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     pengxiang plastic color flake factory  

     About this company : we can supply dish cushions, a variety of toilet paper holders, packing cases, handbags

     Contact : Tom yuan, Huangyan Zhejiang China 
     Headquarters : chengjiang road NO 8, taizhou huangyan, zhejiang, 318020, China
     Phone : 86-0576-4276808, Fax : 86-0576-4276875 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     dustbin dustbin

we supply plastic dusbin all time
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     CD rack CD rack

A fashionable CD will be a essential part of your music life.
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     chopping mat chopping mat

our chopping mat can be moved with your idea
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     dish cushion dish cushion

we can supply kinds of dish cushion in accordance with your requirement.
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     document bag document bag

It will bring you much convenience in the document management.
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     fence fence

with plastic sheet--fence seting it in your garden,give your flower a home.
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     gift packing gift packing

supply kinds of gift packing and other plastic packing in accordance with your requirement.
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     hang strip hang strip

supply kinds of hang strip for story and so on to demonstrate thesample
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     paint mould paint mould

it used as a toy to develop your children's intelligence.
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     pencil vase pencil vase

we supply pencil vase and other stationery all time.
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     sunlight peak sunlight peak

it is a fashion decoration in your summer live.we can print a icture you like on it
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