. Thanks.

     Contact : Wen cherry, trading salesman 
     Headquarters : Xincheng Tower,351,North Youyi Stree, Shijiazhuang, hebei, 050070, China
     Phone : 86-0311-85368896, Fax : 86-0311-85368898 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Violet 23 Violet 23

A common grade,red and blue shade available.
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     Blue 15:3 Blue 15:3

Pure green shade,transparent,high gloss,used for inks and coatings; Heatstable,easy dispersable,for plastics and fibre usage.
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     Blue 27 Blue 27

Slightly red shade,good light fastness,for solvent paints; A common grade for printing inks and paints; Good dispersion,economic-saved grade for printing inks.
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     Green 7 Green 7

Blue shade,heatstable and anti-solvent property,a common grade with all range of applications.
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     Green 8 Green 8

High covering,brilliant shade,for ceramics,rubber and plastics.
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     Mica Flake Mica Flake

Less impurities,for oil well drilling,roofing felts or re-processing.
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     Orange 13 Orange 13

Semi transparent,good for metal printing inks.Plastic grade for hard PVC available.
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     Orange 36 Orange 36

Excellent weather fastness,for automotive paints and printing inks.
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     Orange 5 Orange 5

Bright yellow shade,transparent for water-based inks.Opaque for inks snd paints.
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     Red 112 Red 112

Pure red shade,offset and acqueous inks usage Excellent lightfastness,for industrial coatings.
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     Red 48:1 Red 48:1

Yellow shade,solvent resistance,for acqueous and offset inks.
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     Red 49:1 Red 49:1

Yellow shade,better tinting less covering strength,specially used for acqueous inks.
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     Red 53:1 Red 53:1

Better heat resistance,good tint strength,often for plastics.
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     violet 1 violet 1

Brilliant red shade,offset,aqueous inks and coatings usage.
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     WG Mica MC-100 WG Mica MC-100

Least residue,medium whiteness and lightness,for rubber and papers.
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     Yellow 1 Yellow 1

Good lightfastness,easier dispersion;used for printing inks.
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     Yellow 12 Yellow 12

Transparent,semi and opaque grades for printing inks Plastic grade for PVC & PO.
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     Yellow 3 Yellow 3

Bright greenish shade,high gloss and covering strength;recommended for aqueous inks and paints.
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     Yellow 83 Yellow 83

Red shade,excellent fastness,wide usage for inks,plastics and coatings.
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