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     About this company : We are Zhong Yuan LUNGO Ceramics Co., Ltd., a famous Chinese manufacturer specialized in the ceramics. Many products likewise the polished porcelain tiles, Micro Crystal tiles, Rustic tiles, Glazed interior wall tiles, compound tiles, artistic designed tiles, glass mosaic and sanitary wares. Contact us if you need those products.

     Contact : Shiney Shiney, sales 
     Headquarters : nan zhuang, foshan, guangdong, 528000, China
     Phone : +86-13724643519, Fax : +86-757-85624158 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Polished Crystal Tiles Polished Crystal Tiles

Polished Crystal Tiles
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     Bread Tiles Bread Tiles

Bread Tiles
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     ceramic floor and wall tiles ceramic floor and wall tiles

ceramic floor and wall tiles
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     polished tiles polished tiles

size: 400X400, 300X600, 500X500, 600X600, 800X800, 600X1200, 1000X1000, 1200X1200
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     polished tiles polished tiles

polished tiles
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     Rostone Rostone

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